Market & Deli

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SIG0104 SIGN, A-BOARD, Farm Shop & Butcher Open $37.50SIG0105 SIGN, A-BOARD, Fresh Produce Picked Daily $37.50BAR0101 BAR, Rustic 1.1m High x 1.6m Wide x 60cm Deep $237.50BAR0300 BARN DOORS, 2.8m wide x 2.2m high $375
BAR0010 BARREL, Half Barrel - Plastic $15BAR0003 BARREL, Large - 90cm high $37.50BAS0062 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Open Style w Red Gingham $11.25BAS0037 BASKET, Narrow Wicker Tall 45cm H $15
BAS0040 BASKET, Rectangular Storage 45x35x20cm $15BAS0083 BASKET, Shallow Medium Round Dark Stain 38cm D 10cm H $10BAS0093 BASKET, Shallow Tray Extra Large 70x50cm $15BASKET, Shallow Tray Large, Medium, Small $5 - $10
BAS0003 BASKET, Shopping - Classic Rectangular Wicker $11.25Assorted Market Baskets & Apple BucketsBIC0003 BICYCLE, Basket New Wicker $15BIC0006 BICYCLE, Black Vintage $50
BLACKBOARD, Stick Metal Vintage - Small Medium or Large $3.75 eachBLA0010 BLACKBOARD, Sticks 9cm Wide $2BLA0004 BLACKBOARD, A Frame 65cm x 95cm $30BLA0002 BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 1.5m x 70cm $37.50
BLA0016 BLACKBOARD, Small 15cm x 23cm $3.75BLA0018 BLACKBOARD, Small Specials 45cm x 60cm $15BOTTLE CADDY, Small Wicker Double (BOT0040) $6.25 & Single (BOT0041) $3.75BOT0044 BOTTLE HOLDER, Wire Condiment Caddy w Handle $6.25
BUC0041 BUCKET, Wooden 15cm H x 25.5cm D $11.25BUC0015 BUCKET, Set of 3 Galvanised Metal w Rope Handle $15BUC0035 BUCKET, Metal Extra Small (Black) $1.25BUC0036 BUCKET, Metal Extra Small $1.25
BAS0101 BASKET, Bushell - Assorted Sizes $12.50CAN0250 CANVAS, Assorted Stripe Lengths $5Cream Cart with Optional CanopyCAR0003 CART, Cream - Large $312.50
CAR0004 CART, Aqua - Small 103 x 70 x 93cm H (Length to end of Handle 141cm) $137.50CRA0053 CRATE, Hay Bros Extra Small 18L x 24W x 14cm H OR 24L x 20W x 10cm H $7.50CRA0052 CRATE, SA Peters Extra Small 43L x 13W x 9cm H $7.50CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50
CRA0009 CRATE, Small - Display Crate Stained Natural (41x31x19cm H) $7.50Assortment of Coloured CratesCRA0010 CRATE, Small - Red Shallow $12.50Assorted Crates
CRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30CRA0013 CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H) $12.50CRA0012 CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H) $12.50CRA0026 CRATE, Small - Open slatted $10
Assorted Breads and CheesesBaskets of Fruit & VegAssorted MeatsAssorted Salami, Ham & Sausages
VEG0005 VEG, Artificial - String of Onion $6.25VEG, Artificial - Assorted Large (VEG0001) $3.75 & Small (VEG0002) $0.75CAK0002 CAKE STAND, Timber 3 Tier - 65cm High x 50cm Wide $32.50POT0015 POT Rack, Hanging Pot and Pan Holder $22.50
HES0100 HESSIAN, Coloured - Miscellaneous Lengths $5HES0101 HESSIAN, Natural - Miscellaneous Lengths $5JUG0026 JUG, Blue Enamel $7.50JUG0027 JUG, Large Galvanised Metal $6.25
JUG0028 JUG, Red Enamel $7.50JUG0029 JUG, Rustic Ochre Glazed $8.75PAI0021 PAIL, Wooden w Rope Handle 17cm H x 26.5cm D $11.25PAI0022 PAIL, Wooden w Handle 16cm H x 26.5cm D $11.25
CAK0029 CAKE STAND, or Plate Stand - 3 Tier Wrought Iron $11.25PUN0001 PUNNET, Double Sized - Long $4.50PUN0003 PUNNET, Small Wooden w Produce Print $3.75PUN0002 PUNNET, Small Strawberry Punnet $3
ROP0008 ROPE, Hook Attached $15ROP0009 ROPE, Pulley Attached $22.50SAC0004 SACK, Cotton - Hard Wheat Flour - Small $12.50SAC0001 SACK, Cotton - 3 Star Rice - Small $12.50
SAC0011 SACK, Cotton - McAlpins FLOUR - Small $7.50SAC0002 SACK, Cotton - Large $12.50SAC0005 SACK, Hessian - Large $12.50SAC0009 SACK, Hessian - Small $7.50
SACK, Cotton - Large (SAC0002) $12.50 & Small (SAC0003) $6.25SAC0017 SACK, Coffee - Various $15SAC0018 SACK, Hessian - Printed Produce Various $15SCA0052 SCALES, White Deli Style $37.50
COA0050 COAL SCOOP, Small Brass $12.50SCO0001 SCOOP, Large Wooden $18.75SCO0002 SCOOP, Metal - Large Assorted $7.50SCO0003 SCOOP, Metal - Small Assorted $3.75
SCO0004 SCOOP, Metal w Red Handle (Large) $7.50SCO0005 SCOOP, White Plastic (Large) $6.25SIEVE, Wooden Flour Sieve - Large (SIE0055) $7.50 & Small (SIE0056) $6.25SIEVE, Wooden Flour Sieve - Large (SIE0055) $7.50 & Small (SIE0056) $6.25
SIG0708 SIGN, Stall - Flea Market $22.50SIG0500 SIGN, Cart Sign - Fruit & Veg $37.50SIG0707 SIGN, Stall - Produce Signs - Blue White $2.50SIG0706 SIGN, Stall - Produce Signs - Cardboard $2.50
SIG0066 SIGN, Store - Iron Monger Hardware $45SIG0067 SIGN, Store - Produce Merchant $45STO0002 STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier $22.50STO0314 STOOL, Rustic - Square $17.50
STO0102 STOOL, Bar Stool - Timber Seat with Angle Iron Legs $45TAB0001 TABLE, Large - Rustic Black & Grey 71x74x80cm H $50TAB0201 TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Ochre & Black 40x40x50cm H $22.50TAB0002 TABLE, Large - Rustic Ochre & Black 71x74x80cm H $50
Red & White Check Tablecloths $5 - $15TIN0004 TIN, Dante Spanish Olive Oil $5TIN0005 TIN, Large Black Olives $6.25TRA0057 TRAY, Cheese Platter Set of 2 - Rectangular (Middle Tray Gone) $11.25
TRA0056 TRAY, Cheese Platter Set of 3 - Round $12.50TRA0061 TRAY, Rustic Wood - 2 sizes (67cm x 33.5cm & 58cm x 29cm) $11.25TRA0055 TRAY, Wooden Slatted w Carry Handle $10Assorted Trays
TRO0100 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Black Metal $25TRO0101 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic $30TRO0102 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Yellow $30WHE0001 WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber $62.50
Charcuterie Event Design

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.