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BLE0001 BLENDER, Moulinex $12.50BLE0002 BLENDER, Wand 'Black and Decker' $7.50BLE0003 BLENDER, Wand Grey Yellow $7.50CAK0057 CAKE TIN, 1950's Orange Anodised $5
CAK0058 CAKE TIN, Assorted $3.75CAK0014 CAKE, Assorted Baking Props $3.75CHO0001 CHOPPING BOARD, Dark Woodgrain w Stains $7.50CHO0002 CHOPPING BOARD, Medium $6.25
CHO0003 CHOPPING BOARD, Red Plastic $3.75CHO0004 CHOPPING BOARD, Vintage Style - Small $6.25CHO0005 CHOPPING BOARD, Vintage Style - Round $7.50CHO0006 CHOPPING BOARD, Vintage Style w Coloured Edge - Small $7.50
CHO0007 CHOPPING BOARD, White Plastic $3.75CHO0008 CHOPPING BOARD, Wooden Hexagonal - Small $6.25COL0030 COLANDER, Stainless Steel $3.75COL0031 COLANDER, Aluminium $3.75
COL0035 COLANDER, Assorted Plastic $3COL0032 COLANDER, Blue Stainless Steel $5COL0033 COLANDER - Copper $5COL0034 COLANDER, Ex Small Stainless Steel $3.75
COLANDER, Green Plastic AssortedCOL0036 COLANDER, Light Blue $5COO0002 COOKWARE, Crock Pot - Orange $15COO0001 COOKWARE, Pan w Lid - Stainless Steel (Small) $6.25
FOO0104 FOOD COVER, Vintage Mesh - Large $10FOO0105 FOOD COVER, Vintage Mesh - Small $7.50FOO0106 FOOD COVER, White Mesh $7.50HAN0020 HANGING HANGING POT RACK, Black Iron $22.50
JUG0034 JUG, Blue Enamel $7.50JUG0035 JUG, Blue White Striped Metal $6.25JUG0036 JUG, Glass Square Ribbed $7.50JUG0028 JUG, Red Enamel $7.50
JUG0038 JUG, Vintage Cream Enamel $11.25JUG0039 JUG, Vintage White Enamel - Ex Small $6.25JUI0001 JUICER, Contemp Metal Orange Press $12.50JUI0002 JUICER, Metal Orange Press $12.50
MEA0016 MEASURING CUP, 1950's Cream 'Crooks Measure' $12.50MIX0003 MIXER, Hand Held Beater - Pink 1950's GE $18.75MIX0001 MIXER, Hand Held Beater - White $15MIX0002 MIXER, Vintage Sunbeam $22.50
MIX0020 MIXING BOWL, Glass - Green Diamonds $3.75MIX0021 MIXING BOWL, Glass Set of 3 - Red Apples $11.25POT0150 POTS n PANS and Teapot, Vintage Pale Blue Enamel $10POT0151 POTS n PANS, Vintage Green Enamel $7.50
POT0152 POTS n PANS, Vintage Cream Green Enamel $10POT0153 POT n PANS, Vintage Green Enamel - Double SteamerPOT0154 POTS n PANS, Vintage Green Enamel - Large $12.50POT0155 POTS n PANS, Yellow Mustard Fondue Set 1970's $18.75
POT0051 POTTY BOWL, Vintage White Enamel  $7.5SCA0053 SCALES, Blue w Chrome Dish $15SCA0054 SCALES, Brown Plastic 'Susan' $8.75SCA0055 SCALES, Cream Green 1950's 'Persinware' $12.50
SCA0056 SCALES, Orange Black Plastic 'Salter' $8.75SCA0057 SCALES, Orange White Plastic 'Soehnle' $8.75SCA0058 SCALES, Peach Plastic $8.75SCA0059 SCALES, Red Plastic 'Soehnle' - Mini $6.25
SER0001 SERVING DISH, Glass Pyrex Style w Lid - White Floral $7.50SER0002 SERVING DISH, Yellow White Sunflower w Lid $7.50SIE0058 SIEVE, Flour Sifter 1970's Floral $7.50SIE0059 SIEVE, Flour Sifter Anodised Gold or Red $7.50
SIE0060 SIEVE, Flour Sifter Vintage Metal $7.50SOU0001 SOUP TUREEN, Orange Enamel $12.50TOA0020 TOASTER, 1950's Flip Down $12.50TOA0021 TOASTER, 1970's Orange $12.50
TOA0022 TOASTER, 1970's Sunbeam - Biege $12.50TOA0023 TOASTER, 1970's Sunbeam - Mustard $12.50TOA0024 TOASTER, 1970's Sunbeam - Orange $12.50TOA0025 TOASTER, Chrome Black $10
TOA0026 TOASTER, Mint Green $10TOA0027 TOASTER, Stainless Steel 4 Slice $12.50TOA0028 TOASTER, White Pink Stripe Toshiba $10TRA0092 TRAY, Ice Assorted $5
TRA0093 TRAY, Oven or Baking $3.75UTE0021 UTENSIL, Rolling Pin - Glass $11.25UTE0022 UTENSIL, Rolling Pin - Wooden Assorted $8.75UTE0023 UTENSIL, Rolling Pin - Wooden Large $13.75
UTE0024 UTENSIL, Table Mounted Mincer $8.75UTE0025 UTENSIL, Vintage Beater w Coloured Handle $10UTE0018 UTENSILS, Asian Style Strainers - Large $6.25UTE0019 UTENSILS, Assorted Retro $3.75
UTE0020 UTENSILS, Wooden Spoon $2.50WIR0020 WIRE RACK, Cake Rack $3.75WIR0021 WIRE RACK, Oven or Cake Rack Assorted $3.75WOK0001 WOK, Assorted $6.25

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.