Jungle & Tribal

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ANI0004 ANIMAL HIDE, Calf - White Brown Spot $22.50ANI0005 ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown (woolly) $22.50ANI0006 ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown Tones $22.50ANI0007 ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - White Brown $22.50
ANI0008 ANIMAL HIDE, Goat (Small) $18.75ANI0009 ANIMAL HIDE, Pig (Small) $15ANI0002 ANIMAL HIDE, Sheepskin - Cream $22.50ANI0001 ANIMAL HIDE, Assorted $20
BAG0130 BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch - Grey suede w Stripe $10BAG0131 BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch in Barramundi Skin $18.75BAG0132 BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch w Plaited Rope Detail $18.75BAG0133 BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch $18.75
BAG0134 BAG, Tribal Storage Style w Barramundi Shoulder Strap $22.50BAG0135 BAG, Tribal Storage Style w Reptile Skin Detail $22.50CUP0005 CUP, Bamboo $2.50BAR0101 BAR, Rustic 1.1m High x 1.6m Wide x 60cm Deep $237.50
Stack of Large Open Weave BasketsBAS0028 BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining $22.50BAS0031 BASKET, Large Open Weave Calico Lining $22.50BAS0126 BASKET, Shallow African Style 1 $18.75
BAS0127 BASKET, Shallow African Style 2 $18.75BAS0012 BASKET, Shallow Island Style w Handles $12.50BAS0010 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven w Handles $12.50BAS0011 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven $12.50
BAS0008 BASKET, Woven Palm Small $7.50BAS0009 BASKET, Woven Reeds 35cm $10Event Styling - Jungle & TribalBON0007 BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1m L) $30
BON0004 BONES, Pelvis $18.75BOULDER, Styrene Assorted Sizes $25 - $60 EachBOW0026 BOWL, Large Rustic w Fish Rim $15BOW0027 BOWL, Terracotta Assorted $4.50
BOW0028 BOWL, Wooden - Honeycomb Detail $6.25BOW0029 BOWL, Wooden - Rustic $6.25BOW0030 BOWL, Wooden - w Outer Lip $6.25BOW0031 BOWL, Wooden Assorted Rustic Styles (Small) $4.50
CAM0100 CAMMO NET, 1.5m x 1m $12.50CAM0101 CAMMO NET, 3m x 1m $22.50CAM0102 CAMMO NET, 6m x 2m $37.50CAU0001 CAULDRON, Small Styrene - 50cm Dia $37.50
CAU0002 CAULDRON, Large Fibreglass - 1m Dia $125CEN0011 CENTREPIECE - Tropical Green Flame $37.50CEN0010 CENTREPIECE - Tropical Orange Flame $37.50CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50
CRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30CRA0022 CRATE, Medium - Assorted (66x47x31cm H) $18.75CUS0080 CUSHION, Animal Print - Black & White Cow Hide $10CUS0081 CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 1 $10
CUS0082 CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 2 $10CUS0083 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 1 $10CUS0084 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 2 $10CUS0085 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Leopard $10
CUS0086 CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Picture $10CUS0032 CUSHION, Dark Green w Green Foliage 45cm $10DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Large, Medium or Small $5 - $12.50DRU0058 DRUM, Tribal Extra Large 1.2m Dia $125
FABRIC and LEATHER, Scraps - (FAB0015) Single Piece $5 OR (FAB0016) Box Lot $37.50FAB0017 FABRIC, Animal Prints (Assorted Lengths) $18.75FAB0018 FABRIC, Calico w Fern Print $6.25FAB0019 FABRIC, Cheesecloth Lengths - Assorted $5
FLA0084 FLAG, Tibetan Prayer Flag Bunting (Large Aged) $8.75FLA0085 FLAG, Tibetan Prayer Flag Bunting (Small Plain) $6.25GRE0017 GREENERY, Birds Nest Fern Leaf $2GRE0028 GREENERY, Fern Spray $3.75
GRE0030 GREENERY, Grass Spray - 40cm $3.75GRE0054 GREENERY, Foliage - Gymea Leaf 109cm $1.25GRE0045 GREENERY, Lush Dieffenbachia - 40cm Spray $3.75GRE0055 GREENERY, Foliage - Monsteria Leaf 102cm $3.75
GRE0056 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo Hanging Bush $5.50GRE0008 GREENERY, Trailing Spray $3.75GRE0041 GREENERY, Tropical Leaves - Large $3GOU0001 GOURD, Water Storage w Lid Assorted $18.75
HOR0151 HORN, Carved - Witch Doctor Prop $15HOR0152 HORN, Polished $15HOR0150 HORN, Conch Style - Silver Detail on Chain $22.50HOR0153 HORN, Leather Detail - Witch Doctor Prop $15
Jungle Tribal StylingMAC0001 MACHETE, Assorted $12.50MAS0015 MASK, Painted - Indonesian $15MAS0014 MASK, Painted - Japanese $15
