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BAN0001 BANANA LOUNGE, Blue $10BAN0002 BANANA LOUNGE, Hot Pink $10BAN0003 BANANA LOUNGE, Silver $10CHA0100 CHAIR, Beach - Blue & White Stripe $12.50
CHA0101 CHAIR, Beach - Green, Yellow, White, Blue Stripe $12.50CHA0102 CHAIR, Beach - LOW Green with Timber Arms $12.50CHA0103 CHAIR, Beach - Pink Kids Chair $6.25CHA0104 CHAIR, Beach - LOW Blue & White Stripe $11.25
CHA0105 CHAIR, Beach - LOW Faded Blue $11.25CHA0113 CHAIR, Beach - LOW Slatted Seat Blue & White Stripe $18.75CHA0106 CHAIR, Beach - Multicolour Stripe $11.25CHA0107 CHAIR, Beach - Navy Maroon Webbing $12.50
CHA0108 CHAIR, Beach - LOW Navy, Olive, Red Stripe $12.50CHA0109 CHAIR, Beach - Navy with Anchor $12.50CHA0110 CHAIR, Beach - Navy $12.50CHA0111 CHAIR, Beach - Turquoise $12.50
BEA0101 BEANBAG, Fabric - Aqua $12.50BEA0102 BEANBAG, Vinyl - Cream Square $12.50BEA0103 BEANBAG, Fabric - Red $12.50BEA0104 BEANBAG, Vinyl - Red $12.50
BEN0106 BENCH, Timber - Garden $30BEN0100 BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long $30BEN0101 BENCH, Timber - Distressed Narrow Slat with Back $37.50BEN0102 BENCH, Timber - Painted Off White Wide Slat with Back $37.50
BEN0103 BENCH, Timber - Rustic 2m Long Backless $50BEN0105/4 BENCH, Timber - White Slat 1.8m & 1.2m Long Backless $50 eachCHA0300 CHAIR, Café - Dark Timber $22.50CHA0301 CHAIR, Café - Black Bentwood $25
CHA0050 CHAIR, 1950s Kitchen Chair - Grey & Yellow Polka Dot $25CHA0151 CHAIR, Office 1960s Swivel - Green & Aluminium $30CHA0150 CHAIR, Office 1960s Swivel - Olive Green Vinyl $25CHA0303 CHAIR, Café - Timber Bentwood STYLE 1 $25
CHA0304 CHAIR, Café - Timber Bentwood STYLE 2 $25CHA0305 CHAIR, Café - Timber Bentwood STYLE 3 $25CHA0306 CHAIR, Café - Timber Bentwood Assorted $25CHA0202 CHAIR, Garden - Cane Victorian Aged Dark Green $30
CHA0201 CHAIR, Cane Chair - Rustic Ochre / Black $25CHA0400 CHAIR, Chaise Regency Stripe - Blue & Gold 1.8m Long $100CHA0401 CHAIR, Chaise Velvet - Red 1.7m Long $75CHA0402 CHAIR, Chaise Regency Stripe - Gold, Red & Navy 2.2m Long $100
CHA0450 CHAIR, Chesterfield Wingback - Brown $200CHA0449 CHAIR, Chesterfield Wingback Tan $200CHA0500 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Bamboo & Canvas $22.50CHA0501 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Green Padding $18.75
SET0100 SET, Table & Chairs - White Timber Outdoor Setting $50CHA0204 CHAIR, Garden - Metal White Lacework  $22.50CHA0600 CHAIR, High Back - Olive Velvet $25CHA0602 CHAIR, High Back - Harlequin Yellow & Red Timber $37.50
CHA0601 CHAIR, High Back - Red Damask Gold Frame $62.50STO0100 STOOL, Industrial Swivel Grey Green $30CHA0250 CHAIR, Metal Industrial with Box - Pale Green $22.50CHA0357 CHAIR, Timber Kids Size 55cm High $13.75
CHA0350 CHAIR, Timber - Low Medieval Style $20CHA0502 CHAIR, Folding Metal - Pale Green $20CHA0205 CHAIR, Garden - Timber White Slat (Cape Cod Style) $37.50CHA0510 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Outdoor Slat $22.50
CHA0351 CHAIR, Timber - Straight Back Painted Blue $23.75CHA0352 CHAIR, Timber - Painted Aqua $23.75CHA0353 CHAIR, Timber - Painted Red $23.75CHA0206 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Cane Large 1.5m H $62.50
CHA0207 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Cane Small 90cm H $30Small and Large Peacock ChairsCHA0208 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Painted Black $25PEW0001 PEW, Church Pew with Gothic Detail 2.2m Long $187.50
CHA0354 CHAIR, Timber - Pine Slat Back Kitchen Chair $18.75CHA0251 CHAIR, Metal Pressed Stackable Assorted $20CHA0453 CHAIR, Salon Armchair Low - Black and Green Velvet $93.75CHA0454 CHAIR, Salon Lounge - 1920s 3 Seater Gold $150
CHA0455 CHAIR, Salon Armchair - 1920s Gold & Dusty Pink $93.75CHA0381 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Blue $11.25CHA0380 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Grey $11.25CHA0382 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Orange $11.25
