1920s Prohibition

An era of flappers, prohibition, gangsters and Gatsby. Loud music, illegal drinking and organised crime – it wasn't called the roaring 20's for nothing!

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1920's Event Styling by Anou Concept1920's Event Styling by Anou Concept1920's Event Styling Camera Detail1920's Event Styling
1920's Event StylingBAC0005 BACKDROP, Old Brick Wall #1 (LHS) 2.4 m x 2.7m $150BAC0006 BACKDROP, Old Brick Wall #2 (RHS) 2.4 m x 2.7m $150STO0103 STOOL, Bar Stool - Bentwood $25
Barrel & Keg StylingBAR0005 BARREL, Small - 40cm high $20BAR0003 BARREL, Large - 90cm high $37.50BAR0006 BARREL, Timber Keg with Tap on Stand $20
BAR0500 BARRIER POLE, Brass (Stanchion / Bollard) $37.50BAR0550 BARRIER ROPE, Red $8.75BAS0037 BASKET, Narrow Wicker Tall 45cm H $15BIC0006 BICYCLE, Black Vintage $50
BOO0067 BOOK, Assorted Old Novel - Single Hire $2.50Prohibition Styling - Empty Bottles in CrateBOT0037 BOTTLE, Large Brown Glass w Stopper $4.50Assorted Liquor Bottles
CHA0301 CHAIR, Cafe - Black Bentwood $25CHA0306 CHAIR, Cafe - Timber Bentwood Assorted $25CHA0401 CHAIR, Chaise Velvet - Red 1.7m Long $75CHA0402 CHAIR, Chaise Regency Stripe - Gold, Red & Navy 2.2m Long $100
CHA0450 CHAIR, Chesterfield Wingback - Brown $200COS0002 COSTUME PROP, 1920's Accessory $3.75CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50CRA0005 CRATE, Vintage - Bottle Holder $18.75
Assorted Crates & BottlesAssorted Crate SetupCRA0012 CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H) $12.50CRA0026 CRATE, Small - Slatted $10
CUP0050 CUPBOARD, Low Deco Style $37.50CUR0001 CURTAIN, Dark Red Velour 1.2m x 2.7m drop $25CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50CUR0005 CURTAIN, Rust Stripe 1.2m x 2.9m drop $25
CUR0004 CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop $25CUS0093 CUSHION, Black Gold Stripe $10CUS0097 CUSHION, Black Silver Contemp - Geometric Trellis $10CUS0098 CUSHION, Black Silver Geometric $10
CUS0187 CUSHION, Red Gold Diamond Pattern w Fringing $20CUS0062 CUSHION, Brown Floral Damask $101920's StylingASH0006 ASHTRAY, Deco Smoking Stand - Assorted Styles $22.50
Event Styling - Easel w Gold Framed BlackboardEAS0001 EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m high $30FAN0001 FAN, Table Fan 1920s - Black GEC Gold Blades $22.50FEA0001 FEATHER, Peacock $0.50
Oversized Martini Glasses $12.50 eachEvent Styling - Glassware & DecantersGLA0071 GLASSWARE, Crystal or Cut Glass - Champagne Flute Assorted $3.75GLA0070 GLASSWARE, Crystal or Cut Glass - Scotch Glass Assorted $3.75
Event Styling - Hat Rack w 1920's HatsHAT0052 HAT STAND, Grey Bentwood Style 1920s $25HAT0051 HAT STAND, Red Bentwood Style 1920s $25HAT0050 HAT STAND, Dark Brown Bentwood Style 1920s $25
HAT0011 HAT, Mens Vintage $10HAT0011 HAT, Mens Vintage $10LAM0440 LAMP, Desk Light - Antique Brass $18.75LAM0408 LAMP, Table Lamp - Bankers Lamp Green Glass (Style 1) $22.5
LAM0423 LAMP, Table Lamp - Bankers Lamp Green Glass (Style 2) $22.50LAM0425 LAMP, Table Lamp - Deco w Amber Shade $45LAM0409 LAMP, Table Lamp (Victorian) - Brass Base w Beige Fringed Shade $45LAM0407 LAMP, Table Lamp (Victorian) - Brass Base w Opaque Glass and Beaded Shade $45
