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CUS0003 CUSHION, Blue & White Stripe 30cm $10CUS0004 CUSHION, Neon Multi Stripe 50cm $10CUS0011 CUSHION, Asian - Round Embroidered Dark Green Silk $11.25CUS0012 CUSHION, Asian - Silver & Black Geometric Design w Chinese Motif $10
CUS0013 CUSHION, Asian - Gold & Cream Silk w Chinese Motif $10CUS0015 CUSHION, Asian - Red and Gold w Tassle $10CUS0016 CUSHION, Asian - Seat Pad w Assorted Chinese Designs $10CUS0017 CUSHION, Asian - Maroon Silk w Button $10
CUS0018 CUSHION, Asian - Green and Gold $10CUS0019 CUSHION, Indian - Navy and Gold 40cm $10CUS0020 CUSHION, Indian Sari - Yellow 40cm $10CUS0021 CUSHION, Indian - Rust Brown w Embroidered Elephant 40cm $10
CUS0022 CUSHION, Indian - Aqua Blue 40cm $10CUS0023 CUSHION, Indian Sari - Green 40cm $10CUS0024 CUSHION, Blue Velvet 35cm x 50cm  $7.50CUS0025 CUSHION, Teal Blue Velvet Feel 40cm (1 is embroidered on one side) $10
CUS0026 CUSHION, Aqua Blue Satin 45cm $10CUS0027 CUSHION, Blue Flat Pillow 45cm $5CUS0028 CUSHION, Light Blue Fabric 40cm $10CUS0030 CUSHION, Light Blue Satin w Embroidered Feathers 40cm $10
CUS0031 CUSHION, Blue Linen 40cm $7.50CUS0032 CUSHION, Dark Green w Green Foliage 45cm $10CUS0034 CUSHION, Bright Green, Purple & Blue 45cm x 55cm $10CUS0035 CUSHION, Floral Green, Purple & Blue 40cm $10
CUS0036 CUSHION,  Blue Orange and Brown 55cm $10CUS0037 CUSHION, Lime Green w Yellow Stars $10CUS0038 CUSHION, Khaki Green w Mustard Circles 50cm $12.50CUS0039 CUSHION, Quilted Green & Red Floral w Green Frill 35cm  $8.75
CUS0040 CUSHION, Green and Red Floral 40cm $10CUS0041 CUSHION, Lime Green Silk Pleated 50cm $10CUS0043 CUSHION, Small Green & Blue Shot Silk 35cm $7.50CUS0044 CUSHION, Small Green Silk w Button 35cm $7.50
CUS0045 CUSHION, Small Green Shot Silk 35cm $7.50CUS0046 CUSHION, Green Silk Seat Pad Round 40cm $10CUS0047 CUSHION, Green & Khaki Velvet Stripe 40cm $10CUS0048 CUSHION, Green Khaki Velvet & Red Christmas Tree w Tassles 40cm $10
CUS0049 CUSHION, Green and Lime Stripe 50cm (Mexican) $10CUS0050 CUSHION, Green Cotton 50cm (Mexican) $10CUS0051 CUSHION, Green & Red 1950's Embroidery 50cm $10CUS0055 CUSHION, Brown & Blue Rectangular 30cm x 60cm $10
CUS0056 CUSHION, Brown Linen Country Road 50cm $15CUS0057 CUSHION, Brown Silk Seat Pad Round 40cm $10CUS0058 CUSHION, Brown Pink Green Floral 50cm $12.50CUS0074 CUSHION, 1970's Brown Patchwork $10
CUS0075 CUSHION, 1970's Brown Shagpile $10CUS0076 CUSHION, 1970's Brown w Fringe $10CUS0078 CUSHION, 1970's Green Shagpile $10CUS0079 CUSHION, 1970's Yellow Mustard Knit w Fringe $10
CUS0080 CUSHION, Animal Print - Black & White Cow Hide $10CUS0081 CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 1 $10CUS0082 CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 2 $10CUS0083 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 1 $10
CUS0084 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 2 $10CUS0085 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Leopard $10CUS0086 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Picture $10CUS0087 CUSHION, Aztec Orange $10
CUS0088 CUSHION, Aztec Mustard $10CUS0089 CUSHION, Aztec Red $10CUS0090 CUSHION, Black Australian Industry Icons $10CUS0091 CUSHION, Black Australian Natives $10
CUS0092 CUSHION, Black Gold Cherub $10CUS0093 CUSHION, Black Gold Stripe $10CUS0237 CUSHION, Black Round 40cm $10CUS0094 CUSHION, Black Sequin Floral $10
CUS0095 CUSHION, Black Sequin Tiger Stripe $10CUS0096 CUSHION, Black Silk w Embroidered Floral $10CUS0097 CUSHION, Black Silver Contemp - Geometric Trellis $10CUS0098 CUSHION, Black Silver Geometric $10