CHA0302 CHAIR, Café - Straight Back 1940s Stained Timber $23.75CHA0355 CHAIR, Timber - Classroom Style $18.75Collection of Folding ChairsCHA0481 CHAIR, Couch - Brown Leather Aged & Torn 2m L x 67cm W x 90cm H $100
CHA0700 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Blue, Grey & White, Aged Timber Frame $18.75CHA0701 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Light Blue & White, White Timber Frame $18.75CHA0702 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Blue & White, Natural Timber Frame $18.75CHA0703 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Blue, Natural Timber Frame $18.75
CHA0704 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Dark Red & White, Timber Frame $18.75CHA0705 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Kids Pastel, Natural Timber Frame $15CHA0706 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Maroon & White, Aged Timber Frame $18.75CHA0708 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Pale Blue & White, Dark Timber Frame $18.75
CHA0709 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Vintage Pastel, Aged Timber Frame $18.75Deck Chair & Umbrella SetupCHA0710 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Red & White, Dark Timber Frame $18.75CHA0711 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Red & White, Natural Timber Frame $18.75
CHA0712 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Red & White, White Timber Frame $18.75CHA0713 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Vintage Red & Green, Metal Frame $20CHA0714 CHAIR, Deck Chair - Vintage Yellow with Armrests, Dark Timber Frame $25Assorted Striped Deck Chair Setup
CHA0356 CHAIR, Timber Desk Chair - Captain's Chair Olive Green Leather $87.50CHA0451 CHAIR, Chesterfield Desk Chair - Red Leather $100CHA0358 CHAIR, Timber Desk Chair - Slat Back Green Leather Captain Style $75CHA0541 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red Aluminium  $12.50
CHA0504 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Croc Skin Finish $20CHA0503 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Aged Slatted $18.75CHA0507 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 2 $30CHA0508 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 3 $37.50
CHA0506 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Single $18.75CHA0505 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Maroon Padding $18.75CHA0509 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre (Slatted), Set of 3 $37.50CHA0020 CHAIR, Highchair - Vintage Timber $30
CHA0801 CHAIR, Rocking Chair - Bentwood $50CHA0802 CHAIR, Rocking Chair - Cane $45CHA0800 CHAIR, Rocking Chair - Classic Timber $50CHA0554 CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Red  $18.75
CHA0550 CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Red, White, Blue $18.75CHA0551 CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Green, Red Vintage $22.50CHA0552 CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Yellow, White $18.75CHA0553 CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Green, Yellow Vintage $22.50
THR0100 THRONE, Gold with Red Velvet Padding 1.5m H $112.50THR0102 THRONE, Mask White $137.50THR0102 THRONE, Mask WhiteCHA0900 CHAIR, Lifeguard / Umpire Chair 2m High $100
CHA0521 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Aqua Webbing Low $15CHA0522 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Brown Webbing  $15CHA0523 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Cream Webbing  $15CHA0524 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Khaki Webbing  $15
CHA0525 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Multicolour Webbing  $15CHA0526 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Orange Webbing Low $15
THR0101 THRONE, Timber White 68cm (W) 143cm (H) 64cm Deep $100Bentwoods

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.