CAN0010 CANDELABRA, Floor Standing Ornate Turned Gold Metal 2.5m High $300LIG0124 LIGHT, Hanging Light - 1950s Myer Replica $62.50LIG0146 LIGHT, Wall Sconce (Victorian) - Brass and Crystal beads  (small) $22.50Vintage Plywood Luggage Collection
Vintage Cream 1920's Luggage SetAssorted Luggage - Green & BlackMIR0026 MIRROR BALL, Medium 20cm $15 & (MIR0027) Small 15cm $10MIR0025 MIRROR BALL, Large 40cm $18.75
MIR0028 MIRROR BALL, Ex Small 10cm $5MIR0008 MIRROR, Round Deco w Deer $18.75PED0001 PEDESTAL, Baroque Black & Gold w Mirror Panels 1.2m H (Internal Item Only) $87.50GRE0004 GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $30
GRE0002 GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $45REC0007 RECORD, 1970s Gramophone $5Vintage Records and SpeakerRUG0024 RUG #024, RUNNER - Red Carpet 3.6m x 1m $90
RUG0038 RUG #038, Deco Style - Large 2.5m x 2.2m $75RUG0040 RUG #040, RUNNER - Deco 3.6m x 70cm $50RUG0059 RUG #059, Geometric 1930s Style 2m x 1.35m $75RUG0061 RUG #061, RUNNER - Deco 2.2m x 70cm $50
RUG0086 RUG #086, Persian 2.3m x 1.6m $50LIN0002 LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m $37.50SAC0005 SACK, Hessian - Large $12.50SACK, Cotton - Large (SAC0002) $12.50 & Small (SAC0003) $6.25
FAB0003 FABRIC INSERT,  1920's Style Warm Silver Fabric - Use with White Screen Bifold Frame (SCR0020) $15 + $90 for FrameFAB0021 FABRIC INSERT, Gold Beige Brocade - Use with Dark Timber Bifold Frame (SCR0017) $12.50FAB0022 FABRIC INSERT, Nude Diamond Fabric - Use with Dark Timber Bifold Frame (SCR0017) $12.50SCR0010 SCREEN, Brick Bi-Fold Screen 2.4m X 90cm Panels $45
SHO0004 SHOE SHINE, Timber Box $22.50TAB0008 TABLE, Hall Table - Cherub w Pedestal Base $37.50SOD0013 SODA SYPHON, Vintage Glass w Metal Mesh $15SOD0001 SODA SYPHON, Glass Vintage - Assorted $15
SPE0002 SPEAKER, 1930s Woodgrain $37.50SPE0007 SPEAKER, Gramophone Style $30STO0001 STONEWARE, Whiskey Keg $22.50STO0002 STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier $22.50
TAB0127 TABLECLOTH, Beige Champagne Damask Runner 65cm x 1.4m $6.25TAB0128 TABLECLOTH, Gold Burgundy Heritage Stripe 1.4 x 2m $10TAB0129 TABLECLOTH, Gold Damask 1.4 x 23m $12.50TAB0021 TABLE, Cafe Style - Timber Top w Black Wrought Iron Base $37.50
TRA0058 TRAY, Deco Style Assorted Drinks Service Trays $15TRO0123 TROLLEY, Drinks Trolley Dark Stained Timber $37.50TRO0122 TROLLEY, Deco Drinks Trolley Chrome & Glass $50TRO0126 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley 1920s $40
TRO0101 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic $30TYP0018 TYPEWRITER, Black Imperial 1940s $30CAM0001 CAMERA, 1900's Victorian Plate Camera on Wooden Tripod $112.50CAM0040 CAMERA, Vintage Folding Brownie 1920 - 1940 Kodak $22.50
CAM0041 CAMERA, Vintage Folding Brownie 1920 - 1940 w Brown Leather Strap $22.50CAM0003 CAMERA, Vintage Press Camera - 1920s Black Case $112.50INS0005 INSTRUMENT CASE, Violin - Black $12.501920's Prohibition Theming

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