Cafe / Restaurant

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Event Styling - 1950's Props - Assorted Lolly JarsEvent Styling - 1950's Diner PropsEvent Styling - 1950's Diner PropsEvent Styling - Black & White Diner Props
Event Styling - 1950's Diner PropsASH0005 ASHTRAY, White Ceramic Large $1.25ASH0001 ASHTRAY, Black Plastic Cafe Bar Style $1.25ASH0002 ASHTRAY, Glass w Metal Rim Detail $3.75
ASH0003 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style $2ASH0004 ASHTRAY, Terracotta Cafe Bar Style $1.25AWN0001 AWNING, Black White Canvas 75cm x 120cm $10BAS0161 BASKET, Plastic Wicker Chip Bowl (Style 2) $1.25
BAS0157 BASKET, Plastic Wicker Chip Bowl $1.25BAS0158 BASKET, Wicker Chip Bowl (Boat) $1.25BAS0159 BASKET, Wicker Chip Bowl $1.25BAS0160 BASKET, Wicker Plate Large $2
BLA0004 BLACKBOARD, A Frame 65cm x 95cm $30BLA0009 BLACKBOARD, Menu - Sandwiches Hot Food $75BLA0008 BLACKBOARD, Menu - Minnesota Fats $75BLA0043 BLACKBOARD, Small Easel 15cm x 23cm $4.50
BOW0022 BOWL, Serving Bowl Assorted White Plastic $3BOW0023 BOWL, Small Bamboo $0.50BOW0024 BOWL, Wood Serving Bowl - Medium / Large $2BOW0025 BOWL, Wood Serving Bowl - Small $1.25
BUC0035 BUCKET, Metal Extra Small (Black) $1.25BUC0036 BUCKET, Metal Extra Small $1.25BUC0037 BUCKET, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style $5BUT0005 BUTTER DISH, Glass $6.25
CAF0001 CAFE CURTAIN, Aqua Blue & White Gingham - 73cm Drop x 1.93cm W $18.75CAF0004 CAFE CURTAIN, Brown & Cream Check - 120cm Drop x 60cm W $18.75CAF0002 CAFE CURTAIN, Red & White Check - Assorted Sizes $18.75CAK0020 CAKE COVER, Assorted Plastic $3.75
CAK0021 CAKE COVER, Etched Set w Plate $5CAK0022 CAKE STAND, Aluminium $6.25CAK0030 CAKE STAND, Glass Scalloped Edge $8.75CAK0023 CAKE STAND, Glass Assorted $7.50
CAK0024 CAKE STAND, Silver 3 Tier $6.25CAK0026 CAKE STAND, Stainless Steel - High $7.50CAK0027 CAKE STAND, Stainless Steel - Low $6.25CAK0028 CAKE STAND, Stainless Steel - Medium $6.25
CAK0025 CAKE STAND, White Chrome Rectangular 2 Tier $10CHA0301 CHAIR, Cafe - Black Bentwood $25CHA0302 CHAIR, Cafe - Straight Back 1940s Stained Timber $23.75CHA0306 CHAIR, Cafe - Timber Bentwood Assorted $25
CLO0200 CLOCHE, Stainless Steel - Large $10CLO0201 CLOCHE, Stainless Steel - Medium w Gold Handle $6.25CLO0202 CLOCHE, Stainless Steel - Medium $7.50CLO0203 CLOCHE, Stainless Steel - Small w Gold Handle $5
CLO0204 CLOCHE, Glass Cake Stand Dome $10COF0010 COFFEE POT, Glass Percolator $8.75CON0045 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, 1950's Plastic Woven (Small) $6.25CON0046 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, 1950's Plastic Woven $10
