Garden, Shed & Tools

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Classic Shell Branded PropsGarbage Bin CollectionSet Design - Garage ShelvesSet Design - Shearing Shed
Event Design - Santa's WorkshopBOO0005 BOOTS, Gumboots Black Long $11.25BOO0006 BOOTS, Gumboots Black Short $11.25BOO0007 BOOTS, Gumboots Kids $5
BOX0002 BOX, Assorted Garage Oddments $10BRA0080 BRACKET, Cast Iron Cistern Bracket Painted Cream $5BUC0012 BUCKET, Galvanised Buckled $8.75BUC0013 BUCKET, Galvanised Painted Black $12.50
BUC0009 BUCKET, Galvanised Tapered $11.25BUC0014 BUCKET, Galvanised w Holes $11.25CAB0002 CABINET, Grey Metal Box w Shelves $18.75CHA0010 CHAIN, White Plastic $12.50
CLO0097 CLOCK, Wall Mount - Car Wheel $7.50CLO0098 CLOCK, Wall Mount - Circular Saw $7.50CLO1030 CLOTH, Aged Canvas w Blue Stripe $6.25CRA0032 CRATE, Shed Props and Jars $22.5
CRA0033 CRATE, Gardening Crate $12.50CRA0034 CRATE, Green Storage Box With Rope Handle $18.75FUE0001 FUEL NOZZLE $11.25FUE0002 FUEL TANK, Red Excelsior $12.50
GAR0101 GARBAGE BIN, Metal Bin w Lid $22.50GAR0103 GARBAGE BIN, Galvanised - Shop 58 $22.50GAR0102 GARBAGE BIN, Metal Trash Can - Narrow USA style w Lid $30GAR0200 GARDEN, Hose $7.50
GAR0201 GARDEN, 4L Plant Food Bottle $3.75GAR0202 GARDEN, Bamboo Edging $5GAR0203 GARDEN, Gloves Assorted Pair $2.50Garden Gnomes $6.25 - $11.25
GAR0208 GARDEN, Hanging Basket w Coconut Fibre $7.50GAR0209 GARDEN, Hanging Basket - Green Plastic 25cm $3.75GAR0210 GARDEN, Miscellaneous Irrigation Props $2.50GAR0211 GARDEN, Miscellaneous Gardening Props $1.25
GAR0212 GARDEN, Seed Packets $0.50GAR0213 GARDEN, Trug Painted Purple W Rope Handle $10GAR0214 GARDEN, Wooden Box $6.25TOO0055 TOOL, Gardening - 3 Prong Cultivator $3.75
TOO0056 TOOL, Gardening - Fork $3.75TOO0057 TOOL, Gardening - Multi Tool (Ironbark) $3.75TOO0058 TOOL, Gardening - Spade Fork Set $7.50TOO0059 TOOL, Gardening - Hand Spade $3.75
TOO0060 TOOL, Gardening - Loppers w Wooden Handle $8.75TOO0061 TOOL, Gardening - Loppers Rusted $6.25TOO0062 TOOL, Gardening - Mini Rake Orange $6.25TOO0063 TOOL, Gardening - Pruning Scissors $5
TOO0064 TOOL, Gardening - Secateur w Wood Handle $6.25TOO0065 TOOL, Gardening - Secateur Assorted $4.50TOO0066 TOOL, Gardening - Shears w Green Handle $5TOO0067 TOOL, Gardening - Weeding Fork w Long Handle $5
TOO0068 TOOL, Gardening - Weeding Tool w Green Handle $3.75GRE0016 GREENERY, Pot Of Colour Floral $10Assortment of Vintage ToolsTOO0069 TOOL, Hand Tool - Hand Saw $6.25
TOO0070 TOOL, Hand Tool - Spanner $1.25TOO0071 TOOL, Hand Tool - Floral Handle Assorted $2.50TOO0072 TOOL, Hand Tool - Old Snippers $3.75TOO0104 TOOL, Hand Tool - Ruler Brass 12 Inch $6.25
TOO0054 TOOL, Hand Tool - Rusted Wool Shear $7.50TOO0073 TOOL, Hand Tool - Screwdriver $1.25TOO0074 TOOL, Hand Tool - Small Hand Pick $7.50TOO0075 TOOL, Hand Tool - SPFX (Special Effects) Rubber Assorted $10
