Fire, Fuel & Heating

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BEL0050 BELLOWS, Old Wooden Style (Broken) $13.75BRA0100 BRAZIER / FIRE PIT, Classic Garbage Bin Style $37.50BRU0008 BRUSH, Chimney Sweep Brush $11.25CHI0050 CHIMNEY, Squat - Styrene Replica Brick $75
CHI0051 CHIMNEY, Tall - Styrene Replica Brick $75COA0050 COAL SCOOP, Small Brass $12.50COA0051 COAL SKUTTLE, Brass Tall Style  $22.50COA0052 COAL SKUTTLE Brass w Porcelain Handle  $22.50
FIR0025 FIRE ALARM, Wall Mount Break Glass Emergency Button $15FIR0015 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Aged Red Cannister Only  $13.75FIR0016 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Galvanised Simplex $18.75FIR0017 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Red Simplex w Label $22.50
FIR0018 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Small Brass Simplex $6.25FIR0019 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Stainless Steel w Label $15FIR0020 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Stainless Steel  $15FIR0024 FIRE HOSE BOX, Red Box (Needs to Lean Against Wall) - 1.8m H x 64cm W x 40cm D $75
HYD0002 HYDRANT, Fire - USA Red Papier Mache 60cm H $50HYD0001 HYDRANT, Fire - USA Silver 90cm H (Realistic) $75FIR0012 FIRE SCREEN, 1930s Timber w Fabric Insert $37.50FIR0011 FIRE SCREEN, Brass Hearth 1.1m Wide $37.50
FIR0013 FIRE SCREEN, Brass Ship Design $30FIR0014 FIRE SCREEN, Scrolled Brass Folding $20FIR0026 FIRE TOOL SET, Brass & Black $15FIR0021 FIRE TOOL SET, Brass Set Small  $12.50
FIR0022 FIRE TOOL SET, Brass Set Tall  $15FIR0023 FIRE TOOL, Brass Assorted $5CAM0201 CAMP FIRE, Large Stacked Fire on Wheels 80cm D x 70cm H  $37.50CAM0200 CAMP FIRE, Small Stacked Fire  $22.50
FIR0010 FIREPLACE MANTLE, Stained timber w Oval Mirror $187.50CAN0306 CAN, Fuel Can - Aged Red Metal $11.25GLO0100 GLOVES, Heat Proof Pair $11.25HEA0200 HEATER, 1950s Beige $18.75
HEA0201 HEATER, 1950s Teal Vulcan Conway $18.75HEA0202 HEATER, 1960s Brass  $18.75HEA0206 HEATER, Pale Green Oil Heater  $22.50CAN0307 CAN, Jerry Can - 10L Green $10
CAN0308 CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Green $11.25CAN0309 CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Red $11.25CAN0310 CAN, Jerry Can - Red Petrol $18.75LOG0001 LOG, Timber (Real) $6.25
LOG0002 LOG, Fake Burnt Fireplace Log $7.50PIN0001 PINE CONE, Assorted $0.50RAD0101 RADIATOR, Brown Metal Vulcan Heater $22.50RAD0103 RADIATOR, Grey Narrow Electric Heater $18.75
RAD0104 RADIATOR, Oil Heater Cream Cast Iron 30cm W x 95cm H $37.50RAD0100 RADIATOR, Oil Heater Cream Vac Formed Replica 75cm H x 65cm W $50RAD0105 RADIATOR, Oil Heater Dark Green Metal 70cm W x 65cm H $37.50SIG0691 SIGN, Safety - Fire Extinguisher Sign CO2 $3.75
SIG0050 SIGN, Safety - Fire Extinguisher $5FIR0017 FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Red Simplex (Label)

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.