DINNERWARE - Silver and Crystal Tableware

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Dacanters and Soda SyphonsSilverware Collection 1Silverware Collection 2Silverware Collection 3
CON0041 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, Crystal Glass Assorted $6.25CON0042 CONDIMENT BOTTLE, Crystal $7.50CON0043 CONDIMENT DISH, Silver Basket w Glass Dish Inset $6.25CON0044 CONDIMENT SET, Crystal and Silver Set 4 in Carry Tray $12.50
CUT0013 CUTLERY, Silver Place Setting (4 Piece) $10CUT0014 CUTLERY, Silver Place Setting (Per Piece) $2.50CUT0015 CUTLERY, Serving Set - Cut Glass Fork & Spoon $7.50GLA0072 GLASSWARE, Beer Glass - Tall Basic $2.50
FLA0073, GLASSWARE, Champagne Flute - Crystal Diamond Pattern $3.75GLA0074 GLASSWARE, Champagne Flute - Crystal w Twist Stem $3.75GLA0075 GLASSWARE, Port Glass Crystal $3.75GLA0076 GLASSWARE, Tumbler - Crystal Swirl $3.75
GLA0077 GLASSWARE, Wine Glass - Basic Assorted $3.75GLA0078 GLASSWARE, Wine Glass - Crystal Tapered $3.75GLA0079 GLASSWARE, Wine Glass - Crystal w Ball Stem $3.75ICE0037 ICE BUCKET, Small Silver $7.50
ICE0006 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail (Style 2) ONE BROKEN HANDLE $20ICE0005 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail (Style 1) $20SAL0105 SALT & PEPPER SHAKER, Silver Deco Pair w Black Lid $7.50SER0014 SERVING DISH, Silver Deco w Lid $18.75
SER0015 SERVING DISH, Silver Oval Rectangular w Ribbed Edge $15SER0016 SERVING DISH, Silver Oval w Lid $15SER0017 SERVING DISH, Silver Oval w Single Handle $15SER0018 SERVING DISH, Silver Rectangular w Lid $15
SER0019 SERVING TRAY, Silver Double $6.25SER0023 SERVING TRAY, Small Silver $6.25SUG0013 SUGAR BOWL, Silver w Lid $7.50TEA0043 TEA POT, Silver Deco Squat $10
TEA0044 TEA POT, Silver Deco w Black Handle $10TEA0045 TEA POT, Silver Mid Height $10TEA0046 TEA POT, Silver Tall $10TRA0077 TRAY, Deco Style - Silver Chrome Rectangular $12.50
TRA0156 TRAY, Deco Style - Silver w Rounded Corners $12.50TRA0157 TRAY, Silver Round w Decorative Edge $10TRA0158 TRAY, Small Silver Oval w Decorative Scalloped Edge $6.25

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.