Italian & Tuscan

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Continental Market Props (1)Italian Produce StylingContinental BanquetBAR0003 BARREL, Large - 90cm high $37.50
BAR0005 BARREL, Small - 40cm high $20BAS0062 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Open Style w Red Gingham $11.25BAS0063 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Red Gingham $10
BAS0118 BASKET, Woven Ply $15Collection of Narrow Wicker BasketsBAS0113 BASKET, Shopping - Vintage w Red Detail Round $12.50BAS0111 BASKET, Shopping - Vintage w Red Detail $12.50
BAS0116 BASKET, Shopping - Vintage w Multicolour Detail $12.50Collection of Baskets and PunnetsBaskets AssortedBIC0004 BICYCLE, Basket Vintage Wicker $15
BIC0003 BICYCLE, Basket New Wicker $15BIC0008 BICYCLE, Red Malvern Star $50BIC0006 BICYCLE, Black Vintage $50
BLA0002 BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 1.5m x 70cm $37.5BLA0003 BLACKBOARD, Small - Mexican $10BLA0010 BLACKBOARD, Sticks 9cm Wide $2BLA0016 BLACKBOARD, Small 15cm x 23cm $3.75
Assorted Large Green Chianti BottlesChianti Bottles Large & SmallLarge Bottles Wicker StyleAssorted Bottles, Chianti & Wicker
Demijohn Wicker BottlesBOT0001 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered $3.75CAR0003 CART, Cream - Large $312.50 (with optional canopy)CHA0510 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Outdoor Slat $18.75
CHA0301 CHAIR, Cafe - Black Bentwood $25CHA0300 CHAIR, Cafe - Dark Timber $22.50CHA0306 CHAIR, Cafe - Timber Bentwood Assorted $25CHA0251 CHAIR, Metal Pressed Stackable Assorted $20
COL0003 COLUMN, White Roman Fluted (2.35m H x 30cm W at Base) $80CRA0009 CRATE, Small - Display Crate Stained Natural (41x31x19cm H) $7.50CRA0012 CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H) $12.50CRA0013 CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H) $12.50
CRA0013 CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H) $12.50CRA0010 CRATE, Small - Red Shallow $12.50BREAD, Artificial - Large (BRE0001) $3.75 & Small (BRE0002) $2CHEESE, Artificial - Large (CHE0050) $7.50 & Small (CHE0051) $3.75
MEA0003 MEAT, Artificial - Roast Chicken $7.50 & MEA0002 MEAT, Artificial - Ham Sliced $7.50MEA0001 MEAT, Artificial - Ham Leg $12.50Assorted Cheese & BreadsAssorted Meats
Collection of Salamis, Ham & SausagesVEG0004 VEG, Artificial - String of Garlic $6.25 & VEG0005 VEG, Artificial - String of Onion $6.25Baskets of Fruit & VegFAN0002 FAN, Table Fan 1920s - Black Mapelli $27.50
FLA0030 FLAG, Italian - Ex Large Cotton 190cm x 300cm $87.50Bicycle with FlowersGeranium Flowers
CAK0002 FRUIT STAND, Timber 3 Tier - 65cm High x 50cm Wide $32.50BOW0032 BOWL, Fruit Bowl on Raised Wooden Pedestal $7.50FRU0070 FRUIT STAND, FRUIT STAND, Cream Metal 2 Tier 30cm W x 62cm H $15GRE0026 GREENERY, Grape Vine $5
FRU0012 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Red Bunch $2FRU0013 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Green Bunch $2FRU0012 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Red Bunch $2Assorted Grapes
Assorted Grapes in Natural CratesGrapes in Pedestal BowlFLA0071 FLAG, Handwaver - Italian (30 x 15cm) $1.25FLA0072 FLAG, Handwaver - Italian Aged (Large) $10
JUG0029 JUG, Rustic Ochre Glazed $8.75LAM0362 LAMP, Base (Table) $10 & LAM0125 LAMPSHADE, Small $7.50Lino Black & White 3m x 2.7m $37.50, 3m x 2.3m $30, 3m x 3m $37.50 (No Tape Provided to Stick Down)Meat hooks and stand - Charcuterie style hanging meats
NAP0007 NAPKIN, White $3PAS0002 PASSPORT, Italy 1970s $18.75PLI0006 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 90cm High $37.50 & PLI0007 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 50cm High $30POT0103 POT / URN, Rustic Tuscan Terracotta - Large 40cm W x 40cm H $17.50
Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (1)Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (2)Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (3)Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (4)
Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (5)Rustic Pots, Tuscan Style (6)POT / URN, Rustic Stone Look - Large (Short) (POT0105), (Tall) (POT0104)  $37.50SCA0052 SCALES, White Deli Style $37.50
STA0006 STATUE, Lady w Torch on Round Plinth - 70cm W x 2.4m H $187.50Lady w Torch on Round Plinth (detail)STA0004 STATUE, Lady w Grapes - 1.45m High $100STA0005 STATUE, Lady w Roses - 1.45m High $100
Collection of Lady StatuesCollection of Storage Jars & JugAssorted Stoneware VesselsSTO0002 STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier $22.50
STO0103 STOOL, Bar Stool - Bentwood $25STO0104 STOOL, Bar Stool - Dark Timber Seat with Black Iron Legs $20TAB0021 TABLE, Cafe Style - Timber Top w Black Wrought Iron Base $37.50Tablecloths Red and White Gingham Assorted Sizes
TRO0100 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Black Metal $25TRO0101 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic $30URN0002 URN, Off White - Small with Ivy VinesURN0002 URN, Off White - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.50
WHE0001 WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber $62.50Rustic Food Styling w Wooden 3 Tier Stand

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