CUS0238 CUSHION, Black w Pleat and Pom Pom Detail $10CUS0099 CUSHION, Black White Stripe $10CUS0231 CUSHION, Blue & White Chevron 45cm $12.50CUS0232 CUSHION, Blue & White Stripe 45cm $12.50
CUS0100 CUSHION, Blue Velvet w Gold Corner Tassle $10CUS0054 CUSHION, Blue and White Stripe - European Pillow $11.25CUS0121 CUSHION, Crochet - 1970's Brown  $10CUS0123 CUSHION, Crochet - Blue Pillow $10
CUS0124 CUSHION, Crochet - Blue $10CUS0125 CUSHION, Crochet - Green Pink w Frill $10CUS0126 CUSHION, Crochet - Light Pink Round $10CUS0127 CUSHION, Crochet - Pink Round $10
CUS0128 CUSHION, Crochet - Pink $10CUS0129 CUSHION, Crochet - Purple $10CUS0130 CUSHION, Crochet -1970's Multicolour Squares $10CUS0131 CUSHION, Cross Stitch - Yellow Rose $10
CUS0132 CUSHION, Cross Stitch Cow (Ex Small) $6.25CUS0133 CUSHION, Cross Stitch Panel In Pink Velvet (Ex Small) $6.25CUS0134 CUSHION, Faux Fur Brown $10CUS0135 CUSHION, Faux Fur Grey $10
CUS0243 CUSHION, Gold Fringed $10CUS0073 CUSHION, Gold Regency Stripe $10CUS0136 CUSHION, Green Pintuck $15
CUS0137 CUSHION, Grey Red Dandelion $10CUS0138 CUSHION, Grey Seat Pad $10CUS0139 CUSHION, Grey Self Pattern $10CUS0140 CUSHION, Grey Silk Ruched $10
CUS0240 CUSHION, Grey Silver Velour Round 40cm w Diamante $10CUS0141 CUSHION, Indian - Cream $10CUS0142 CUSHION, Indian - Green & Blue $10CUS0143 CUSHION, Indian - Purple Velvet $10
CUS0144 CUSHION, Indian - Purple 1 $10CUS0145 CUSHION, Indian - Purple 2 $10CUS0146 CUSHION, Indian - Rust Brown 50cm $10CUS0147 CUSHION, Indian - Yellow Silver 1 $10
CUS0148 CUSHION, Indian - Yellow Silver 2 $10CUS0149 CUSHION, Indian - Yellow $10Collection of Indian and Oriental Cushions - Event StylingCUS0150 CUSHION, Indian Patchwork - Blue Yellow $10
CUS0151 CUSHION, Indian Patchwork - Blue $10CUS0152 CUSHION, Indian Patchwork - Orange $10CUS0153 CUSHION, Indian Patchwork $10
CUS0154 CUSHION, Neutral - Beige Raw Silk $10CUS0233 CUSHION, Neutral Blue Floral $10CUS0234 CUSHION, Neutral Blue Grey Birds $10CUS0235 CUSHION, Neutral Blue Leaves $10
CUS0236 CUSHION, Neutral Green Leaves $10CUS0155 CUSHION, Neutral - Light Beige Faux Suede $10CUS0242 CUSHION, Neutral - Light Gold Woven Metallic $10CUS0156 CUSHION, Neutral - Light Tan Linen Blend w Buttons $10
CUS0157 CUSHION, Neutral - Light Tan $10Collection of Neutral Silk CushionsCUS0158 CUSHION, Off White Satin Pintuck $10CUS0159 CUSHION, Off White Silk $10
CUS0160 CUSHION, Off White w Black Circular Stitch Design $10CUS0161 CUSHION, Off White w Embroidered Flowers & Sequins $10CUS0162 CUSHION, Off White w Green Stitch Design $10CUS0163 CUSHION, Off White w Raw Edge Leaf Detail $10
CUS0164 CUSHION, Orange Cotton 50cm $10CUS0165 CUSHION, Orange Linen Blend $10Collection of Orange and Pink Mexican Cushions - Event StylingCUS0166 CUSHION, Orange Pintuck - Round $15
CUS0241 CUSHION, Pale Pink Round 30cm w Black Ribbon Detail $10CUS0167 CUSHION, Peach Pintuck $15CUS0169 CUSHION, Pink Fringing $10CUS0170 CUSHION, Pink Green Pattern $10
Collection of Pink, Lilac and Blue CushionsCUS0171 CUSHION, Pink Pintuck $15CUS0168 CUSHION, Pink US Navy Sister - Extra Small $10CUS0172 CUSHION, Pink Velvet (Dusty Pink) $10
CUS0173 CUSHION, Pink Velvet 30cm (Dusty Pink) $7.50CUS0174 CUSHION, Pink Velvet w Gold Fringing $10CUS0175 CUSHION, Pink $10CUS0176 CUSHION, Purple Embroidered Pillow $10
CUS0177 CUSHION, Purple Faux Suede $10CUS0178 CUSHION, Purple Lame $10CUS0179 CUSHION, Purple Silk (Magenta) $10CUS0180 CUSHION, Purple w Tassle Detail $10
