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Event Styling - Circus ThemePhotoshoot Styling - Circus ThemeEvent Styling - Circus Theme for KidsEvent Styling - Circus Theme for Kids
Event Styling - Circus ThemeEvent Styling - Circus ThemeEvent Styling - Circus ThemeEvent Styling - Circus Theme
Event Styling - Vintage Circus ThemeEvent Styling - Circus ThemeBAC0001 BACKDROP, Curtain - Red and White 3m Drop (up to 6m Wide) $125BAR0050 BARBELL, Styrene (Lightweight) $15
BIR0121 BIRDCAGE, Red Wooden Octagonal $22.50Buckets AssortedBUC0001 BUCKET, Black & White Circus $15BUC0002 BUCKET, Black & White Star $11.25
BUC0003 BUCKET, Red Small $3.75BUC0004 BUCKET, Red w White Star $11.25BUN0002 BUNTING, Red w Star 5m Long $18.75BUN0001 BUNTING, Cotton Fabric - Pastel 7m Long $18.75
BUN0003 BUNTING, Pink Satin & Chiffon 10m Long $45BUN0035 BUNTING, Plastic Red White Pattern $10BUN0036 BUNTING, Red White Stripe 28m $25BUN0004 BUNTING, Yellow Polka Dot 8m Long $18.75
BAS0100 BASKET, Bushell - Aged $11.25CAN0350 CANNON, Circus Style $40CAR0002 CART, Aqua - Large $312.50 (with optional canopy)CAR0004 CART, Aqua - Small $137.50 (with optional signage)
CAR0003 CART, Cream - Large $312.50 (with optional canopy)CAR0004 CART, Aqua - Small $137.50 (with optional signage)CAR0005 CART, White Hot Dog Cart - Small $137.50Made to Order Centrepiece - Circus Theme $80 each
CEN0002 CENTREPIECE - Red Acrylic Star 35 cm $18.75CHA0301 CHAIR, Café - Black Bentwood $25CHA0306 CHAIR, Café - Timber Bentwood Assorted $25CHA0602 CHAIR, High Back - Harlequin Yellow & Red Timber $37.50
CHA0357 CHAIR, Timber Kids Size 55cm High $13.75CHA0251 CHAIR, Metal Pressed Stackable Assorted $20CHE0103 CHEST/TRUNK, Ex Large Blue Metal $62.50BAL0001 BALL, Large Inflatable Blue, Red & Yellow $25
PLI0051 PLINTH, Circus - Low Red & White 75 Dia 45cm High $62.50PLI0050 PLINTH, Circus - Low Square Navy White Star 75 Dia 45cm High $31.25PLI0052 PLINTH, Circus - Low Red & Yellow 75 Dia 45cm High $62.50PLI0053 PLINTH, Circus - Tall Black & White 60 Dia 72cm High $62.50
PLI0054 PLINTH, Circus - Red Black White/Yellow (Side 1) 65 Dia 55cm High $62.50PLI0054 PLINTH, Circus - Red Black White/Yellow (Side 2) 65 Dia 55cm High $62.50Circus Plinths AssortedCircus Prop Collection
Circus Prop CollectionCircus Prop CollectionCOS0001 COSTUME PROP, Clown Accessory $3.75SPO0001 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Blue w Red Rope 60x33cm high $30
SPO0002 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Cream w Red Rope 45x35cm high $30SPO0003 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Red w Blue Rope 60x33cm high $30SPO0004 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Red 65x45cm high $25SPO0005 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Cream 33x30cm high $18.75
SPO0006 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Tall Blue 35x50cm high $25SPO0007 SPOOL / COTTON REEL (Oversize) Tall Cream w Blue Rope 45x50cm high $30Cotton Reels AssortedCRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50
CRA0030 CRATE, Circus Cream Red & Blue (45x30x24 H) $18.75Assorted CratesCRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30CUR0050 CURTAIN SWAG, Red Velvet w Fringing 3m (W) $100
CUR0001 CURTAIN, Dark Red Velour 1.2m x 2.7m drop $25CUR0002 CURTAIN, Bright Red Crushed Velvet 1.5m x 3m drop $25CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50CUR0004 CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop $25
CIR0001 CIRCUS PROP, Cut Out - Freakshow 1.2 x 2.4m High $100Duffle Bags & RopesCHA0507 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 2 $30CHA0508 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 3 $37.50
CHA0506 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Single $18.75HAT0014 HAT, Top Hat Black Satin Large $5HAT0012 HAT, Neon Pink Top Hat $12.50HAT0015 HAT, Top Hat Black Felt $3.75
HUL0001 HULA HOOP, Double Hanging Red & Gold $12.50ACC0001 ACCORDIAN, Red Golden Cup $20JUG0101 JUGGLING PIN, Painted Striped Metal $20JUG0102 JUGGLING PIN, Vintage Wooden Black $8.75
JUG0103 JUGGLING PIN, Vintage Wooden $8.75LAN0050 LANTERN, Painted Cream $11.25LAM0402 LAMP, Table Lamp - Red & White Polka Dot $15LIGHTING, LIG0202 Festoon LED Party Light Set Multi (10 Plastic Globe) 6m $12.50
LIG0203 LIGHTING, Festoon LED Party Light Set Clear (20 Plastic Globe) 3.9m $10Vintage Suitcases - Medium Assorted (Priced Separately)SUITCASES Travel Wardrobe (SUI0013) $37.50 & Large (SUI0012) $22.50MEG0002 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Cream Metal $15
MEG0003 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Large Red $30MEG0005 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Red Metal Vintage $15CIR0002 CIRCUS PROP, Weight (Oversized) - 1 Tonne $45PLI0055 PLINTH, Circus - Column Rustic Red 40x40x100cm H - Gold Stars optional $45
Black & White Striped Cover over PlinthPOP0002 POPCORN MAKER, Small Table Top $22.50PRA0001 PRAM, Circus Clown Pram Vintage $62.50ROP0005 ROPE, Box Lot - Thick Lengths $37.50
ROP0006 ROPE, Thick Length (Single) $18.75ROP0004 ROPE, Assorted Lengths $10SCR0001 2.4m x 80cm - White Timber Frame ($90) & FAB0002 Fabric, Red & White ($15)SIG0600 SIGN - Circus Large 2.5m wide - Blue, Cream, Gold $90
SIG0504 SIGN, Cart Sign - Popcorn $30SKI0001 SKITTLES, Set of 10 Cream, Red, Blue w 4 balls (Painted Plastic) $37.50LAD0002 LADDER, Stepladder - Red $22.50STO0315 STOOL, Square - Painted Blue $17.50
STO0316 STOOL, Vintage Folding Multi Colour Slat $18.75SUI0001 SUITCASE, Yellow - Clown Face $30SUI0002 SUITCASE, Red - Crackers the Clown $30SUI0003 SUITCASE, Red & Yellow - Whizzo the Clown $30
SUI0004 SUITCASE, Red & White - Popo $30BLA0107 BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork $25SIG0601 SIGN - Ticket Lightbox w Arrow (Battery Operated) $62.50TRI0101 TRICYCLE, Kids Vintage Cream Blue with Rust Holes $20
PLI0056 PLINTH, Circus (Rusted Metal Bath) Cream, Red 70x34cm High $37.50UMB0111 UMBRELLA, Beach - Aqua, Red & Yellow $18.75USH0001 USHER TRAYS, Candy or Apples $31.25WAGON WHEELS, Small 55cm (WAG0003) & Medium 80cm (WAG0004) $18.75 each
WHE0006 WHEELBARROW, Vintage Child's Size Painted Red Blue $22.5Event Styling - Circus Theme

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