Bed Linen, Bedspreads, Blankets & Throws

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PIL0013 PILLOWCASE, Cotton Frill Assorted $5PIL0014 PILLOWCASE, Floral Assorted $3.75PIL0015 PILLOWCASE, Plain Colour Assorted $3.75PIL0016 PILLOWCASE, Quilted Satin w Frill Gold $10
PIL0017 PILLOWCASE, Retro Brown Orange Pink Assorted $5PIL0018 PILLOWCASE, Satin w St Kilda Motels Embroidered - Salmon $15PIL0019 PILLOWCASE, Satin - Black $3.75PIL0020 PILLOWCASE, Satin - Black $3.75
PIL0021 PILLOWCASE, Striped Pastel Colours $3.75QUI0004 QUILT COVER SET, Champagne Gold Damask - Queen $30QUI0005 QUILT COVER SET, Girls Blue Sequin Butterfly - Single $22.50QUI0006 QUILT COVER SET, Hot Pink Satin Stripe (Quilt & x2 Pillowcases) - Queen $22.50
QUI0007 QUILT COVER, Blue White Stripe - Double $7.50QUI0008 QUILT COVER, Cream Brown Grid Pattern $12.50QUI0009 QUILT COVER, Girls Purple Pink - Double $12.50QUI0010 QUILT COVER, Retro Green Blue Swirl Stripe - Double $12.50
SHE0053 SHEET SET,  Brown Floral (2 Sheets, 2 Pillowcases) - Double $30SHE0054 SHEET SET, Floral (Quilt, Sheet, No Pillowcase) $30SHE0055 SHEET SET, Pink Green Floral $18.75SHE0056 SHEET SET, Pink Lime Green Floral (Sheet, Pillowcase) $12.50
SHE0057 SHEET SET, Pink Rose (Sheet, Pillowcase) $12.50SHE0058 SHEET SET, Pink White Stripe (Sheet, Pillowcase) - Double $12.50SHE0059 SHEET SET, Retro Green Blue Swirl (Quilt, Sheet, 2 Pillowcases) - Double $30SHE0060 SHEET SET, Retro Pink Floral ( Sheet, Pillowcase) $18.75
SHE0061 SHEET SET, Striped Yellow White (2 sheets, Pillowcase) $18.75SHE0062 SHEET, Blue White Stripe (Sheet, Pillowcase) $18.75SHE0063 SHEET, Fitted Assorted Colour $7.50SHE0064  SHEET, Floral Assorted $10
SHE0065 SHEET, Navy White Stripe - Cot $6.25SHE0066 SHEET, Pastel Stripe Assorted $10SHE0067 SHEET, Patchwork Red Green $10SHE0068 SHEET, Pink Check Daisy $10
SHE0069 SHEET, Pink Daisy Floral $7.50SHE0070 SHEET, Retro Brown Assorted $10SHE0071 SHEET, Retro Brown Flower $10SHE0072 SHEET, Retro Brown White Stripe $10
SHE0073 SHEET, Retro Brown White Swirl Stripe $10SHE0074 SHEET, Retro Brown - Mustard Grid Pattern $10SHE0075 SHEET, Retro Green Assorted $10SHE0076 SHEET, Retro Green Blue Swirl Stripe $10
SHE0077 SHEET, Retro Green Cats and Dogs $10SHE0078 SHEET, Retro Green Floral $10SHE0079 SHEET, Retro Green Stripe $10SHE0080 SHEET, Retro Orange Yellow Stripe Pattern $10
SHE0081 SHEET, Striped Yellow White $10SHE0082 SHEET, Yellow Floral $10VAL0001 VALANCE, Beige Tan $18.75VAL0002 VALANCE, Black Ticking - Single $22.50
VAL0003 VALANCE - Pink $18.75VAL0004 VALANCE, White Lace - Double $18.75BLA0140, BLANKET, Bedspread - 1970's Green Red Yellow Cotton Stripe - Single $18.75BLA0141, BLANKET, Bedspread - 1970's Olive Pink Blue Floral - Single $18.75
BLA0222 BLANKET, Bedspread - 1970s Retro Lime Green $18.75BLA0157, BLANKET, Bedspread - Aqua Green Floral $20BLA0152, BLANKET, Bedspread - Blue Floral Brocade $20BLA0142, BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Brown Single $18.75
BLA0223 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Hot Pink $20BLA0143, BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Mustard Single $18.75BLA0224 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Pale Green Single $18.75BLA0225 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Pale Pink $20
BLA0226 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Red Single $18.75BLA0227 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Tan Beige Single $18.75BLA0228 BLANKET, Bedspread - Chenille Waffle - White $18.75BLA0229 BLANKET, Bedspread - Corduroy Mustard Single $18.75
BLA0215, BLANKET, Bedspread - Cotton Stripe Weave - Single $22.50BLA0144, BLANKET, Bedspread - Cream $20BLA0230 BLANKET, Bedspread - Floral Daisy Orange Pink Single $20BLA0231 BLANKET, Bedspread - Floral Laura Ashley Print Yellow Olive Single $20
