Hooray for Hollywood – yes we know you love a night of glitz and glamour and our props will  give your event a head start before you've even picked your frock! Roll out the red carpet for another classic.

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CENTREPIECE Hollywood awards night $18.75Hollywood Setup - Gold Frame on EaselCAR0004 CART, Aqua - Small $137.50 & SIG0504 SIGN, Cart Sign - Popcorn $30Hollywood Prop Setup
Hollywood Prop SetupHollywood Prop SetupAWA0001 AWARD STATUE, 2D Cut Out - 2.4m High (Freestanding) $112.50AWA0002 AWARD TROPHY, 18cm Holding Wreath (Star Base) $8.75
AWA0003 AWARD TROPHY, 19cm Holding Wreath $8.75AWA0004 AWARD TROPHY, 21cm Holding Star  $8.75AWA0005 AWARD TROPHY, Assorted $8.75BAR0500 BARRIER POLE, Brass (stanchion) $37.50
BAR0501 BARRIER POLE, Chrome $30 & BAR0550 BARRIER ROPE, Red $8.75CAM0001 CAMERA, 1900's Victorian Plate Camera on Wooden Tripod $112.501950s (CAM0003) & 1940s (CAM0002) Press Paparazzi Cameras $100 eachCEN0001 CENTREPIECE - Black & Silver Diamonte with Stars (25cm Round Base) $30
CEN0002 CENTREPIECE - Red Acrylic Star 35 cm $18.75CHA0542 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red (Large Lettering) $37.50CHA0543 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red (Small Lettering) $37.50CLA0001 CLAPPER BOARD, Extra Large - 1.4m x 1.6m high $106.25
CLA0002 CLAPPER BOARD, Medium - 29cm Wide $12.50CLA0003 CLAPPER BOARD, Small Original - 20cm wide $18.75CLA0004 CLAPPER BOARD, Medium Original Aged Timber - 38cm wide $23.75CLA0005 CLAPPER BOARD, Small - 20cm wide $7.50
CUR0050 CURTAIN SWAG, Red Velvet w Fringing 3m (W) $100CUR0001 CURTAIN, Dark Red Velour 1.2m x 2.7m drop $25CUR0002 CURTAIN, Bright Red Crushed Velvet 1.5m x 3m drop $25CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50
EAS0001 EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m high $30FIL0100 FILM CAN, Hollywood Large Metal 28cm $11.25 & FIL0101 FILM CAN, Hollywood Small Metal 19cm $10FIL0102 FILM CAN Large Metal 28cm $11.25 & FIL0103 FILM CAN, Small Metal 19cm $10FIL0104 FILM CAN, Small Metal Originals 19cm (with assorted film labels) $8.75
FIL0105 FILM REEL, Medium Metal Gold 25cm $11.25FILM REEL Plastic FIL0106/7/8 - Large ($11.25), Medium ($10), Small ($8.75)Selection of Hollywood PropsHOL0001 HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame Stars A4 Laminated $1.25
LEC0001 LECTERN, Ornate Yellow Gold and Cream $87.5LIN0002 & LIN0003 LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m AND 3m x 2.3m $37.50LOG0020 LOGIE, Small Gold - TV Week $15LOG0021 LOGIE, Small Silver - TV Week $15
MEG0001 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Black Plastic 33cm $15MEG0010 MEGAPHONE, Black $15MEG0002 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Cream Metal $15MEG0003 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Large Red $30
MEG0004 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Long Red Plastic $22.50MEG0005 MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Red Metal Vintage $15POP0001 POPCORN BAGS, Classic Red & White $1.25
POP0003 POPCORN, Bucket - Large Red White Stripe $2.50POP0004 POPCORN, Bucket Square Plastic - Red White Stripe $2.50POP0005 POPCORN, Packaging - Assorted $1.25POS0001 POSTER, Translucent Movie Lightbox Posters 70x95cm High Assorted $15
Print, Black & White Movie Genre - AssortedRed Carpet Entry with Brass Barrier PolesRUG0024 Runner 3.6m x 1m $90 OR RUG0091 Plush Runner 5m x 1.2m $125SIG0504 SIGN, Cart Sign - Popcorn $30
TIC0002 TICKET, Waverley Cinema Vintage $1.25USH0001 USHER TRAYS, Candy or Apples $31.25Hollywood theming

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.