TOO0105 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage Chisel $6.25TOO0076 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage $6.25TOO0077 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage Handle Red $6.25TOO0106 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage Wooden Mallet $12.50
TOO0107 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage Wooden Plane $12.50TOO0108 TOOL, Hand Tool - Vintage Wooden $6.25TOO0078 TOOL, Jar Of Assorted Tools $6.25TOO0079 TOOL, Jar Of Nails And Screws $3.75
TOO0080 TOOL, Jar Of Rusted Bolts $3.75LAD0004 LADDER, Stepladder Tall 2.3m H $45MOW0001 MOWER, Metal Push Lawn Mower $22.50MOW0002 MOWER, Wooden Push Lawn Mower $22.50
LIG0111 LIGHT, Industrial Wall Mount w Glass Dome Cover $8.75LIG0112 LIGHT, Work Light - Orange Cage Light $8.75LIG0113 LIGHT, Work Light - Black $8.75Shell Collection
Oil Can and Mower Fuel CollectionCAN0311 CAN, Oil Can -  BP Zoom $10CAN0312 CAN, Oil Can -  Shell Motor Oil Bottle w Spout $22.50CAN0313 CAN, Oil Can - Ampol Motor Oil $10
CAN0314 CAN, Oil Can - Car Builders Store $10CAN0315 CAN, Oil Can - Green Kero Wakefield $10CAN0316 CAN, Oil Can - Handy Can $3.75CAN0317 CAN, Oil Can - Pennant Kerosene $13.75
CAN0318 CAN, Oil Can - Pennant Oil w Spout $18.75CAN0319 CAN, Oil Can - Round Castrol Green $6.25CAN0337 CAN, Oil Can - Rust Painted Red 63cm $12.5CAN0320 CAN, Oil Can - Rust Painted Shell Can $13.75
CAN0321 CAN, Oil Can - Shell Motor Oil $13.75CAN0322 CAN, Oil Can - Small Golden Fleece Home Lubricant $6.25CAN0323 CAN, Oil Can - Small Metal $3.75CAN0324 CAN, Oil Can - Small No Branding $6.25
CAN0325 CAN, Oil Can - Victa Mower Fuel $6.25CAN0326 CAN, Oil Can - Vintage Dark Green $7.50CAN0327 CAN, Oil Can - Vintage Light Green $7.50DRU0001 DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L Blue Ampol $13.75
DRU0002 DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L BP $13.75DRU0003 DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L Rusted Linseed Oil $18.75DRU0004 DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L Texaco Motor Oil $18.75DRU0005 DRUM, Oil Drum - Blue 40L $18.75
CAN0330 CAN LABEL, Paint Can - Generic $5CAN0336 CAN, Paint Can w Generic Label - Nu Enamel (Large) $7.50Paint Cans - Labelled Generic Small, Medium & Large $5 - $7.50CAN0334 CAN, Paint Can - Ex Small Pot $3.75
PAI0001 PAINT, Bucket - Green $3.75Drop Sheet Small (PAI0003) $6.25 & Large (PAI0002) $12.50CAN0335 CAN, Paint Can - No Branding $6.25PAI0004 PAINT, Paintbrush $2
PAI0005 PAINT, Painting Equipment $2PAI0006 PAINT, Respirator Mask $12.50PAI0007 PAINT, Tin w Paint Brushes $7.50PAI0008 PAINT, Wallpaper Brush $8.75
PAI0009 PAINT, Wallpaper Roll Assorted $6.25ART0020 ARTWORK, Framed Small - Black And White Tools $3.75TRO0105 TROLLEY, Planter  - Small $3.75PLA0011 PLANTER, 1950s Pink Anodised $15
