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BAS0134 BASKET, 1950's Plastic Woven Serving Bowl $5BOT0076 BOTTLE, Stoneware Jar - Small $6.25BOT0077 BOTTLE, Pottery or Stoneware Jar - Small Assorted $3.75BOW0204 BOWL, 1950's Brown Stripe Leaf $3.75
1950's Coloured Pyrex CollectionBOW0205 BOWL, 1950's Coloured Pyrex Ramekin $2.50BOW0206 BOWL, 1950's Coloured Pyrex w Handle $3BOW0207 BOWL, 1950's Coloured Pyrex $3
BOW0208 BOWL, 1950's Kidney Shape $3.75BOW0209 BOWL, 1950's Multicolour Ceramic Ramekin w Handle $3BOW0210 BOWL, 1950's Pineapple $3.75BOW0211 BOWL, 1950's Serving Dish - Yellow Leaf $6.25
BOW0212 BOWL, 1960's Peach Lustre $3BOW0213 BOWL, 1960's Ramekin - Milk Glass w Corn Cob $2.50BOW0214 BOWL, Blue Salad $3.75BOW0215 BOWL, Handpainted Black and White Bowl $3
BOW0216 BOWL, Handpainted Stripe Pasta or Serving Bowl $3BOW0217 BOWL, Handpainted Tuscan Pasta or Serving Bowl $3BOW0218 BOWL, Handpainted Yellow w Apple Fruit Bowl $6.25BOW0219 BOWL, Tuscan Style Assorted $2.50
BOW0220 BOWL, Vintage Leaf Serving Dish $6.25BOW0221 BOWL, Vintage Serving Dish - Cabbage Leaf w Cherries $7.50BOW0222 BOWL, Vintage Serving Dish - Green Cabbage Leaf $12.50BOW0223 BOWL, Vintage Serving Dish - Green Cherries $10
BOW0224 BOWL, Vintage Serving Dish - Green Glass Deco $6.25BOW0225 BOWL, Vintage Serving Dish - Yellow Apples $10BOW0195 BOWL, Brown Glazed Pattern w Handles $2.50BOW0196 BOWL, Large Blue Painted Striped $7.50
BOW0197 BOWL, Large Blue $6.25BOW0198 BOWL, Large Brown Resin $7.50BOW0199 BOWL, Large Chrome Wire $5BOW0200 BOWL, Large Red Wooden $7.50
BOW0201 BOWL, Large Square Beige $7.50CAK0031 CAKE STAND, Red Stripe 2 Tier $6.25CAK0032 CAKE STAND, Vintage Plate Stand w Fruit $6.25CHE0057 CHEESE LID, Stoneware Farm House $11.25
Glazed Brown Stoneware CollectionStoneware CollectionCUT0007 CUTLERY, Vintage Assorted $1.50DIN0001, DINNERWARE, 1950's - Mint Green $3
DIN0002 DINNERWARE, 1950's Bowl or Plate - Texture Design $3DIN0003 DINNERWARE, 1950's Cup and Saucer - Yellow Green Brown Orange $3.75DIN0004 DINNERWARE, 1950's Dinner Set Blue Grey $3DIN0005 DINNERWARE, 1950's Green $3
DIN0006 DINNERWARE, 1950's Miscellaneous Crockery $3DIN0007 DINNERWARE, 1950's Plate or Bowl - Splatter Design $3DIN0008 DINNERWARE, 1950'S Set Grey Blue Vintage Dalton $3.75DIN0009 DINNERWARE, 1960's Orange Red Paisley $3.75
DIN0010 DINNERWARE, 1960's Crockery Assorted $3DIN0011 DINNERWARE, 1960's Cup and Saucer w Milk Jug - Blue Strip Stoneware $3.75DIN0012 DINNERWARE, 1960's Set - Brown Pink Daisy Stoneware $3DIN0013 DINNERWARE, 1960's Set - Orange Stripe Stoneware $3 & TEA POT $10
DIN0014 DINNERWARE, 1970's Mustard Stripe $3DIN0015 DINNERWARE, 1970's Cup and Saucer Set -  Mustard Brown Stoneware $3DIN0016 DINNERWARE, 1970's Cup and Saucer Set - Mustard $3DIN0017 DINNERWARE, 1970's Lime Green Stripe $2.50
DIN0018 DINNERWARE, 1970's Mug or Cup Set - Orange $3DIN0019 DINNERWARE, 1970's Brown Pattern Set and TEA POT $10DIN0020 DINNERWARE, 1970's Set Brown White Scandi $3DIN0021 DINNERWARE, 1970's Stoneware Part Sets Assorted $3
DIN0022 DINNERWARE, Blue White Stripe Assorted $2.50BOW0008 BOWL, Blue Daisy $2.50DIN0023 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Beige Crockery Assorted $2.50DIN0024 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Black or Grey Assorted $2.50
DIN0025 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Blue (Cornflour) Assorted $2.50DIN0026 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Blue (Turquoise) White Stripe Assorted $2.50DIN0027 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Blue Assorted $2.50DIN0028 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Cream Serving Plate or Salt & Pepper $3.75
