Christmas and Winter Wonderland

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Event Styling - Snowman in Winter WonderlandEvent Styling - Winter WonderlandANT0002 ANTLER, Deer Antler - Real (Price is Per Antler) $11.25BAU0001 BAUBLE, 1960s & 1970s Style $0.50
ICI0002 ICICLE DECORATION, Large Silver Glitter - 55cm $10ICI0001 ICICLE DECORATION, Large Silver & White - 65cm $10BAU0002 BAUBLE, Aqua Blue (Box Lot) $25BAU0003 BAUBLE, Aqua Blue $0.25
BAU0004 BAUBLE, Blue Purple (Box Lot) $25BAU0005 BAUBLE, Clear (Box Lot) $25BAU0006 BAUBLE, Clear $0.25BAU0007 BAUBLE, Gold (Box Lot) $25
BAU0008 BAUBLE, Gold 15cm Diameter $3BAU0009 BAUBLE, Gold 20cm Diameter $3.75BAU0010 BAUBLE, Gold $0.25BAU0011 BAUBLE, Pink (Box Lot) $25
BAU0012 BAUBLE, Pink $0.25BAU0013 BAUBLE, Red (Box Lot) $25BAU0014 BAUBLE, Red Gold (Box Lot) $25BAU0015 BAUBLE, Red Gold $0.25
BAU0016 BAUBLE, Red Yellow (Box Lot) $25BAU0017 BAUBLE, Red Yellow $1BAU0018 BAUBLE, Red $0.25BAU0019 BAUBLE, Silver (Box Lot) $25
BAU0020 BAUBLE, Silver $0.25BAU0021 BAUBLE, Traditional or Vintage Style (Box Lot) $50BAU0022 BAUBLE, Traditional or Vintage Style $1BAU0023 BAUBLE, Vintage USA Style - Assorted $3.75
BIR0200 BIRCH TREE, White LED 180cm H $30BOW0050 BOW, 60cm L x 35cm W $3BOW0051 BOW, Gold Silver Stripe $0.25BOW0052 BOW, Gold Taupe Glitter $0.15
BOW0053 BOW, Large Red Assorted - Approx 50cm Long $3.75BOW0054 BOW, Red Gold Star $0.25BOW0055 BOW, Red $0.25BOW0056 BOW, Taupe Satin $0.25
BOX0100 BOX, Dark Red Quilted Gift Box w Ribbon $15BOX0101 BOX, Gold Shellac Gift Box w Red Bow $15BOX0102 BOX, Premium Gift Box w Ribbon - Assorted $3.75BOX0103 BOX, Premium Silver Gift Box w Ribbon $3.75
BOX, Red Wooden Gift Box w Lid 25cm (BOX0104) $15 & 18cm (BOX0105) $12.50BOX0106 BOX, Set of 3 Gift Box - Gold w Silver Bow $18.75BOX0107 BOX, Set of 3 Gift Box - Silver w Gold Bow $18.75BOX0108 BOX, Wooden Gift Box w Lid - Red Vinyl Wrap w Gold Band (1) $15
BOX0109 BOX, Wooden Gift Box w Lid - Red Vinyl Wrap w Gold Band (2) $15BOX0110 BOX, Wooden Gift Box w Lid - Red Vinyl Wrap w Gold Band (3) $15BOX0111 BOX, Wooden Gift Box w Lid (Set Of 3: 30, 25, 18cm) - Red Vinyl Wrap w Gold Band $30BUC0003 BUCKET, Red Small $3.75
BUC0004 BUCKET, Red w White Star $11.25CEN0002 CENTREPIECE - Red Acrylic Star 35 cm $18.75CHA0601 CHAIR, High Back - Red Damask Gold Frame $62.50CHR0050 CHRISTMAS DECOR, Assorted Foliage & Florals $3.75
CHR0051 CHRISTMAS DECOR, Assorted $6.25CHR0052 CHRISTMAS DECOR, Vintage Assorted $5CHR0053 CHRISTMAS TABLEWARE, Assorted $2.50CHR0054 CHRISTMAS TABLEWARE, Crackers or Bon Bons $1
CHR0055 CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT, Red Green $5CHR0002 CHRISTMAS TREE, Large Green Full Tree w Leaf Detail - 2.1m H $150CHR0001 CHRISTMAS TREE, Large Green Full Tree w Leaf Detail (Internal Fairy Lights) - 2.1m H $187.50COR0020 CORAL BRANCH, Red Flocked 60-65cm $6.25