PLA0012 PLANTER, Beige Window Box Style $8.75POT0111 POT, Ceramic Plant Pot Round - 1960s Olive Green German Style $8.75POT0112 POT, Ceramic Plant Pot Square - 1960s Olive Green German Style $8.75POT, Terracotta - Small & Medium $3.75 - $5
TOO0081 TOOL, Power Tool - Electric Drill Silver $7.50TOO0082 TOOL, Power Tool - Electric Drill Orange $7.50TOO0083 TOOL, Power Tool - Electric Jig Saw Green $7.50TOO0102 TOOL, Power Tool - Ryobi Cordless Drill $7.50
PRO0001 PRODUCT, Vintage Car Polish - Mirror Finish $6.25PRO0002 PRODUCT, Vintage Restoration $6.25SCA0100 SCARECROW, $37.50ORG0001 ORGANISER, 8 Drawer Copper Metal $8.75
ORG0002 ORGANISER, Copper Coloured w Drawers $13.75ORG0003 ORGANISER, Green Metal $13.75ORG0004 ORGANISER, Grey Plastic $13.75ORG0005 ORGANISER, Small Green w Bits $5
ORG0006 ORGANISER, Small Yellow and Blue $3GAR0010 GARAGE, Shop Display Rack - Eveready Super POS $12.50GAR0011 GARAGE, Shop Display Rack - Wynn's Xtend POS $12.50SIG0336 SIGN, Motor - Wooden Shell Sign $18.75
SIG0337 SIGN, Motor - Hose Not In Use $6.25SIG0338 SIGN, Motor - Mercedes / Mustang Metal $6.25SIG0339 SIGN, Motor - Metal Shell Motor Oil $22.50STO0400 STORAGE, Dispenser - Blue Metal $20
ORG0007 ORGANISER, Blue Metal 4 Tier $20SUG0001 SUGGESTION BOX, Blue $22.50SWI0100 SWING, Vintage Garden Rope $30TIN0002 TIN, Old Rusted - Assorted $3.75
TIN0003 TIN, Vintage Shell Tin w Oddments $10TOO0035 TOOL BELT, Standard $12.50TOO0035 TOOL BELT, Standard $12.50TOO0039 TOOL BELT, Grey Irwin $12.50
TOO0036 TOOL BELT, Small $5TOO0028 TOOL BOX, Dark Green Plastic $5TOO0002 TOOL BOX, Blue Ratchet Set $18.75TOO0002 Open View
TOO0003 TOOL BOX, Drill Box -  Green Plastic $6.25TOO0004 TOOL BOX, Drill Box -  Grey Plastic $6.25TOO0005 TOOL BOX, Drill Box -  Teal Plastic $6.25TOO0006 TOOL BOX, Green Canvas $15
TOO0006 Open ViewTOO0007 TOOL BOX, Large Metal (Heavy) $15TOO0008 TOOL BOX, Large Painted Timber  - Brown (86cmW X 32cmH) $22.50TOO0009 TOOL BOX, Large Painted Timber - Red (86cmW X 40cmH) $22.50
TOO0010 TOOL BOX, Large Wooden Open Box $22.50TOO0011 TOOL BOX, Medium Black Metal $10TOO0012 TOOL BOX, Medium Galvanised Box $15TOO0012 Open View
TOO0037 TOOL BOX, Medium Galvanised Concertina Style Box $15TOO0013 TOOL BOX, Medium Gun Metal Grey $10TOO0001 TOOL BOX, Medium Red KC Tools $10TOO0014 TOOL BOX, Small Blue Metal Esky $7.50
TOO0015 TOOL BOX, Small Blue Metal - Rusty $7.50TOO0016 TOOL BOX, Small Blue Metal - Square $7.50TOO0017 TOOL BOX, Small Galvanised Rhino $7.50TOO0018 TOOL BOX, Small Galvanised $6.25
TOO0019 TOOL BOX, Small Metal EM $8.75TOO0020 TOOL BOX, Small Metal $7.50TOO0038 TOOL BOX, Small Red Multi Drawer on Wheels $20TOO0021 TOOL BOX, Small Red Socket Case $6.25
TOO0022 TOOL BOX, Small Red $7.50TOO0023 TOOL BOX, Small Wooden Open $6.25TOO0024 TOOL BOX, Small Wooden w Lid $7.50TOO0025 TOOL BOX, Timber (1m L x 26cm H) $22.50
TOO0026 TOOL BOX, White Bike Equipment $10TOO0027 TOOL KIT, Kids Blue Wooden Set $15TOO0030 TOOL POUCH, Leather w Silver Clasp $6.25TOO0031 TOOL POUCH, Leather - Brown $6.25