DIN0029 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Lime Green Serving Bowl or Platter $2.50DIN0030 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Off White Stoneware $2.50DIN0031 DINNERWARE, Contemporary White Assorted $2.50DIN0032 DINNERWARE, Contemporary White Cream Bowl or Plate $0.25
DIN0033 DINNERWARE, Contemporary Yellow Crockery Assorted $2.50DIN0034 DINNERWARE, Glass - Amber $2.50DIN0035 DINNERWARE, Glass - Smoke $2.50DIN0036 DINNERWARE, Handpainted Assorted $2.50
PAR0001 PARFAIT BOWL, Pale Green Sundae Dish $2.50PLA0164 PLATE, 1960's Blue White Floral $3PLA0165 PLATE, 1960's Square Glazed Brown Aqua $3PLA0166 PLATTER, 1960's Brown Stoneware $5
DIN0037 DINNERWARE, Vintage - Blue White Victorian $5DIN0038 DINNERWARE, Vintage - Brown Orange Floral $5DIN0039 DINNERWARE, Vintage - Floral Bowl or Serving Dish $5DIN0040 DINNERWARE, Vintage Assorted - Yellow $3
DIN0041 DINNERWARE, Vintage Blue and White Willow $5DIN0042 DINNERWARE, Vintage Cream and Off White $3DIN0043 DINNERWARE, Vintage Cream Farmhouse $3DIN0044 DINNERWARE, Vintage Cup and Saucer Set - Williamstown Baptist Church $3.75
DIN0045 DINNERWARE, Vintage Floral - Pink Grey Roses $3DIN0046 DINNERWARE Vintage Floral Bowl Assorted $3.75DIN0047 DINNERWARE, Vintage Green White Assorted $5DIN0048 DINNERWARE, Vintage Green $5
DIN0049 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Autumn Trees $5DIN0050 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Blue White Orient Express Replica $5DIN0051 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Cream Green Stripe $5DIN0052 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Cream Red Gold Regency Stripe $5
TEA0031 TEA SET, Floral Bone China (TEA POT)TEA0031 TEA SET, Floral Bone China (3 Piece) $15DIN0053 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Floral Bone China $3.75DIN0054 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Pale Blue $3.75
DIN0055 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Pink Regency Jug $7.50DIN0056 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Pink Regency Serving Dish $10DIN0057 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Pink Regency $5DIN0058 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Sepia Brown Victorian Landscape $5
DIN0059 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Orange Yellow Flower & Tree Platter $12.50DIN0060 DINNERWARE, Vintage Part Set - Orange Yellow Flower & Tree $5DIN0061 DINNERWARE, Vintage Plate or Platter Square - Pink Blossom $6.25DIN0062 DINNERWARE, White Vintage Assorted $3
DIN0063 DINNERWARE, White w Gold Rim $2BOW0044 BOWL, Fruit Bowl - 1950's Red Cream Plastic Basket $6.25CAR0109, CARAFE SET, Retro Oranges w Tumbler Glass $6.25GLA0080 GLASSWARE, Cocktail - Green Martini $2.50
JUG0053 JUG, Retro Orange Circles $6.25SUG0014 SUGAR BOWL, Blue Glass $5GLA0081 GLASSWARE, Tumbler - Orange Spiral $2.50JUG0054 JUG or BOWL, Contemporary Brown Mocha $3.75
JUG0055 JUG, 1950's Grey Pastel $7.50JUG0056 JUG, 1950's Handpainted Apples $7.50JUG0057 JUG, Handpainted Chicken $10JUG0058 JUG, Off White Farmhouse Style $10
JUG0059 JUG, Tall White Provincial Style $10JUG0060 JUG, Vintage Green Stripe (ex small) $6.25JUG0061 JUG, Vintage Yellow Farmhouse $7.50JUG0049 JUG, Glazed Pottery Olive Oil (Tapas) $6.25
JUG0050 JUG, Stoneware Assorted - Small $5JUG0051 JUG, Stoneware or Pottery - Large $10MUG0009 MUG or CUP, Set Green Handpainted Bakelite $3MUG0010 MUG or TUMBLER, White Ceramic Large $2
MUG0011 MUG, 1960's Yellow Olive $2MUG0012 MUG, Stoneware and Pottery Assorted $1.25MUG0013 MUG, Vintage Blue White Stripe (ex small) $5PLA0167 PLATE, 1950's Green Serving Dish $6.25
PLA0168 PLATE, 1950's Green w White Flower $3.75PLA0169 PLATE, 1950's Melamine w BBQ Cart $3.75PLA0170 PLATE, Blue Daisy Print $5PLA0171 PLATE, Blue w Roses $5