BLA0232 BLANKET, Bedspread - Floral Pink Green Double $20BLA0233 BLANKET, Bedspread - Floral Yellow Orange $20BLA0145, BLANKET, Bedspread - Gold Cream $20BLA0219, BLANKET, Bedspread - Gold Ivory w Fringe $20
BLA0146, BLANKET, Bedspread - Gold Regency Stripe Queen $18.75BLA0147, BLANKET, Bedspread - Hot Pink Tan Floral - Single $20BLA0216, BLANKET, Bedspread - Indian Cotton - Blue Turquoise Print 210 x 225cm $18.75BLA0234 BLANKET, Bedspread - Indian Cotton Green Single $18.75
BLA0150, BLANKET, Bedspread - Lilac Floral Brocade $20BLA0151, BLANKET, Bedspread - Mushroom Brocade $20BLA0148, BLANKET, Bedspread - Mustard & Cream $18.75BLA0217, BLANKET, Bedspread, Olive Brown Mustard - Single $18.75
BLA0153, BLANKET, Bedspread - Green Gold Brocade $20BLA0235 BLANKET, Bedspread - Pale Pink Lace Single $20BLA0154, BLANKET, Bedspread - Pink Tan Floral $20BLA0149, BLANKET, Bedspread - Purple Cream Pattern $20
BLA0236 BLANKET, Quilted Coverlet Black Burgundy Pink Floral $30BLA0237 BLANKET, Bedspread - Quilted Coverlet Blue Gold Damask $30BLA0238 BLANKET, Bedspread - Quilted Coverlet Lilac Beige Floral $30BLA0239 BLANKET, Bedspread - Quilted Coverlet Sage Green Floral $30
BLA0158, BLANKET, Bedspread - Red Cream Regency Stripe $20BLA0240 BLANKET, Bedspread - Retro Quilted Chartreuse Gold Queen $30BLA0241 BLANKET, Bedspread - Retro Quilted Peach Satin $20BLA0242 BLANKET, Bedspread - Retro Quilted Purple Satin $20
BLA0243 BLANKET, Bedspread - Retro Quilted Silver Blue Satin $20BLA0159, BLANKET, Bedspread - Rust Brown Orange w Trim $20BLA0160, BLANKET, Bedspread - Salmon Pink Gold Velour $20BLA0161, BLANKET, Bedspread - Single 1970's Brown Rust Fringe $20
BLA0183 BLANKET, Mid Brown Tartan $12.50BLA0185 BLANKET, Olive Green Mustard Tartan $12.50BLA0176, BLANKET, Pale Pink and Blue Tartan $12.50BLA0177, BLANKET, Rust Brown - Ripped Edge $12.50
BLA0162, BLANKET, 1970's Brown Blue Yellow Flower $12.50BLA0163, BLANKET, Blue Brown Tartan $12.50BLA0164, BLANKET, Blue Dolphin $10BLA0165, BLANKET, Blue Orange Tartan $12.50
BLA0166, BLANKET, Blue Plush $10BLA0167, BLANKET, Brown Tartan $12.50BLA0168, BLANKET, Cream Green & Pink Check $12.50BLA0169, BLANKET, Cream & Pale Green Tartan $12.50
BLA0170, BLANKET, Cream Wool w Blue Stripe $12.50BLA0171, BLANKET, Cream Wool w Pink Stripe $12.50BLA0113, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Black Blue Stripe Small $12.50BLA0114, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Black Cream Grey Patchwork $18.75
BLA0116, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Brown Pink Green $12.50BLA0116, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Multicolour Small $12.50BLA0111, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Multicolour $18.75BLA0117, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Pastel w Fringe $12.50
BLA0112, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Patchwork $18.75BLA0110, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Red w Square Design $18.75BLA0118, BLANKET (Throw), Crochet 1970 Soft Multicolour $12.50BLA0108 BLANKET, (Throw) 1970 Crochet Blue Black $18.75
BLA0180, BLANKET, Grey Wool Assorted $12.50BLA0181, BLANKET, Grey Wool w Navy Stripe $12.50BLA0182, BLANKET, Grey Wool w Red Stripe $12.50BLA0172, BLANKET, Knitted Yellow Green Patchwork $18.75
BLA0173, BLANKET, Knitted Yellow Green Stripe $18.75BLA0174, BLANKET, Pale Blue Tartan $12.50BLA0175, BLANKET, Pale Green $12.50BLA0101, BLANKET (Throw), Red Orange Black Mexican $10
BLA0220, BLANKET, Rust Brown Tartan $12.50BLA0103, BLANKET (Throw), Mexican Stripe $10BLA0104, BLANKET (Throw), Orange Brown Stripe $10BLA0178, BLANKET, Yellow Rust Tartan $12.50
