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CUR0022 CURTAIN, Beaded Iridescent Crystal 90cm x 3.6m L $22.50CUR0010 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970s Vintage Purple $22.50CUR0008 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970's - Iridescent Clear Raindrop 90cm x 180cm $15CUR0009 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970's - Metallic Purple Blue 90cm x 180cm $15
CUR0023 CURTAIN, Beaded Pink Iridescent Crystal 90cm x 1.8m L $15BOT0007 BOTTLES, Assorted 1960s 1970s Liquor Bottles $3.75CAB0001 CABINET, 1970s Cream Casala $30Cane Collection
CHA0200CHAIR, Casala 1970s Beige $22.50CHA0206 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Cane Large 1.5m H $62.50CLO0089 CLOCK, Wall Mount - 1970s Starburst Smiths  $22.50CLO0091 CLOCK, Wall Mount - 1970s Square Gold Supreme $12.50
CLO0092 CLOCK, Wall Mount - 1970s Starburst $22.50CLO0093 CLOCK, Wall Mount - 1970s Sunburst $18.75Assorted Cocktail Props, 1970s Black & GoldCRO0006 CROCKERY SET, 1970s Orange & Brown Stripe $20
CUR0012 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Olive Floral $25CUR0013 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Purple Floral $25CUR0014 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Gold Brown Retro $15CUR0015 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Olive Lime Retro $25
CUR0016 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Brown Retro $25CUR0017 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Purple White Floral $25CUR0018 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Olive Gold Retro $25CUR0024 CURTAIN, Pair 1970's Green Mustard 2.6 x 1.7m drop $25
CUR0025 CURTAIN, Single Only 1970's Orange Open Weave 3.5 x 1.4m drop $25Assorted 1970's Cushions - $10Assorted 1970's Cushions - $10Assorted 1970's Cushions - $10
Assorted Crocheted Cushions & ThrowsDES0011 DESK, with Map Top $50FAB0003 FABRIC, 1970s Orange & Pink $25DEC0003 DECANTER SET, 1960s - 70s Rose Gold (2 x Decanters / 3 x Glasses) $35
DEC0002 DECANTER SET, 1960s - 70s Smoke Gold (Decanter & 5 x Glasses) $35DEC0004 DECANTER SET, 1960s - 70s Aqua (Decanter, Jug & 5 x Glasses) $35Assorted 1970's Orange KitchenwareAssorted 1970's Orange Kitchenware
Assorted 1960's and 1970's Floor and Table LampsLAM0112 LAMPSHADE, Hanging 1970s Copper w Yellow Glass $18.75LAM0113 LAMPSHADE, Hanging 1970s Mushroom Shade $15LAM0114 LAMPSHADE, Hanging 1970s Red Spaghetti $18.75
LAM0416 LAMP, Table Lamp - Aqua Ice $22.50LAM0417 LAMP, Table Lamp - Blue Glass $7.50LAM0418 LAMP, Table Lamp - Fibre Optic $22.50LAM0419 LAMP, Table Lamp - Green Glass $7.50
LAM0420 LAMP, Table Lamp - Brass Base w Velvet Shade $22.50Table Lamps - 1970's CollectionTable Lamps - 1970's CollectionLAM0421 LAMP, Table Lamp - Ceramic Base w Gold Shade $22.50
LAM0422 LAMP, Table Lamp - Retro Yellow Ball Shade $22.50MAG0007 MAGAZINE, Australian Home Journal 1960-70's $2MAG0008 MAGAZINE, House Beautiful 1960-70's $2MIR0026 MIRROR BALL, Medium 20cm $15 & (MIR0027) Small 15cm $10
MIR0025 MIRROR BALL, Large 40cm $18.75MIR0028 MIRROR BALL, Ex Small 10cm $5Assorted Orange Picnic PropsESK0103 ESKY, Orange Tartan 1970s $12.50 (pictured with Picnic Props)
RUG0019 RUG #019, Burnt Orange Shag 1.8m x 1.7m $50RUG0026 RUG #026, Cowhide, Brown/White $75RUG0042 RUG #042, Shagpile - Beige 2.2m x 1.5m $37.50RUG0083 RUG #083, Multicolour 1970s or 30s 3.6m x 3.1m $125
RUG0084 RUG #084, Brown & Cream 1.6m x 1.1m $30SCR0012 SCREEN, 3 Panel Timber w 1960s Green Fabric $45SOD0002 SODA SYPHON, Retro 1970s $11.25SOD0002 SODA SYPHON, Retro 1970s $11.25
TAB0061 TABLE, Folding Tray 1960's - (Floral Rusted) $15TAB0062 TABLE, Folding Tray 1960's - Street Scene $15TAB0080 TABLE, Bedside - 1970s Timber 3 Drawers $30BLA0104 BLANKET (Throw), Orange Brown Stripe $10
Assorted 1970's ThrowsAssorted 1970's Throws & CrochetBLA0106 BLANKET (Throw), Green Aztec w Fringe $10BLA0110 BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Red w Square Design $18.75
BLA0111 BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Multicolour $18.75BLA0112 BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Patchwork $18.75BLA0107 BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork $25TRA0011 TRAY, Assorted 1970s $11.25
Assorted 1970's Glass Vases

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We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.