CORAL BRANCH, White 95cm (COR0021) $7.50 & 65cm (COR0022) $6.25COR0023 CORAL, Red Flocked 40-45cm $6.25COR0024 CORAL, Twisted Branch Small $6.25FIN0001 FINIAL DECOR, Antique Silver $8.75
FIR0010 FIREPLACE MANTLE, Stained timber w Oval Mirror $187.50PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50Archway with Small Candy Cane StylingARC0002 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Green & White 1.2m W x 2.4m H $100
GAT0001 GATES, Black Pillars & Gold Gates Freestanding 2.9m W x 1.8m H $150Christmas Setup - Gates w SnowChristmas Setup - Gates w LEDs and Coach LightsChristmas Setup - Gates w Pine Cones in Snow
FRA0050 FRAME, Gold Leaf Frame Large & Freestanding - 1.6m W x 2.8m H $300FRA0051 FRAME, Gold Leaf Frame Small & Freestanding - 1.7m W x 2.3m H x 65cm D $225HAT0150 HAT, Santa Hat $3.75HOL0040 HOLLY $2.50
SKA0001 SKATES, Ice - Pair Black Leather $22.50GRE0057 GREENERY, Ivy - Holland Ivy Hanging Bush 72cm $3.75GRE0058 GREENERY, Ivy - Sage Ivy Bush 115cm $6.25GAT0002 GATE LIGHTS, Pair of Freestanding Coach Lights for Gate (GAT0001) $22.50
STR0100 STREET LAMP, Decorative Black Post w 20cm Ball Shade 2.35m H $100STR0102 STREET LAMP, Contemporary Straight Black Post with 40cm Ball Shade 2.4m H $100STR0101 STREET LAMP, Decorative Black Post w Coach Style Shade 2.35m H $100LOG0001 LOG, Timber (Real) $6.25
LOG0002 LOG, Fake Burnt Fireplace Log $7.50LOL0101 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 23cm x 1.2m (Fits 10) $22.50LOL0102 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 40cm x 40cm (Fits 9) $20Mixture of Candy Canes & Oversized Lolly's
LOL0008 LOLLY, Candy Cane Red & White 30cm H (Hook End) $2.50LOL0007 LOLLY, Candy Cane Red & White 70cm H (Hook End) Assorted $3.75LOL0009 LOLLY, Candy Cane Red White Green (Hook End) $3.75LOL0011 LOLLY, Candy Cane Straw Red & White Stripe 1.5m H PVC $7.50
LOL0001 LOLLY, Chuppa Chup 15cm Dia $12.50LOL0012 LOLLY, Gingerbread Man 48cm H $22.50LOL0015 LOLLY, Gingerbread Man 45cm H $22.50LOL0004 LOLLY, Heart Shaped Red & Yellow 30cm Dia $18.75
LOL0005 LOLLY, Love Hearts 25cm H $18.75LOL0002 LOLLY, Pink Swirl Round 30cm Dia $18.75LOL0003 LOLLY, Red Round 25cm Dia $18.75PIC0020 PICK, Pine Cone - Gold Glitter On Twig $1.25
PIC0021 PICK, Pine Cone - Red Glitter On Twig $1.25PIC0022 PICK, Silver Glitter Star $1PIN0001 PINE CONE, Assorted $0.50PLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50
PLI0003 PLINTH, Pedestal - Faux Stone 32 x 70cm H $37.50PLI0004 PLINTH, Pedestal - Whitewash 32 x 70cm H $37.50CHR0056 CHRISTMAS POSTER, A Happy Christmas - 50cm x 70cm $5CHR0057 CHRISTMAS POSTER, Retro Santa Head - 40cm $6.25
