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Event Styling - BritishEvent StylingEvent Styling - Harry PotterEvent Setup - Library for Emirates
Event Styling - Gentlemans StudyEvent Styling - Oliver TwistBOO0029 BOOK, Atlas - The Times Black (Extra Large) $11.25BOO0030 BOOK, Atlas - Macmillan Centennial (Extra Large) $11.25
BOO0010 BOOK, Atlas - Large Format $6.25BAC0007 BACKDROP, Library - 4.8m wide x 2.7m drop $300 (Rigging Additional)BOO0009 BOOK BOX, Retro Orange & Pink Floral 17cm x 26cm x 5cm D $6.25BOO0031 BOOK BOX, Vintage Butterfly Print $6.25
EAS0004 EASEL, Book Stand Stained Timber $22.50BOO0250 BOOK END (PAIR), Ceramic Horse $12.50BOO0251 BOOK END (PAIR), Chess Piece $12.50BOO0252 BOOK END (PAIR), Large Carved Horse Head $15
BOO0253 BOOK END (PAIR), Leather With Horse Shoe Detail $12.50BOO0254 BOOK END (PAIR), Painted Wooden Ships $8.75BOO0255 BOOK END (PAIR), Scotty Dogs (Broken Tail) $12.50BOO0256 BOOK END (PAIR), Wooden House $8.75
BOO0257 BOOK END (PAIR), Brown Metal $7.50BOO0258 BOOK END (PAIR), Vintage Globe $12.50BOO0014 BOOK, Large Book of Fate - 80cm H $25BOO0015 BOOK, Small Book of Fate - 30cm H $15
BOO0023 BOOK, Vac Formed Faux Book Panel Assorted (Price Per Metre) $30BOO0019 BOOK, Set of 1920's Encyclopaedia (By the Metre) $30BOO0032 BOOK, Childrens Encyclopaedia (Each) $3BOO0011 BOOK, Oversized Fairytale – Gold Edge 55cm x 45cm $50
BOO0033 BOOK, Cassells Popular Gardening $4.50BOO0025 BOOK, Law Assorted $3BOO0026 BOOK, Law Book Panel - Spine Only $15Event Styling - Lawyers Office
BOO0027 BOOK, Law Per Metre $30BOOK, Oversized Yellow (BOO0065) and Red (BOO0066) 31cm x 24cm $10BOO0150 BOOK, Recipe & Food Guides - Assorted $3.75BOO0151 BOOK, Recipe - Companion Cook Book $7.50
BOO0152 BOOK, Recipe - Period $3.75BOO0034 BOOK, Register Of Ships $11.25BOO0035 BOOK, Royal Tour Of Australia $11.25BOO0012 BOOK, Oversized Styrene 30cm x 50cm High $30
BOO0036 BOOK, Childrens Contemporary Assorted $3BOO0037 BOOK, Girls Annual $7.50BOO0018 BOOK, Large Older Style $5BOO0020 BOOK, Assorted Old (Hire by the Metre) $30
BOO0021 BOOK, Large w Olive and Gold Detail $7.50BOO0064 BOOK, Business, Tax & Accounting Assorted $3BOO0038 BOOK, Penguin Paperback $2.50BOO0039 BOOK, Comic - Classic Marvel Assorted $3.75
BOO0041 BOOK, Dictionary - Concise Oxford $10BOO0040 BOOK, Dictionary - Aged with Leather Spine $11.25BOO0075 BOOK, Dictionary - Assorted $3.75BOO0074 BOOK, Dictionary - Modern Junior Dictionary $6.25
BOO0112 BOOK, Dictionary - Chambers $10BOO0042 BOOK, Dictionary - The Shorter Oxford English $6.25BOO0043 BOOK, Encyclopaedia - The Modern Reference Illustrated $6.25BOO0011 BOOK, Oversized Fairytale – Gold Edge 55cm x 45cm $50
BOO0044 BOOK, German Title - Faux Foamcore  $1.25BOO0016 BOOK, Extra Large Ledger - Black w Tan Leather Spine - 44cm H $18.75BOO0049 BOOK, Large Ledger - Green w Maroon Leather Spine 35cm H $12.50BOO0017 BOOK, Old Ledgers - Assorted $10
MAG0007 MAGAZINE, Australian Home Journal 1960-70's $2MAG0008 MAGAZINE, House Beautiful 1960-70's $2MAG0002 MAGAZINE, Fishing & Boating $2.50
MAG0003 MAGAZINE, Royal $6.25MAG0100 MAGNIFYING GLASS, Black $3.75MAG0101 MAGNIFYING GLASS, Black and Chrome $3.75BOO0051 BOOK, Medical - Anatomy & Physiology Softcover $5
BOO0055 BOOK, Medical - Grays Anatomy Hardcover $12.50BOO0050 BOOK, Medical - Hardcover Large $8.75NEW0003 NEWSPAPER, Vintage 1940's Assorted $6.25BOO0045 BOOK, Paperback - Box Lot $37.50 or Single $2
BOO0154 BOOK, Paperback - Romance Novels Assorted $2BOO0047 BOOK, Periodicals - Popular Mechanics 1940 - 1950 $3.75BOO0048 BOOK, Readers Digest - Coloured Hardback $2.50BOO0200 BOOKCASE, Timber Shelves 90cm x 180cm H $50
SIG0610 SIGN, Library  - New Books (Laminated A4) $5SIG0611 SIGN, Library Or Bookshop - Purple 25cm X 8cm $2.50SIG0612 SIGN, Library Or Bookshop - Green 25cm X 8cm $2.50BOO0022 BOOK, Large Styrene 30cm H $11.25

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