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Event Styling - 1960's Mad Men Drinks TrolleyEvent Styling - 1970's Bar PropsEvent Styling - Champagne BottlesEvent Styling - Shaken Not Stirred
Event Styling - Soda Syphons Deco StyleASH0001 ASHTRAY, Black Plastic Cafe Bar Style $1.25ASH0003 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style $2BAR0120 BAR CADDY, Black w Straws Napkins $12.50
BAR0121 BAR COCKTAIL CADDY, Small Grey w White Insert $15BAR0122 BAR MAT, Branded Towel $10BAR0123 BAR MAT, Burgundy Rubber Mat $10BAR0124 BAR TAP, Beer Tap Name $6.25
BAR0001 BARREL BAR, Small Barrel Opens into a Bar 40cm W x 50cm H $20BAR0003 BARREL, Large - 90cm high $37.50BAR0006 BARREL, Timber Keg with Tap on Stand $20BAS0158 BASKET, Wicker Chip Bowl (Boat) $1.25
BEE0001 BEER BONG, With Stand (No Beer Included Sorry) $12.50BEE0002 BEER STEIN, Amber Glass w Wooden Handle $3.75BEE0003 BEER STEIN, Amber Glass w Wooden Handle & Gold $3.75BEE0004 BEER STEIN, Australian Beer Labels - Glass $3
BEE0005 BEER STEIN, German Style $5BEE0006 BEER STEIN, Grey HB $3.75BEE0007 BEER STEIN, Large Metal w Lid $5TAN0001 TANKARD, Beer - Pewter Assorted 10-15cm $3.75
BLA0024 BLACKBOARD, Menu - Brunswick Arms Digital Print 90cm x 1.50m $37.50BOT0020 BOTTLE IN STAND, Large Johnnie Walker $15BOT0021 BOTTLE IN STAND, Large Teachers Whisky $15BOT0007 BOTTLES, Assorted 1960s 1970s Liquor Bottles $3.75
BOT0022 BOTTLE, Blue Glass w Cork Stopper $2.50BOT0023 BOTTLE, Blue Glass w Swing Top (Dimpled) $2.50BOT0024 BOTTLE, Blue Glass w Swing Top $2.50BOT0025 BOTTLE, Brown Glass Beer Bottle $3.75
BOT0026 BOTTLE, Brown Guinness (Vintage Label) $3.75BOT0027 BOTTLE, Champagne Magnum - La Grande Dame $12.50BOT0028 BOTTLE, Champagne Magnum - Piper Heidsieck $12.50BOT0029 BOTTLE, Champagne Magnum - Veuve Clicquot $12.50
BOT0030 BOTTLE, Champagne Magnum - Vintage Dom Perignon $12.50BOT0031 BOTTLE, Champagne Magnum - Vintage Veuve Clicquot (Gold Label) $12.50BOT0032 BOTTLE, Champagne - Sealed Moet Bottle $7.50BOT0033 BOTTLE, Chianti Ex Small $3.75
BOTTLE, Chianti Large (BOT0018) $6.25 & Small (BOT0019) $4.50BOT0034 BOTTLE, Ex Large Green Glass $10BOT0035 BOTTLE, Ex Large Grolsch Beer Bottle $12.50BOT0016 BOTTLE, Chianti Green Glass $12.50
BOT0037 BOTTLE, Large Brown $4.50BOT0038 BOTTLE, Clear Milk Style Small 12.5cm $1BOT0039 BOTTLE, Tall w Red White Cover $4.50BOT0015 BOTTLE, Vintage Wicker Covered $7
BOT0014 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered - Large $6.25BOT0001 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered $3.75Styling - Assorted Bottles in CrateBOW0024 BOWL, Wood Serving Bowl - Medium / Large $2
BOW0025 BOWL, Wood Serving Bowl - Small $1.25CAR0100 CARAFE, Glass Assorted $3.75CAR0101 CARAFE, Green Glass $3.75CAR0102 CARAFE, Plastic $3.75
Event Styling - Deco Style Cocktail PropsCOC0001 COCKTAIL SHAKER, Blue Plastic w Chrome Lid $3.75COC0002 COCKTAIL SHAKER, Chrome $5COC0003 COCKTAIL SHAKER, Silver $11.25
COC0004 COCKTAIL SUPPLIES, Assorted $0.50COC0005 COCKTAIL UTENSIL SET $7.50COR0001 CORK, Generic Bottle Cork $1CRA0005 CRATE, Vintage - Bottle Holder $18.75
DEC0005 DECANTER SET, Bear Bottle w Stopper & Gold Mugs $8.75GLA0060 GLASS HOLDER $6.25GLA0061 GLASS TRAY, Bar Or Cafe Style $7.50GLA0067 GLASS, Beer Half Pint Krug $1.25
GLA0068 GLASS, Beer Pint Krug $1.50GLA0069 GLASS, Beer Tankard $1.25GLA0066 GLASS, Plastic Beer Glass (Pint or Schooner) $1GLA0064 GLASS, Plastic Champagne or Wine Glass $1