PLA0172 PLATE, Blue White Botanical Print $5PLA0173 PLATE, Floral Basket Transfer $5PLA0174 PLATE, Pink Floral Platter $5PLA0175 PLATE, Pink White w Gold Rim $5
PLA0176 PLATE, Red Gold Rim $5PLA0177 PLATE, Vintage Blue Assorted $5PLA0178 PLATE, Vintage Deco Assorted $5PLA0179 PLATE, Vintage Floral Plate $5
PLA0180 PLATE, Vintage Floral Relief Handpainted $10PLA0181 PLATE, Vintage Floral Side Plate $4PLA0182 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge - Blue White Floral $7.50PLA0183 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge - Floral Bouquet Gold Rim $7.50
PLA0184 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge - Green Floral Rose $7.50PLA0185 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge - Poppy $7.50PLA0186 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge - Scallop Shell w Roses $7.50PLA0187 PLATE, Vintage Lace Edge or Decorative - Floral w Gold Rim (small) $5
PLA0188 PLATE, Vintage Square Sandwich Plate - Cottage Garden $7.50PLA0189 PLATE, Vintage Square Sandwich Plate - Orange Hollyhock $7.50PLA0190 PLATE, Vintage Square Sandwich Plate - Pink $7.50PLA0191 PLATE, 1950's Rectangular - Roses and Gold Rim $3.75
PLA0192 PLATE, Vintage Serving Plate - Cottage Garden $10PLA0193 PLATTER, Vintage Serving Plate - Floral w Orange Band $12.50PLA0194 PLATTER, 1950's White Melamine Tray w Red Roses $3.75PLA0098 PLATTER, Green White Painterly $6.25
PLA0099 PLATTER, Hand Painted Square Blue Fish $6.25PLA0160 PLATTER, Hand Painted Yellow w Grapes $6.25PLA0161 PLATTER, Hand Painted Square Yellow Stripe $5PLA0162 PLATTER, Ochre Yellow $6.25
PLA0195 PLATTER, Vintage Serving Plate - Green Floral Lattice $12.50PLA0196 PLATTER, White $6.25PLA0163 PLATTER, Yellow $6.25CON0047 CONDIMENT MISC, Butter Dish - Blue White Bessemer $6.25
CON0048 CONDIMENT MISC, Chianti Style Green Bottle Set (ex small) $6.25CON0049 CONDIMENT MISC, Piggy Toothpick Holder $5CON0050 CONDIMENT MISC, Sultan Man Toothpick Holder $5TOA0029 TOAST RACK, 1950's Blue Bessemer $7.50
CON0051 CONDIMENT POT, 1950's Yellow Fruit w Spoon $6.25CON0052 CONDIMENT POT, Handmade Pottery Peach Yellow w Lid $3.75CON0053 CONDIMENT POT, Leaf Bowl w Lid $3CON0054 CONDIMENT POT, Yellow Ceramic w Lid $3
CON0055 CONDIMENT SET, 1950's Brown Blue Jugs in Basket $6.25CON0056 CONDIMENT SET, 1950's Red Bessemer in Cream Basket $6.25CON0057 CONDIMENT SET, 1960's Brown White Floral Jug, Salt & Pepper $7.50CON0058 CONDIMENT SET, 1970's Teak and Stainless Steel $6.25
CON0059 CONDIMENT SET, Tapas Style Glazed Jug and Stand $6.25EGG0006 EGG CUP, Retro Plastic or Melamine $3.75EGG0007 EGG CUP, China Assorted $2.50HOS0100 HOSTESS SET, 1970's Brown Glazed Servers, Egg Cup, Salt & Pepper $12.50
PEP0003 PEPPER GRINDER, 'Pepper' w Metal Handle $3.75SAL0106 SALT & PEPPER GRINDER, Wood Medium $6.25SAL0114 SALT & PEPPER GRINDER, Contemp Black White Pair $5SAL0107 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, 1950's Green Chianti Bottle Pair $6.25
SAL0108 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, 1950's Rope Donkey $6.25SAL0104 SALT & PEPPER SHALER, 1950's Yellow Brown Pair $6.25SAL0109 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, 1950's Yellow Set and Stand $6.25SAL0110 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, 1960's Cream Mustard Tupperware Set $6.25
SAL0111 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Miscellaneous Assorted $3.75SAL0112 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Novelty Assorted Pair $3.75SAL0113 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Wood Pair Small $5Tapas Bowl Collection
TAP0020 TAPAS BOWL, Glazed Brown - Small Condiment $1.25TAP0021 TAPAS BOWL, Glazed Brown Dish $3.75TAP0022 TAPAS BOWL, Glazed Brown $2.50

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