MAS0013 MASK, Painted Tribal Assorted $22.50 (one of)MAS0013 MASK, Painted Tribal Assorted $22.50MAS0016 MASK, Wooden - Man w Long Moustache $15MAS0012 MASK, Medium - Tribal Assorted $8.75
MAS0011 MASK, Small - Tribal Assorted $6.25MAS0010 MASK, Large - Tribal Wooden w Black Detail $11.25MOR0002 MORTAR & PESTLE, Granite Stone $15PEN0014 PENCIL, Rustic $0.50
GRE0001 GREENERY, 2.3m H Bamboo Palm (Realistic) - Potted $45GRE0047 GREENERY, Ficus 1.5m - 1.8m H (Realistic) - Potted $37.50GRE0048 GREENERY, Ficus 60 - 80cm H (Realistic) - Potted $22.50GRE0004 GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $30
GRE0002 GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $45GRE0036 GREENERY, Orchid Leaves 60cm $5PLA0080 PLATTER, Indigenous with Shell Inlay $12.50POT0025 POT or PAN, Cooking Pot - Rustic Granite $15
POT0026 POT or PAN, Cooking Saucepan - Rustic Granite $15POT0020 POT, Rustic Wooden Storage Pot - 25-30cm $18.75POT0103 POT / URN, Rustic Tuscan Terracotta - Large $17.50POT0106 POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Medium Brown $11.25
POT0107 POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Tall Brown $15POT0110 POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - Cream Medium $11.25POT0109 POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Cream Medium $11.25POT0108 POT / URN, Rustic Tuscan Terracotta - Medium $11.25
POT0104 & POT0105POT0104 POT / URN, Rustic Stone Look - Large (Tall) $37.50POT0105 POT / URN, Rustic Stone Look - Large (Short) $37.50GOU0001 GOURD, Water Storage w Lid Assorted $18.75
PRA0020 PRAYER SHAWL, Hindu Tibetan $10ROP0002 ROPE CARGO NET, 1m x 3m $45ROP0003 ROPE NET, Small Pieces Assorted $10SCR0001 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.8m x 1m (4cm Dia. Bamboo Poles) $45
SCR0002 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.2m x 2.4m (Woven) $75SCR0003 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal) $62.50SCU0001 SCULPTURE, Tribal Man Seated $22.50SHI0001 SHIELD, Fur Covered $30
SHI0002 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 1) - 2.2m x 70cm $62.50SHI0003 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 2) - 2.2m x 70cm $62.50SHI0004 SHIELD, Large Fibreglass 2m x 35cm $62.50SKU0030 SKULL, Standard Size - Grey Styrene $6.25
Event Styling - Tribal Bones & SkullsSPE0100 SPEAR, Tribal Style $15STO0051 STONE BLOCK, 1.2m x 30cm x 30cm $37.50STO0052 STONE TIKI IDOL, 1.2m X 1.2m Carved Styrene $100
STO0050 STONE RUINS, Freestanding Stone Wall 1.2m W x 2.4m H $150STO0050 STONE RUINS, Freestanding Stone Wall 1.2m W x 2.4m H $150STO0056 STONE TIKI BLOCK, Etched Styrene 58cm x 1.2m H $62.50STO0055 STONE TIKI BLOCK, Etched Styrene 58cm x 90cm H $45
STO0053 STONE TIKI BLOCK, 1.8m x 58cm x 30cm (Rounded Top) $87.50STO0054 STONE TIKI BLOCK, Round Etched Styrene Stone 1.2m Dia $62.50FAB0004 FABRIC, Small Leopard Print Table Cloth or Runner $6.25TAB0153 TABLE RUNNER, Aztec Peacocks - Brown Stripe $6.25
TAB0154 TABLE RUNNER, Bamboo Stick - Brown $6.25THR0003 THROW (Tribal Leader's Cape), Leopard Print w Leather Detail $25THR0002 THROW, Leopard Print $12.50TIK0001 TIKI HUT, Bamboo Legs w Thatched Roof (1.2m W x 2.6m H) $250 (pictured with optional Bar)
TOT0001 TOTEM POLE, 2.7m High Styrene $87.50TRA0053 TRAY, Rustic Woven w Wooden Fish Handle $6.25TRA0054 TRAY, Rustic Woven w Wooden Handle $6.25PALM TREE, 2.4m High (PAL0004) or 3m High (PAL0005) Freestanding - Styrene $100
HEA0010 HEADDRESS, Tribal $30SIG0687 SIGN, Tribal Message Stick $11.25Tribal Prop CollectionTRI0020 TRIM, Tribal Tassle - Assorted $2.50
TRI0021 TRIM, Tribal Braid - Assorted $6.25GRE0007 GREENERY, Banana Palm w Feathers & Parrots 2.4m H x 1.8m W $100UMB0200 UMBRELLA, Thatched - 2m D x 2.6m H $100 (underside)UTE0015 UTENSILS, Carved Servers (Pair) $10
UTE0016 UTENSILS, Rustic Spoons and Ladles (Long Handle) $6.25UTE0017 UTENSILS, Rustic Spoons and Ladles (Small) $5GRE0025 GREENERY, Fern Vine $1.50GRE0013 GREENERY, Bright Green Vines - Box Lot (65 x 45 x 40cm H) $50
GRE0009 GREENERY, Tarzan Vine (3 x Strands Plaited - 2m Long) $15DOL0001 DOLL, Voodoo - Small Idol $12.50WEA0011 WEAPON, Club (Rubber) $22.50WEA0010 WEAPON, Club - Solid Wood 75cm $18.75
WIT0001 WITCH DOCTOR PROP, Horn or Talon $12.50WIT0002 WITCH DOCTOR PROP, Necklace or Talisman $12.50WIT0003 WITCH DOCTOR PROP, Rattle $12.50Assorted Witch Doctor Props
Jungle Tribal Styling

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