BLA0121, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Red & Green Wool (ripped) $10BLA0122, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Aqua & Green Cotton $10BLA0124, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Beige Tartan Cotton (green, black, red) $10BLA0125, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Blue Cotton $10
BLA0126, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Blue Tartan Wool $10BLA0127, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Brown Grey Tartan $10BLA0139 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Tartan (Brown, Red, Black & White) $10BLA0136, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Green Tartan w Waterproof Backing $6.25
BLA0129, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Green Tartan Cotton $10BLA0137, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Light Green Blue Tartan Mohair $10BLA0134, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Orange $10BLA0138, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Purple Tartan $10
BLA0132, BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Red Yellow Check Wool $10QUI0001, QUILT, 1950's Covent Garden Design $18.75QUI0002, QUILT, 1970s Green Paisley $18.75QUI0011 QUILT, 1970s Retro Blue $18.75
QUI0012 QUILT, 1970s Yellow Orange Paisley $18.75QUI0013 QUILT, Indian Floral Print Brown Orange Green $18.75QUI0014 QUIIL, Patchwork Blue Red w Ruffle $18.75QUI0015 QUILT, Patchwork Navy Dark Red Country Style $18.75
QUI0016 QUILT, Vintage Brown w Poppies $22.50QUI0017 QUILT, Vintage Gold 2 Tone w Frill $22.50QUI0018 QUILT, Vintage Pale Salmon $22.50QUI0003 QUILT, Vintage Salmon Pink - Single $18.75
SLE0011 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Yellow Paisley w Tartan Lining $18.75MAT0007 MATTRESS ROLL, 1970's Retro Brown Aqua $20BLA0179, BLANKET (Throw), 1970s Orange Brown Pattern $10BLA0244 BLANKET (Throw), Black Fleece - Holes along one edge) $10
BLA0187, BLANKET (Throw), Blue Cotton Stripe $10BLA0102, BLANKET (Throw), Blue Mexican $15BLA0187, BLANKET (Throw), Blue $10BLA0218, BLANKET, (Throw), Brown Wool Weave $10
BLA0188, BLANKET (Throw), Brown $10BLA0189, BLANKET (Throw), Burgundy Cotton $10BLA0190, BLANKET (Throw), Camel Self Pattern $10BLA0191, BLANKET (Throw), Cream Bobble $18.75
BLA0192, BLANKET (Throw), Cream Self Pattern $10BLA0193, BLANKET (Throw), Cream Tan Cotton Patchwork $10BLA0194, BLANKET (Throw), Cream $10BLA0195, BLANKET (Throw), Dark Green Velvet $10
BLA0196, BLANKET (Throw), Gold Olive Blue Damask Stripe $10BLA0221 BLANKET, (Throw) Gold Rust Red - Indian $10BLA0197, BLANKET (Throw), Green Crushed Velvet - Oval $10BLA0198, BLANKET (Throw), Green Stripe $10
BLA0199, BLANKET (Throw), Green Tan Weave $10BLA0200, BLANKET (Throw), Green Velvet w Bobble Trim $18.75BLA0201, BLANKET (Throw), Green Velvet w Fringe $10BLA0205 BLANKET (Throw), Green Velvet - Large Round $18.75
BLA0202, BLANKET (Throw), Green Weave $10BLA0203, BLANKET (Throw), Green White Cotton $10BLA0204, BLANKET (Throw), Green $10THR0002 THROW, Leopard Print $12.50
BLA0206, BLANKET (Throw), Light Blue $10BLA0207, BLANKET (Throw), Maroon Weave $10BLA0208, BLANKET (Throw), Mint Green Self Pattern $10BLA0209, BLANKET (Throw), Pink Knit $10
THR0001, THROW RUG, Indian Floral Design - Yellow & Orange $10BLA0105, BLANKET (Throw), South American $10BLA0201, BLANKET (Throw), Tan Damask $7.50BLA0211, BLANKET (Throw), Vintage Beige Cotton Crochet $22.50
BLA0108, BLANKET (Throw), Vintage Burgundy Floral $12.50BLA0212, BLANKET (Throw), Vintage Rust Brown Floral $10BLA0213, BLANKET (Throw), Vintage Rust Brown Pink Green Patchwork $10BLA0107, BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork $25
BLA0214, BLANKET (Throw), Yellow Sea Shells $10

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.