CON0007 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, Assorted Glass - Small $3CON0008 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, Glass w Metal Pourer $3CON0009 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, Recycled Green Glass - Assorted $3.75CON0010 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, White Ceramic w Bird Design $3.75
CON0001 CONDIMENT BOWL, Extra Small China (Flat) $1CON0002 CONDIMENT BOWL, Extra Small Cut Glass $2.50CON0003 CONDIMENT BOWL, Extra Small Glass $2.50CON0004 CONDIMENT BOWL, Extra Small Stainless Steel $1
CON0005 CONDIMENT BOWL, Extra Small White Ceramic $1CON0006 CONDIMENT SET, Chrome $3.75CRO0009 CROCKERY, Cup & Saucer (White Cafe Style) $2CRO0010 CROCKERY, Sugar Bowl (White Ceramic Cafe Style) $3
CUP0008 CUP & SAUCER, Coffee Or Cafe Style - Stainless Steel $2CUT0020 CUTLERY HOLDER, Stainless Steel, Large $6.25CUT0021 CUTLERY HOLDER, Stainless Steel, Small $4.50CUT0022 CUTLERY TRAY OR CADDY, Dark Grey Plastic $15
CUT0023 CUTLERY TRAY OR CADDY, Light Grey Plastic $15CUT0006 CUTLERY, Basic Canteen Style $0.25DOI0001 DOILEY, Paper Lace $0.25DRI0020 DRINK DISPENSER, Glass $10
FOO0102 FOOD CONTAINER OR TRAY, Clear Catering Style $5FOO0103 FOOD CONTAINER OR TRAY, White Catering Style $5FOO0101 FOOD CONTAINER, Plastic $5GLA0055 GLASSWARE, Coffee Glass - Assorted $1.50
GLA0056 GLASSWARE, Coffee Glass - Duralex Style $1.50GLA0057 GLASSWARE, Glass Coffee Cup Or Mug $1.50GLA0050 GLASSWARE, Mason Drinking Jar w Lid $2.50GLA0052 GLASSWARE, Milkshake Glass - Coloured Glass $2
GLA0053 GLASSWARE, Milkshake Glass - Retro $2.50GLA0051 GLASSWARE, Milkshake Glass $1.50GLA0058 GLASSWARE, Plastic Tumbler - Large $2GLA0054 GLASSWARE, Sundae or Icecream Glass $2.50
GLA0059 GLASSWARE, Tumbler - Basic $1HAT0032 HAT, Chefs Cap $5ICE0007 ICE BUCKET, Large Dimpled Metal $10ICE0008 ICE BUCKET, Large Metal Tub On Stand $22.50
ICE0006 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail (Style 2) $20ICE0005 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail $20ICE0004 ICE BUCKET, Stainless Steel $7.50ICE0010 ICE CREAM BOWL, Stainless Steel $2.50
ICE0011 ICE CREAM HOLDER, Stainless Steel $10JUG0011 JUG OR THERMOS, Retro Aluminium $12.50JUG0014 JUG, Gravy Boat - White Ceramic $3.75
JUG0015 JUG, Milk Jug - White Ceramic Small Assorted $2.50JUG0016 JUG, Milk Jug - White Ceramic Small $2.50JUG0012 JUG, Stainless Steel Contemporary $10JUG0017 JUG, Stainless Steel Milk Jug - Medium $4.50
JUG0018 JUG, Stainless Steel Milk Jug - Small $3.75JUG0013 JUG, Stainless Steel - Large $10JUG0033 JUG, Vintage w Red Flip Lid $12.50LIN0002 & LIN0003 LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m AND 3m x 2.3m $37.50
MEN0013 MENU HOLDER, Chrome $5MEN0014 MENU, Clipboard Style - Black Small $2.50MEN0001 MENU, Assorted $1.25MEN0002 MENU, Black A5 Hardcover $3.75