GLA0063 GLASS, Plastic Glass (Other) $1GLA0065 GLASS, Plastic Glass (Spirit or Coffee) $1GLA0062 GLASSWARE, Oversize Wine Glass $6.25HIP0001 HIP FLASK, Black Leather Case $6.25
HIP0002 HIP FLASK, Brown Leather Case $7.50HIP0003 HIP FLASK, Ex Small Keyring $4.50HIP0004 HIP FLASK, Glass Bottle w Cork 12.5cm H x 6.5cm W $6.25HIP0005 HIP FLASK, Pewter $6.25
HIP0006 HIP FLASK, Stainless Steel $6.25HIP0007 HIP FLASK, Tarnished Chrome $6.25ICE0020 ICE BUCKET, 1950's Large Pink Anodised $7.50ICE0021 ICE BUCKET, 1950's Orange w White Lid $3.75
ICE0022 ICE BUCKET, 1950's White Plastic $3.75ICE0023 ICE BUCKET, 1960's Black & Silver $3.75ICE0024 ICE BUCKET, 1960's Glass w Black Gold Liquor Bottles $5ICE0025 ICE BUCKET, 1960's Purple Blue Yellow Pattern $3.75
ICE0026 ICE BUCKET, 1960's Ships $3.75ICE0035 ICE BUCKET, Woven Design 1960's $3.75ICE0027 ICE BUCKET, 1970's Brown Faux Woodgrain w Silver Rim $3.75ICE0028 ICE BUCKET, 1970's Brown Faux Woodgrain $3.75
ICE0029 ICE BUCKET, Brown w Gold Crest $3.75ICE0030 ICE BUCKET, Brown w Horse Detail $3.75ICE0031 ICE BUCKET, Coopers $3.75ICE0032 ICE BUCKET, Cut Glass - Small $5
ICE0007 ICE BUCKET, Large Dimpled Metal $10ICE0008 ICE BUCKET, Large Metal Tub On Stand $22.50ICE0033 ICE BUCKET, Red w Silver Lid $3.75ICE0005 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail $20
ICE0006 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail (Style 2) $20ICE0034 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Crest $3.75ICE0004 ICE BUCKET, Stainless Steel $7.50ICE0002 ICE CUBE, Bag of Fake Realistic Looking Ice $10
ICE0003 ICE CHIPS, Bag of Fake Realistic Looking Ice $10JUG0019 JUG, Clear Plastic Assorted $5JUG0020 JUG, Clear Plastic w Green Base $5JUG0021 JUG, German Ceramic $6.25
JUG0022 JUG, Glass (USA Half Pint Jug) $7.50JUG0023 JUG, Glass (USA Pint Jug) $8.75JUG0024 JUG, Glass Assorted $6.25JUG0025 JUG, Glass Beer Jug 1140ml $7.50
MEA0015 MEASURING CUP, Liquor Nip $2.50PUN0050 PUNCH BOWL GLASSES $1.50PUN0051 PUNCH BOWL, Glass w Grape Design $10PUN0052 PUNCH BOWL, Glass - 1980's $10
PUN0053 PUNCH BOWL, Glass - Cutglass $12.50SIG0006 SIGN, Maree Hotel Signwritten $37.50SIG0011 SIGN, Saloon - Large $52.50SIG0012 SIGN, Saloon - Small $45
SOD0012 SODA SYPHON, Retro 1970's - Green Round $11.25SOD0002 SODA SYPHON, Retro 1970s $11.25SOD0002 SODA SYPHON, Retro 1970s $11.25SOD0013 SODA SYPHON, Vintage Glass w Metal Mesh $15
SOD0001 SODA SYPHON, Glass Vintage - Assorted $15STU0020 STUBBIE HOLDER, Assorted Hard Shell $3.75TAB0081 TABLE, Bar Table 1080cm H x Top 56cm D $37.50TRA0039 TRAY,  Blue Fosters Lager $7.50
TRA0040 TRAY, 1950's Gold Green Anodised $6.25TRA0041 TRAY, Beige Poker Tray $5TRA0025 TRAY, Black Cafe Bar Style - Round $6.25TRA0042 TRAY, Brown Bakelite $10
TRA0043 TRAY, Canada Souvenir $7.50TRA0044 TRAY, Florida Souvenir $5TRA0045 TRAY, Dark Green Black Bakelite $10TRA0046 TRAY, Green Gold Victoria Bitter $7.50
TRA0047 TRAY, Macleay Duff $5TRA0048 TRAY, Nebraska Souvenir $5TRA0049 TRAY, New York City Souvenir $5TRA0050 TRAY, Red White Victoria Bitter $7.50
TRA0058 TRAY, Deco Style Assorted Drinks Service Trays $15UTE0010 UTENSIL, Ice Tongs $3UTE0011 UTENSIL, Bottle Opener & Assorted $3.75UTE0012 UTENSIL, Oversized Bottle Opener $3.75
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