Boxes - Trinket, Jewel & Music

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BOX0120 BOX, 1920's Lacquered Trinket or Jewel - Long $12.50BOX0121 BOX, 1920's w Lacquered Trinket or Jewel - Dark $12.50BOX0122 BOX, 1940's Brown Bakelite Trinket $10BOX0123 BOX, 1940's Fabric Poppy Trinket or Jewel $12.50
BOX0124 BOX, 1940's Floral Wood Trinket or Jewel $12.50BOX0125 BOX, 1940's Green Bakelite Scalloped Trinket or Jewel $10BOX0126 BOX, 1940's Green Bakelite Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0127 BOX, 1940's Round Floral Inlay Trinket or Jewel $12.50
BOX0128 BOX, Antique Ornate Chest or Jewel $15BOX0129 BOX, Antique Parquetry Cigar or Trinket $12.50BOX0130 BOX, Assorted Trinket or Jewel $5BOX0131 BOX, Assorted Wood Trinket or Jewel $5
BOX0132 BOX, Black Red Hinged Lid Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0028 BOX, Blue Trinket Box w Flower Lid $7.50BOX0133 BOX, Brass Embroidered Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0035 BOX, Camphor Wood - Round $7.50
BOX0034 BOX, Camphor Wood Trinket or Jewel $5BOX0134 BOX, Carved Corner Detail Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0135 BOX, Dark w Gold Decorative Lid Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0136 BOX, Decorative Trinket or Jewel - Aged Cream $7.50
BOX0137 BOX, Dunklings Vintage Jewel $7.50BOX0138 BOX, Elephant Decoupage $5BOX0139 BOX, Faux Snake Skin Cutlery Case $12.50BOX0031 BOX, Jewellery, Trinket or Stationery (suits girls bedroom) $1.25
BOX0140 BOX, Hexagonal Painted Glass Trinket or Jewel $5BOX0141 BOX, Jewel or Ring Ex Small Vintage $5BOX0142 BOX, Jewel or Ring $3.75BOX0143 BOX, Jewel Watch or Trophy $5
BOX0144 BOX, Lacquered Blue Forget Me Nots Trinket or Jewel $10BOX0145 BOX, Lacquered Ex Small Trinket or Jewel $3.75BOX0146 BOX, Marquetry Cigar or Trinket - Blonde $12.50BOX0147 BOX, Marquetry Cigar or Trinket - Dark $12.50
BOX0148 BOX, Marquetry Deed Chest $22.50BOX0149 BOX, Mirrored Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0032 BOX, Music Box - Vintage with Dancer $12.50BOX0150 BOX, Music or Jewel Box - Pink Gold $18.75
BOX0150 Music Box DetailBOX0151 BOX, Music or Jewel - Butterfly Decoupage $18.75BOX0151 Music Box DetailBOX0152 BOX, Off White Distressed Trinket or Jewel - Shabby Chic $7.50
BOX0160 BOX, Round Gold Sun w Face $12.50BOX0153 BOX, Round Wooden Bowls Trinket or Jewel $10BOX0042 BOX, Shell Inlay Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0154 BOX, Small Brown Faux Skin Chest $10
BOX0155 BOX, Small Round Woven Trinket Box or SEW0008 SEWING KIT, Small Round Woven or Card Trinket Box $3.75BOX0156 BOX, Stone Blossom Trinket or Jewel $5BOX0030 BOX, Trinket Ceramic $3.75BOX0157 BOX, Vintage Assorted Trinket or Jewel $6.25
BOX0161 BOX, Vintage Jewel - Lobelia $10BOX0158 BOX, Vintage w Lace Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0159 BOX, Vintage Wooden Case $12.50BOX0159 Wooden Box (Open)
BOX0001 BOX, Trinket Box - Pink & Gold $5BOX0015 BOX, Asian Decorative Jewel or Trinket $7.50BOX0026 BOX , Asian Fabric Covered $7.50BOX0028 BOX, Blue Green Trinket Box w Flower Lid $7.30
BOX0029 BOX, Shell Trinket or Jewel $7.50BOX0036 BOX, Carved Wood w Limewash $7.50BOX0037 BOX, Carved Wood w Shell Inlay - Long $7.50BOX0040 BOX, Floral Decoupage Jewel or Trinket Box $3.75
BOX0041 BOX, Hand Painted Indian Figures $12.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.