MEN0003 MENU, Black Slimline Hardcover Origami $3.75MEN0004 MENU, Black Vinyl Faux Grain $3.75MEN0005 MENU, Black Vinyl w Gold Corners $3.75MEN0006 MENU, Burgundy A4 Hardcover $3.75
MEN0007 MENU, Burgundy Vinyl  A4 $3.75MEN0008 MENU, Burgundy Vinyl - Small Diner Style $3.75MEN0009 MENU, Clipboard Style - Black $2.50MEN0010 MENU, Laminated Noodles Etc $1.50
MEN0011 MENU, Red Slimline Hardcover $3.75MEN0012 MENU, Small Clipboard Style $3.75MIL0002 MILK BOTTLE, Small Glass $3MIL0003 MILKSHAKE CONTAINER, Coloured Metal $2.50
MIL0004 MILKSHAKE CONTAINER, Stainless Steel $3.75NAP0002 NAPKIN DISPENSER, Chrome $7.50NAP0003 NAPKIN HOLDER, Chrome Arch $3.75NAP0004 NAPKIN HOLDER, Chrome Lace Style $3.75
NAP0005 NAPKIN HOLDER, White Plastic Coated Metal $3.75NAP0006 NAPKIN, Black Polyester $3NAP0007 NAPKIN, White $3ORD0001 ORDER HOLDER, Stainless Steel $12.50
ORD0002 ORDER OR DOCKET BOOK $1.25ORD0003 ORDER SPIKE, w Assorted Dockets $3.75PEP0001 PEPPER GRINDER, Assorted Small Medium $4.50PEP0002 PEPPER GRINDER, Beech Timber - Large $8.75
PLA0022 PLASTICWARE, Pineapple Sipper Cup $2.50CAK0029 CAKE STAND, or Plate Stand - 3 Tier Wrought Iron $11.25PLA0081 PLATTER, Black Plastic - Large Oval $3.75PLA0082 PLATTER, Stainless Steel - Small Oval $3.75
PLA0083 PLATTER, White Plastic - Medium Oval $3PLA0084 PLATTER, White Melamine - Large $5PLA0085 PLATTER, White Metal - Large Oval $5PLA0086 PLATTER, White Plastic - Large Oval $3.75
SAL0100 SALT & PEPPER  GRINDER - 1970's Teak $10SAL0101 SALT & PEPPER  GRINDER, Medium Beech Timber Pair $10SAL0103 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Contemporary Cafe Style - Assorted Pairs $1.25SAL0102 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Period Cafe Style - Assorted Pairs $3.75
SAU0001 SAUCE BOTTLE, Diner Style Assorted $3.75SAU0002 SAUCE BOTTLE, Diner Style $3SAU0003 SAUCE BOTTLE, Large $3.75SAU0004 SAUCE BOTTLE, Tomato $3
SIG0692 SIGN, Safety - No Smoking In This Area 23cm x 30cm H $7.50SOD0010 SODA STREAM BOTTLE, Glass Soda Bottle $2.50SOD0011 SODA STREAM, Orange & White $12.50CAT0002 CATERING PROPS, Assorted Stainless Steel Café & Catering Props $3.75
STO0101 STOOL, Bar Stool - 1950s Diner $31.25STO0103 STOOL, Bar Stool - Bentwood $25STR0200 STRAW DISPENSER, Chrome $15STR0201 STRAW DISPENSER, Classic Glass & Stainless Steel Top $7.50
STR0204 STRAW DISPENSER, Green Plastic $6.25STR0202 STRAW DISPENSER, Vintage Aluminium $12.50STR0203 STRAWS, Assorted Packs $0.75SUG0010 SUGAR BOWL, Stainless Steel w Handles $3.75
SUG0011 SUGAR BOWL, Stainless Steel w Lid $3.75SUG0012 SUGAR DISPENSERS, Assorted $3.75TAB0021 TABLE, Cafe Style - Timber Top w Black Wrought Iron Base $37.50TAB0180 TABLE NUMBER HOLDER, Alligator Clip $1.25
TAB0181 TABLE NUMBER HOLDER, Stainless Steel $3.75TAB0183 TABLE NUMBER, Black On White - Small $1TAB0182 TABLE NUMBER, Black On White $1TAB0184 TABLE NUMBERS, Arabian Motif A4 $1