CUS0181 CUSHION, Red (Dark Red w Spot) $10CUS0182 CUSHION, Red (Dark Red) Velvet $10Collection of Arabian Cushions - Event StylingCUS0183 CUSHION, Red Black Damask Pattern $10
CUS0184 CUSHION, Red Damask w Fringe $10CUS0185 CUSHION, Red Gold Brocade w Flange Edge $15CUS0186 CUSHION, Red Gold Brocade $20CUS0187 CUSHION, Red Gold Diamond Pattern w Fringing $20
CUS0188 CUSHION, Red Gold Diamond Pattern $20CUS0189 CUSHION, Red Orange Gold Pixel Pattern $10CUS0190 CUSHION, Red Sequin Stripe $10CUS0191 CUSHION, Red Tropical Print $10
CUS0192 CUSHION, Red Velvet w Button $10CUS0193 CUSHION, Red Velvet w Piping 30cm $10CUS0194 CUSHION, Red w Damask Motif $10CUS0195 CUSHION, Rust Brown Corduroy $10
CUS0196 CUSHION, Rust Brown Velvet 4 Button $10CUS0197 CUSHION, Rust Brown Velvet Button $10CUS0198 CUSHION, Rust Ochre Farmhouse Check w Fringe $10
CUS0199 CUSHION, San Antonio Souvenier $10CUS0200 CUSHION, Stripe - Blue & Green 40cm $10CUS0232 CUSHION, Blue & White Stripe 45cm $12.50CUS0231 CUSHION, Blue & White Chevron 45cm $12.50
CUS0120 CUSHION, Blue Yellow Stripe $10CUS0201 CUSHION, Stripe - Orange Yellow Red & Green 40cm $10CUS0202 CUSHION, Stripe - Pink & Green 40cm $10
CUS0203 CUSHION, Stripe - Pink Mustard Yellow $10CUS0204 CUSHION, Stripe - Purple Blue White & Green $10CUS0205 CUSHION, Stripe - Pastel $10CUS0206 CUSHION, Tapestry - Blue Gold Fleur De Lys w Border $10
CUS0207 CUSHION, Tapestry - Orange Brown 1970's $10CUS0209 CUSHION, Tapestry - Floral Motif $10CUS0210 CUSHION, Tapestry - Grapes (Ex Small) $6.25CUS0208 CUSHION, Tapestry - Floral H $10
CUS0211 CUSHION, Tapestry - Purple Floral $10CUS0212 CUSHION, Tapestry - Vegetable Trellis Design $10CUS0213 CUSHION, Tapestry - Vintage Floral w Fringe $10CUS0214 CUSHION, Tapestry - Vintage Floral $10
CUS0215 CUSHION, Tapestry - Vintage Labels $10CUS0216 CUSHION, Tartan - Black & White $15CUS0217 CUSHION, Tartan - Red Black & White w Fringe $15CUS0218 CUSHION, Tartan - Red Black Cream Pillow $15
CUS0219 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - Black Tapestry In Brown Velvet Pintuck $15CUS0220 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - Dusty Pink & Rust Velvet $15CUS0221 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - Pink & Green Silk w Blossom Tree $15CUS0222 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - Pink & Yellow Velvet $15
CUS0223 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - Rust Red (Ex Small) $10CUS0224 CUSHION, Victorian Floral - w Pink Fringe $15CUS0225 CUSHION, Victorian - Dark Green Velvet Pillow w Fringe $15CUS0226 CUSHION, White w Frill (Small) $6.25
CUS0227 CUSHION, Yellow Damask (Small) $6.25CUS0228 CUSHION, Yellow Self Stripe $10CUS0229 CUSHION, Yellow Velvet (Mustard) $10CUS0230 CUSHION, Yellow Velvet w Ruffle $10
CUS0033 CUSHION, Yellow White w Pom Poms $12.5CUS0072 CUSHION, Rust Brown Silk $10CUS0059 CUSHION, Brown Embroidered Floral w Fringe $10CUS0060 CUSHION, Brown Faux Croc Skin $10
CUS0061 CUSHION, Brown Faux Suede $10CUS0062 CUSHION, Brown Floral Damask $10CUS0063 CUSHION, Brown Olive Stripe $10CUS0065 CUSHION, Brown Quilted Chair Pad $6.25
CUS0244 CUSHION, Ruffled Brown Velvet $10CUS0066 CUSHION, Brown Silk Stripe w Pleats $10CUS0067 CUSHION, Brown Textured Slub $10
CUS0068 CUSHION, Brown Velvet $7.50CUS0069 CUSHION, Brown w Embroidered Flowers $10CUS0070 CUSHION, Brown w Embroidered Circles $10CUS0071 CUSHION, Brown $10
Assorted Cushions

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.