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Event Styling - Catch of the DayEvent Styling - CraypotsEvent Styling - Captain BaxterEvent Styling - Boardwalk Flooring with Nets & Baskets
Event Styling - Fishing PropsEvent Styling - Fishing VillageEvent Styling - Greek Fishing VillageEvent Styling - Vintage Reels & Baskets
BAS0021 BASKET, Fishing Kreel w Shoulder Strap $15BAS0022 BASKET, Fishing Kreel no Strap $15BAS0023 BASKET, Fishing Kreel w Vintage Strap $15BAS0024 BASKET, Fishing Kreel Rectangular $15
BAS0125 BASKET, Fishing Kreel Original Shape $15BOA0001 BOAT, Small Fibreglass Row Boat, 2.6m - Blue & White $125BOA0003 BOAT, Small Rustic Timber Row Boat $125BOA0002 BOAT, Small Timber Row Boat, 90cm x 2.1m - Blue Yellow Maroon $125
BOO0002 BOOTS, Gumboots Black Brown Trim $11.25BOO0003 BOOTS, Gumboots White $15STO0200 STOOL, Camp - Folding Green & White, Aluminium $8.75STO0202 STOOL, Camp - Folding (with Back) Green Mesh, Aluminium $12.50
STO0204 STOOL, Camp - Folding Dark Green, Aluminium $10STO0205 STOOL, Camp - Folding (with Back) Green & Black, Aluminium $8.75STO0211 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding, Green Red Yellow Vintage $12.50CRAYPOT, Classic Round Wicker Large (CRA0503) $30
CRA0501 CRAYPOT, Rectangular - USA Style $30MUG0002 MUG, Enamel - Assorted Mug or Cup $1.25ESK0101 ESKY, Pink with Label 1950s $15ESK0111 ESKY, Pale Blue w Broken Clasp $8.75
ESK0106 ESKY, Red & Black Tartan $15FIS0002 FISH, Nautical Décor - String Blue Wooden $10 or Singles ($2.50)FIS0003 FISH, Nautical Décor - String Wooden $10FIS0001 FISH FINDER, Electro Sonic $25
SEA0001 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Vac One Sided (Fish) $3.75SEA0002 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Flathead (Fish) $3.75SEA0003 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Assorted (Fish) $3.75SEA0005 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Fish on Rock $15
SEA0006 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster on Rock $15SEA0004 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Trout (Fish) $6.25Assorted Fisherman PropsAssorted Fishing Props
FIS0005 FISHING, Knives Assorted $5Fishing Props - Rods & Tackle BoxFIS0006 FISHING, Tackle Box Assorted Plastic $8.75FIS0007 FISHING, Tackle Box Green Metal $11.25 (Inside View)
FIS0007 FISHING, Tackle Box Green Metal $11.25 (Includes Tackle)FIS0008 FISHING, Tackle Assorted $1.25 Per PieceJAC0003 JACKET, Fishermans Yellow $15LIF0020 LIFE JACKET, RFD w Neck Cushion - Adult Ex Small Yellow $12.50
LIF0021 LIFE JACKET, RFD w Neck Cushion - Adult Ex Small $12.50LIF0022 LIFE JACKET, RFD - Adult Med-Large $12.50MAG0002 MAGAZINE, Fishing & Boating $2.50FIS0010 FISHING NET, Black Assorted Small Pieces $2.50
FIS0011 FISHING NET, Aqua - 2m x 10m $18.75FIS0012 FISHING NET, Aqua - 2m x 15m $30FIS0013 FISHING NET, Aqua Small - 1.5m x 2m $3.75FIS0014 FISHING NET, Brown - 2m x 3m $18.75
FIS0015 FISHING NET, Dark Blue - 2m x 7m $18.75FIS0016 FISHING NET, Natural, Blue & Pink - 3m x 25m $62.50FIS0017 FISHING NET, White - 3m x 3m $18.75FIS0018 FISHING NET, White - 1.5m x 2.5m $6.25
FIS0019 FISHING NET, White - 1.5m x 4m $12.50FIS0020 FISHING NET, Grey Green 50cm x 3m $12.50FIS0021 FISHING NET, White (w Holes) 1m x 5m $18.75NET0001 NET, (Fishing or Butterfly) Wooden Handle $10
NET0002 NET, (Fishing or Butterfly) Orange Handle $2.50NET0003 NET, (Fishing or Butterfly) Red Net $6.25NET0010 NET, (Fishing) Short Handle and Khaki Net $11.25NET0004 NET, (Fishing) Long Aluminium Handle $11.25
NET0011 NET, (Fishing) Long Wooden Handle and Green Net $15NET0005 NET, (Fishing) Short Blue Aluminium Handle $11.25NET0006 NET, Vintage (Fishing) Long Wooden Handle $18.75NET0007 NET, Vintage (Fishing) Short Bound Handle $15
NET0008 NET, Vintage (Fishing) Short Wooden Handle $15NET0009 NET, Vintage (Fishing) Wire w Long Handle $11.25OAR0001 OAR, White Aged Long Handle $18.75 (each)OAR0002 OAR, Dark Timber Long Handle $18.75 (each)
OAR, Paddle - Green (OAR0003), Orange (OAR0004) $8.75 eachOAR0005 OAR, Paddle - Rustic Timber $18.75OAR0006 OAR, Paddle - Plastic Blue Yellow $10 (each)REE0001 REEL, Fishing Hand Reel Assorted $3.75
REE0002 REEL, Fishing Rod Reel Assorted $6.25SEAFOOD, Artificial - Crab Medium (SEA0007) $3.75 & Small (SEA0008) $1.25SEA0009 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster/Crayfish Large $12.50Lobster/Crayfish Medium (SEA0010) $6.25 & Small (SEA0011) $3.75
SEA0012 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster/Crayfish Small Red $3.75SEA0013 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Octopus 30cm $7.50SEAFOOD Shellfish AssortedAssorted Seafood
TRA0005 TRAY, Rustic Sardines w Small Board $7.50CHA0524 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Khaki Webbing $15FIS0009 FISHING, Waders $20Rods & Tackle Box

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.