REI0001 REINDEER, Baby Faux Fur 85cmH x 85cmL Nose to Tail $75REI0002 REINDEER, Fibre Glass Med 120cmH x 115cmL Nose to Tail $125REI0003 REINDEER, Large Faux Fur with Antlers 120cmH x 120cmL Nose to Tail $150REI0004 REINDEER, Sitting Rudolf Fibre Glass 110cmH x 60cmL $137.50
REI0005 REINDEER, Standing Rudolf Fibre Glass 115cmH x 90cmL $137.50REI0010 REINDEER EARS, Headband $2.50REI0011 REINDEER HAT, Brown Antler Cap $3.75RIB0001 RIBBON, Premium Rolls Assorted $3.75
HAT0150 HAT, Santa Hat $3.75SAN0010 SANTA SACK, Assorted $5SAN0010 SANTA SACK, Assorted $5SAN0015 SANTA SACK, Large Red White Velveteen $7.50
SKI0003 SKIS, Pair - Vintage Timber $30SNO0006 SNOW BLOCK, 1m x 35cm x 35cm $62.50SNO0007 SNOW BLOCK, 65cm x 35cm x 35cm $50SNO0011 SNOW SHOES, Vintage Timber Pair $37.50
SAN0016 SNOWFLAKE, Assorted Small Sizes - Styrene $4.50SNO0010 SNOWFLAKE, Silver Glitter - 50 cm wide $10SNOWFLAKE, White Glitter - 75 cm (SNO0008) $12.50 & 50cm (SNO0009) $10SAN0017 SNOWFLAKE, Small Plastic $0.50
SPR0050 SPRAY, Gold Glitter 47cm $5SPR0001 SPRAY, Populus Gold 47cm $5STO0150 STOCKING, Red and White (Assorted Styles) $3.75STO0151 STOCKING, Assorted Christmas $3.75
TAB0400 TABLECLOTH, Christmas Design - 1950's Crepe $7.50TAB0401 TABLECLOTH, Christmas Design - Candle Cross Stitch $7.50TAB0402 TABLECLOTH, Christmas Design - Poinsettia $7.50Assorted Christmas Tablecloths
TAX0004 TAXIDERMY, Deer with Antlers $87.50THR0100 THRONE, Gold with Red Velvet Padding 1.5m H $112.50TIN0050 TINSEL, Assorted Colours $1.25TIN0051 TINSEL, Red $1.25
TIN0052 TINSEL, White $1.25TOA0002 TOADSTOOL, Plaster 33cm High $15TOA0001 TOADSTOOL, Cluster of 3 - Papier Mache 60cm High $37.50TOADSTOOL, Oversized Resin & Soft Foam 1.1m Dia 1.5m H (TOA0010) $225 & 1.5m Dia 2.3m H (TOA0011) $312.50
TOA0003 TOADSTOOL, Resin 21cm High $7.50TOY0100 TOY SOLDIER (NUTCRACKER), Gold approx 30 cm $12.50TOY SOLDIER (NUTCRACKER), Wooden 90cm (TOY0101) $30 & 110cm (TOY0102) $37.50TOY0001 TOY SOLDIER (NUTCRACKER), Life Size Resin Statue 1.7m H $150
TOY0103 TOY SOLDIER (NUTCRACKER), Wooden 60cm High $22.50URN0006 URN, Gold - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.50URN0012 URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H $30WRE0009 WREATH, Large 1m Diameter silver, gold, red & green baubles $30
WRE0010 WREATH, 55cm Diameter silver, gold, red & green baubles $18.75WRE0003 WREATH, 40cm Diameter w Gold Silver Baubles $12.50WRE0004 WREATH, 40cm Diameter w Red Silver Baubles $12.50WRE0005 WREATH, Green Spruce 60cm Diameter $18.75
WRE0006 WREATH, Green Spruce Half Wreath w Decos $18.75WRE0007 WREATH, Green w Silver Decos 50cm Diameter $18.75WRE0002 WREATH, Gum Leaves and Berries $18.75WRE0008 WREATH, Retro Bell Door Hanging 40cm $10

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.