TOO0032 TOOL POUCH, Leather - Vintage $6.25TOO0103 TOOL ROLL, Suede Leather - Vintage Style $12.50TOO0033 TOOL ROLL, Tan Canvas With Tools $22.50TOO0033 TOOL ROLL, Tan Canvas With Tools $22.50
TOO0034 TOOL TRAY, Blue w Tools And Bits $10TOO0084 TOOL, Axe With Cut Off End $15TOO0052 TOOL, Axe - Long Handle $11.25TOO0050 TOOL, Axe - Short Red Handle $7.50
TOO0053 TOOL, Axe - SPFX Rubber $30TOO0085 TOOL, Crosscut Saw $18.75TOO0086 TOOL, Fork - Wooden Handle $15TOO0110 TOOL, Hoe/Pick - Long Handle $11.25
TOO0087 TOOL, Hoe - White Handle $11.25TOO0088 TOOL, Hoe - Long Handle $11.25TOO0089 TOOL, Hoe - Blue Handle $11.25TOO0090 TOOL, Axe - Pick Axe $13.75
TOO0040 TOOL, Pick - Mattock End Short Handle $11.25TOO0051 TOOL, Pick Short Handle $11.25TOO0041 TOOL, Rake - Vintage $11.25TOO0101 TOOL, Rake - Green Metal $8.75
TOO0042 TOOL, Rake - Metal Leaf Rake $8.75TOO0043 TOOL, Rake - Plastic $6.25TOO0044 TOOL, Scythe (Grim Reaper Style) $22.50
TOO0109 TOOL, Shears $6.25TOO0045 TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Rounded End $13.75TOO0046 TOOL, Shovel Long Handle $13.75TOO0047 TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Black Metal $11.25
TOO0048 TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Blue Metal $13.75TOO0049 TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Dark Brown $13.75TOO0091 TOOL, Shovel - Black $11.25TOO0092 TOOL, Sickle - Blue Handle $10
TOO0093 TOOL, Sickle - Timber Handle $10TOO0094 TOOL, Sledgehammer - Orange Handle $11.25TOO0095 TOOL, Sledgehammer - Timber Handle $11.25TOO0050 TOOL, Spade/Shovel - Short Handle $11.25
TOO0096 TOOL, Spade - Vintage Wooden Handle $15TOO0097 TOOL, Spade - Assorted $11.25TOO0098 TOOL, Spade - Rusty $11.25TOO0099 TOOL, Hoe - Three Prong $11.25
TOO0100 TOOL, Vintage Blow Torch $6.25TRA0010 TRAY, Old Metal Drip Tray $3.75TRO0117 TROLLEY, Blue Metal Workshop $45TRO0116 TROLLEY, Red Metal Workshop Cart $22.50
TUB0007 TUB, Green Metal $25TUB0008 TUB, Large Battered Copper $30VEN0001 VENDING MACHINE, Blue Rusted Metal $22.50WAT0100 WATERING CAN,  Painted Brown Metal - Small $6.25
WAT0101 WATERING CAN, Blue Metal - Small $5WAT0102 WATERING CAN, Galvanised $10WAT0103 WATERING CAN, Green Plastic $3.75WAT0104 WATERING CAN, Large Green Metal $18.75
WAT0105 WATERING CAN, Painted Brown Metal $6.25WAT0109 WATERING CAN, Shiny Galvanised $6.25WAT0106 WATERING CAN, Short Spout $12.50WAT0107 WATERING CAN, White Metal - Small $3.75
WHE0003 WHEEL RIM, Chrome Bike Wheel $3.75WHE0004 WHEEL, Billy Cart Style w Spokes $6.25WHE0005 WHEELBARROW, Low and Shallow Rusted $22.50WHE0002 WHEELBARROW, Metal Kelso $37.50
WHE0001 WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber $62.50WIN0003 WINDMILL, Retro Garden Decor w Winding Man $12.50Garden Shed and Tool Styling

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We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.