Tea Pots, Tea Sets & Trays

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COF0025 COFFEE MACHINE, Red Delonghi $25COF0030 COFFEE MAKER, Stove Top (medium) $7.50COF0035 COFFEE PERCOLATOR, White General Electric $15COF0011 COFFEE POT, 1970's Orange Plastic $10
COF0012 COFFEE POT, Aluminium Ribbed $7.50COF0013 COFFEE POT, Aluminium $7.50COF0014 COFFEE POT, Thermos Jug - White Plastic $7.50COF0015 COFFEE POT, White Corningware $10
COF0016 COFFEE POT, Woodgrain $10CUP0001 CUP & SAUCER, Designer Bone China - Assorted $5KET0005 KETTLE, 1970's Retro - Orange w Black Flowers $10KET0006 KETTLE, 1970's Retro - White w Orange Flowers $10
KET0007 KETTLE, 1970's Retro Orange Floral $10KET0008 KETTLE, Aluminium - Shiny $7.50KET0009 KETTLE, Aluminium Style 2 $7.50KET0010 KETTLE, Aluminium w Black Handle $7.50
KET0011 KETTLE, Aluminium $7.50KET0012 KETTLE, Beige Floral $10KET0013 KETTLE, Black $10KET0014 KETTLE, Blackened Copper w Wood Handle $10
KET0015 KETTLE, Brown Enamel Stove Top $10KET0016 KETTLE, Ceramic Jug - 1930's 40's Pale Yellow $12.50KET0017 KETTLE, Ceramic Jug - Pale Yellow 1950's Hotpoint $12.50KET0018 KETTLE, Ceramic Jug - Pale Yellow Ribbed $10
KET0019 KETTLE, Ceramic Jug - Pale Yellow $10KET0020 KETTLE, Ceramic Jug - Cream w Black Lid $10KET0021 KETTLE, Deco Style w Red Handle $10KET0022 KETTLE, Electric Chrome Daewoo $7.50
KET0023 KETTLE, Electric Chrome $10KET0024 KETTLE, Electric Cordless Chrome Black $10KET0025 KETTLE, Electric Cordless Russell Hobbs $12.50KET0026 KETTLE, Electric Deco Style Green Handle $12.50
KET0027 KETTLE, Shiny Copper $10PLA0089 PLATTER, 1970's Dark Woodgrain w Apple Tile Inset $7.50TAB0090 TABLE TRAY, 1970's Black Orange Floral Design $7.50TAB0091 TABLE TRAY, 1980's Transformers Design $7.50
TAB0092 TABLE TRAY, Dark Stained Timber w Floral Inset $6.25TAB0093 TABLE TRAY, Grey Plastic $7.50TAB0094 TABLE TRAY, Wooden w White Inset $7.50TEA0060 TEA COSY, Knitted $3.75
TEA0060 TEA COSY, Knitted $3.75TEA0060 TEA COSY, Knitted $3.75TEA0010 TEA POT, Blue Brown Speckle 1920's $15TEA0025 TEA POT, 1970's Brown $12.50
TEA0014 TEA POT, Asian Yellow $7.50TEA0026, TEA POT, Enamel - Blue $7.50
TEA0027 TEA POT, Enamel - Golden Yellow $7.50TEA0028 TEA POT, Enamel - Orange Style 2 $7.50TEA0029 TEA POT, Enamel - Orange $7.50TEA0017 TEA POT, Aluminium Assorted $5
TEA0016 TEA POT, Contemporary - Coffee or Tea $6.25TEA0031 TEA SET, Floral Bone China (3 Piece) $15TEA0030 TEA SET, Gold Bone China (Tea Pot Missing) $15
TEA0032 TEA SET, Gold Lovers (2 Piece) $12.50TEA0033 TEA POT, Painted Colourful (3 Piece) $15TEA0034 TEA POT, Painted Fruit Design (3 Piece) $15Tea Sets Assorted
TEA0035 TEA SET, Gold & Cream Japanese Hand Painted Set w 2 x Cups, 4 x Saucers, 4 x Plates $25TRA0065 TRAY, Stainless Steel - Medium Large $6.25TRA0066 TRAY, 1950's Black w Orange Floral Basket $7.50
TRA0067 TRAY, 1950's Blue w Painted Flower - Asian Style $7.50TRA0068 TRAY, 1950's Chianti Bottles $7.50TRA0040 TRAY 1950's Gold Green $6.25TRA0069 TRAY, 1950's Wooden Parquetry w Chrome Handles $7.50
TRA0070 TRAY, 1970's Assorted - Small $6.25TRA0011 TRAY, Assorted 1970s $11.25TRA0058 TRAY, 1970's w Woven Handle $6.25TRA0091 TRAY, 1970's Teak - Large $10
TRA0071 TRAY, Plastic and Melamine Assorted $3.75TRA0072 TRAY, Blue Wooden - Large Round $5TRA0073 TRAY, Bright Blue Plastic $3.75TRA0004 TRAY, Cream Distressed Timber w Rope Handles $6.25
TRA0074 TRAY, Crystal Look (Plastic) $10TRA0075 TRAY, Dark Stained Bamboo - Asian Style $10TRA0076 TRAY, Deco Style - Black Chrome $12.50TRA0077 TRAY, Deco Style - Silver Chrome Rectangular $12.50
TRA0078 TRAY, Deco Style - Silver Chrome $12.50TRA0079 TRAY, Deco Style - Small Woodgrain and Chrome $12.50TRA0080 TRAY - Flat Wicker $5TRA0081 TRAY - Koalas $6.25
TRA0082 TRAY, Light Blue Bamboo - Round $6.25TRA0083 TRAY, Oval Woven w Floral or Fruit $3.75TRA0084 TRAY, Poppies w Bamboo Edge $12.50TRA0085 TRAY, Provincial Style - Lemons $7.50
TRA0005 TRAY, Rustic Sardines w Small Board $7.50TRA0086 TRAY, Silvery Lady Bowler $10TRA0087 TRAY, Slatted - Small $3.75TRA0035 TRAY, Wicker - Large $11.25
TRA0088 TRAY Wicker w Cactus - Large $7.50TRA0061 TRAY, Rustic Wood - 2 sizes (67cm x 33.5cm & 58cm x 29cm) $11.25TRA0089 TRAY, Wooden w White Inset - Large $5TRA0090 TRAY, Woodgrain and Copper - Small $6.25

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.