TAB0185 TABLE NUMBERS, Black On Gold $1TAB0186 TABLE NUMBERS, Black On White (Aged) $1TAB0022 TABLE, Cafe Style - White Timber Top w Black Wrought Iron Base $37.50TAB0123 TABLECLOTH, Black & White 10cm Check - 1.5m x 1.5m $12.50
TAB0124 TABLECLOTH, Black 2.1m Square $20TAB0122 TABLECLOTH, Blue & White 6mm Check - 1.2m x 1.2m $10TAB0125 TABLECLOTH, Green White Check - Plastic 1.35m x 1.35m $3.75
Red & White Check Tablecloths - Assorted Sizes $5 - $15TAB0126 TABLECLOTH, Red Damask 1.5m x 2.15m $15TAK0001 TAKE AWAY CUPS, Assorted $0.15TAK0002 TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP, Keep Cup $3.75
TAK0003 TAKEAWAY CONTAINER, Brown Cardboard Tub w Lid $1TAK0007 TAKEAWAY CUP and PACKAGING, Assorted $0.25TAK0006 TAKEAWAY CUP, Generic Eco Assorted $0.25TAK0009 TAKEAWAY CUP, Plastic coated - Coke Pepsi Schweppes $0.25
TAK0005 TAKEAWAY PACKAGING, Hot Dog Bag $1TAK0004 TAKEAWAY PACKAGING, Plastic Slurpee Keep Cup $2.50TAK0008 TAKEAWAY CUP, Slurp Slurpee Cup $6.25TEA0018 TEA POT, Cream Ceramic, Small $5
TEA0019 TEA POT, Large Stainless Steel $7.50TEA0020 TEA POT, Medium Stainless Steel $5TEA0021 TEA POT, Stainless Steel - Small $3.75TEA0022 TEA POT, White Ceramic - Large $5
TEA0023 TEA POT, White Ceramic - Small (Style 2) $3.75TEA0024 TEA POT, White Ceramic - Small $3.75TEA0055 TEA TOWEL, Assorted Cafe Or Catering Styles $1.25TOO0201 TOOTHPICK HOLDER, Clear Plastic $1.25
TOO0200 TOOTHPICK HOLDER, Plastic $1.25Canteen Style Tray and UtensilsTRA0025 TRAY, Black Cafe Bar Style - Round  $6.25TRA0026 TRAY, Black Cafe Canteen Style  $3.75
TRA0027 TRAY, Grey Cafe Canteen Style $3.75TRA0028 TRAY, Red Cafe Canteen Style $3.75TRA0036 TRAY, Round Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style - Large $7.50TRA0037 TRAY, Round Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style - Medium $6.25
TRA0038 TRAY, Round Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style - Small $5TRA0052 TRAY, Cafe - Black Tip Tray $2.50TRA0029 TRAY, Timber Check Veneer Cafe Canteen Style - Round $5TRA0030 TRAY, Timber Veneer Cafe Canteen Style - Large $5
TRA0031 TRAY, Timber Veneer Cafe Canteen Style - Round $5TRA0032 TRAY, Timber Veneer Cafe Canteen Style - Small $3.75TRA0033 TRAY, White Cafe Canteen Style $3.75TRA0034 TRAY, Wicker & Timber Cafe Style $6.25
TRA0035 TRAY, Wicker Or Rattan - Large $11.25UTE0009 UTENSIL, Ice Cream Scoop $2.50UTE0008 UTENSIL, Pizza Slice $3.75VAS0002 VASE, Cut Glass Bud Vase - Tall $3.75
VAS0001 VASE, Cut Glass Bud Vase $3.75VAS0003 VASE, White China Bud Vase $3.75WIN0050 WINDLIGHT, Asian Motif $5WIN0051 WINDLIGHT, Blue Gold $5
WIN0052 WINDLIGHT, Red Glass w Candle $5Cafe Table Setup

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We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.