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ANI0003 ANIMAL HIDE, Faux Animal Fur w Barramundi Detail 2m x 1.5m $62.50ANI0001 ANIMAL HIDE, Assorted $20ANI0001 ANIMAL HIDE, Assorted $20ART0111 ARTWORK, Aboriginal Art - Kangaroos $30
ART0366 ARTWORK, Aboriginal Large 1.2 x 92cm $37.50ART0112 ARTWORK, Aboriginal Art - Waterhole $30ART0271 ARTWORK, Portrait Male (Small) - Aboriginal $10BAR0600 BARK PAINTING, Style 1 - 2m x 4m $30
BAR0601 BARK PAINTING, Style 2 - 2m x 4.2m $30BAR0602 BARK PAINTING, Style 3 - 1.5m x 1.8m $22.50BAR0603 BARK PAINTING, Small Assorted $12.50Stack of Open Weave Baskets
BAS0028 BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining $22.50BAS0029 BASKET, Large Open Weave Dark $18.75BAS0030 BASKET, Large Open Weave Natural $18.75BAS0041 BASKET, Round Dark Red 50cm Dia $11.25
BAS0042 BASKET, Round Natural 50cm Dia $11.25BAS0012 BASKET, Shallow Island Style w Handles $12.50BAS0010 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven w Handles $12.50BAS0011 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven $12.50
BAS0119 BASKET, Twig Style - 20cm Dia $5Twig Style Baskets pictured togetherBAS0120 BASKET, Twig Style - 35cm Dia $10Close of up Woven Barrel Style Basket
BAS0009 BASKET, Woven Reeds 35cm $10BAS0009 BASKET, Woven Reeds 35cm $10Collection of Cane BasketsBAS0001 BASKET, Barrel Style w Woven Matting Outer $20
BON0007 BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1m L) $30BOO0300 BOOMERANG, Assorted $7.50BOW0006 BOWL, Rustic Wooden w Handle $18.75Assorted Wooden Bowls
Assorted Bowls and BasketsCRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30CRA0502 CRAYPOT, Classic Round Wicker - Medium $30GOU0001 GOURD, Water Storage w Lid Assorted $18.75
Assorted Gourds and PotsAssorted Jungle PropsMAS0013 MASK, Painted Tribal Assorted $22.50 (one of)MAS0013 MASK, Painted Tribal Assorted $22.50
MAS0012 MASK, Medium - Tribal Assorted $8.75MAS0011 MASK, Small - Tribal Assorted $6.25MAS0010 MASK, Large - Tribal Wooden w Black Detail $11.25PIL0010 PILLOW, Hessian Straw Filled $10 (pictured with Mattress)
MAT0004 MATTRESS, Hessian Straw Filled 90cm x 2m $37.50MOR0001 MORTAR, Rustic Carved Log $18.75FIS0014 FISHING NET, Brown - 2m x 3m $18.75FIS0020 FISHING NET, Grey Green 50cm x 3m $12.50
PAL0003 PALM, Seed Pod $6.25PALM TREE, 2.4m (PAL0004) OR 3m (PAL0005) High Freestanding - Styrene $100PLA0080 PLATTER, Indigenous with Shell Inlay $12.50POT0020 POT, Rustic Wooden Storage Pot - 25-30cm $18.75
POT0020 POT, Rustic Wooden Storage Pot - 25-30cm $18.75POT0021 POT, Rustic Wooden Storage w Spout $18.75POT0022 POT, Small w Shell Inlay $7.50Assorted Pots and Gourds
ROC0003 ROCK, Small River Rock w Carving $7.50SCO0001 SCOOP, Large Wooden $18.75SCR0001 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.8m x 1m (4cm Dia. Bamboo Poles) Not Freestanding $45SCR0002 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.2m x 2.4m (Woven) Not Freestanding $75
SCR0003 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal) $62.50SCU0001 SCULPTURE, Tribal Man Seated $22.50SEA0056 SEA, Sponge $3.75SEA0060 SEA, Shell - Large 20cm Assorted $6.25
SHI0001 SHIELD, Fur Covered $30SHI0002 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 1) - 2.2m x 70cm $62.50SHI0003 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 2) - 2.2m x 70cm $62.50SHI0004 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass 2m x 35cm $62.50
Collection of Tribal ShieldsSPE0100 SPEAR, Tribal Style $15TIK0001 TIKI HUT, Bamboo Legs w Thatched Roof (1.2m W x 2.6m H) $250 (pictured with optional Bar)TOR0001 TORCH, Firestick $10
TOT0001 TOTEM POLE, 2.7m High Styrene $87.50TOT0001 TOTEM POLE, 2.7m High Styrene $87.50PALM TREE, 2.4m (PAL0004) & 3m (PAL0005) High Freestanding - Styrene $100 EachHEA0010 HEADDRESS, Tribal $30
SIG0687 SIGN, Tribal Message Stick $11.25 (shown in Stone Urn)SIG0687 SIGN, Tribal Message Stick $11.25TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50 (underside)TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50
TUR0003 TURTLE SHELL, 75cm (Fibreglass) $68.75

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.