Laundry & Cleaning

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BAS0200 BASKET, Laundry - Small Light Wicker $12.50BAS0201 BASKET, Laundry - Plastic Blue $7.50BAS0202 BASKET, Laundry - Plastic White $7.50BAS0203 BASKET, Laundry - Plastic Green $7.50
BAS0204 BASKET, Laundry - Plastic Yellow $7.50Wicker Laundry Baskets - Small, Medium & LargeBAS0205 BASKET, Laundry - Large Wicker $22.50Stack of Medium Wicker Baskets
BAS0206 BASKET, Laundry - Medium Wicker $18.75BAS0207 BASKET, Laundry - Medium Wicker (No Base) $12.50BAS0208 BASKET, Laundry - Small Wicker $12.50BAS0209 BASKET, Laundry - w Lining $12.50
BAS0210 BASKET, Laundry - w Lining (Grey) $12.50BIN0100 BIN, Woven w Raffia Daisies $7.5BIN0128 BIN, 1960s Green Metal w Yellow Flower $12.50BIN0101 BIN, 1960s Orange Brown Floral $12.50
BIN0102 BIN, 1990s Peach Flip Top $7.50BIN0008 BIN, Cream Wire $7.50BIN0110 BIN, Orange Plastic 1970's Strip $10BIN0103 BIN, 1950s Pedal Bin Cream/Green $15
BIN0104 BIN, 1950s Pedal Bin Grey/Yellow $15BIN0105 BIN, 1960s Pedal Bin Orange Floral $15BIN0106 BIN, 1970s Pedal Bin Orange Floral $15BIN0109 BIN, Pedal Grey And Yellow $15
BIN0107 BIN, Raffia Country Design $7.50BIN0127 BIN, Souvenir - 1960's Laminated Landscape Images $15BIN0108 BIN, Timber w Scalloped Edge $15BRU0001 BRUSH, Bottle Washer Wire $1.25
BRO0003 BROOM, Ex Long Handle Assorted $15BRO0004 BROOM, 1950s Style $11.25BRO0005 BROOM, Black Synthetic Millet Style $7.50BRO0006 BROOM, Classic Millet Style $8.75
BRO0007 BROOM, Classic Outdoor $11.25BRO0008 BROOM, Extra Small Scale $8.75BRO0009 BROOM, Grass Broom $6.25BRO0010 BROOM, Green Cobweb Style $7.50
BRO0011 BROOM, Stiff Millet Style $8.75BRU0002 BRUSH, Clothes Brush With Handle Vintage Style $6.25BRU0002 BRUSH, Clothes Brush With Handle Vintage Style $6.25BRU0010 BRUSH, Clothes Brush - Assorted $4.50
BRU0003 BRUSH, Clothes Brush Vintage Mini Broom Head $6.25BRU0004 BRUSH, Scrubbing $1.25BUC0006 BUCKET, Mop Bucket Galvanised Tapered $15BUC0007 BUCKET, Mop Bucket Galvanised $15
BUC0008 BUCKET, Mop Bucket Red Plastic $15BUC0009 BUCKET, Old Galvanised $11.25BUC0010 BUCKET, Small White Enamel $10BUC0011 BUCKET, White Enamel w Handle $15
Styling - Laundry BucketsBAS0211 BASKET, Cleaning Basket  $12.50CLE0001 CLEANING, Cloth Or Rag $1.25CLE0002 CLEANING, Cloth Or Rag Used $2.50
CLE0006 CLEANING, Product Vintage Silver & Brass Polish $3.75CLE0007 CLEANING, Product Tin - Vintage Red Star Cleaner $6.25CLE0003 CLEANING, Product Vintage Pledge $5.50CLE0004 CLEANING, Product Vintage Bottle $6.25
Collection of Vintage Tins & BottlesCLE0008 CLEANING, Product Vintage Packaging $5CLE0005 CLEANING, Product Vintage Tin $5.50CLO1002 CLOTHES RACK, Timber Fold Out  $22.50
CLO1003 CLOTHES RACK, Vintage Timber 4 Fold $30BRU0005 BRUSH, Dish Brush - Mini Mop  $1.25BRU0006 BRUSH, Dish Brush - Plastic  $1DIS0051 DISH, Rack Green Plastic $4.50
DIS0052 DISH, Rack White Plastic Coated $3.75DIS0053 DISH, Rack Wire With Extension  $4.50DIS0054 DISH, Rack Wooden Folding $4.50DUS0004 DUSTER, Ostrich Feather w White Handle $8.75
DUS0001 DUSTER, Woollen $7.50DUS0003 DUSTPAN & BRUSH, Old Metal Style $18.75DUS0002 DUSTER, Feather Assorted $3.75FLY0001 FLY SWAT, Plastic  $1.25
FLY0002 FLY SWAT, Vintage Wire  $3.75CLO1000 CLOTHESLINE, Hills Hoist $87.50INS0020 INSECT SPRAYER, Copper  $15INS0021 INSECT SPRAYER, Vintage Red $11.25
IRO0001 IRON, 1960s Black Handle  $8.75IRO0002 IRON, 1960s Sunbeam  $8.75IRO0003 IRON, Blue GE Lightweight $8.75 & PAC0003 PACKAGING, Blue GE Lightweight Iron $3.75IRO0005 IRON, 1950s Slightly Rusted  $8.75
IRO0006 IRON, 1960s General Electric  $8.75IRO0007 IRON, 1970s Pale Blue Cord  $8.75IRO0008 IRON, Sunbeam Electronic  $8.75IRO0009 IRON, White Black And Decker  $8.75
IRO0010 IRON, White Sunbeam Pro Steam  $8.75IRO0050 IRONING BOARD, Vintage Style Painted Blue  $30IRO0051 IRONING BOARD, Vintage Timber w Cover $30IRO0052 IRONING BOARD, Vintage Timber $30
TRO0103 TROLLEY, Laundry Trolley - Silver $22.50 (w Optional Basket)TRO0104 TROLLEY, Laundry Trolley Grey Powdercoated Metal  $12.50CLO1001 CLOTHES, Laundry Washing Props $1.25MAG0010 MAGNET, Classic Shape On String  $3.75
MOP0001 MOP, Rustic $7.50PAC0001 PACKAGING, Dolly's Iron Box $5PAC0002 PACKAGING, Speedie Iron Box $6.25PEG0002 PEG BAG, Retro Floral Print Fabric $7.50
PEG0001 PEG BAG, Retro Yellow $7.50PEG0003 PEG BAG, Vintage Canvas Stripe $7.50PEG0004 PEG BUCKET, Floral Metal Tin  $6.25PEG0005 PEG BUCKET, Yellow Plastic  $3.75
PEG0006 PEG TIN, Galvanised  $6.25PEG0007 PEGS, Plastic  $1.25PEG0008 PEGS, Wooden Dolly Pegs $3.75PEG0009 PEGS, Wooden $1.25
PLU0011 PLUNGER, Black & White $4.50BRU0007 BRUSH, Shoe Brush $3.75SHOE CLEANING, Products (Single) $1.25 or (Box Lot) $15SHO0003 SHOE SCRAPER Or Boot Scraper $11.25
SHO0004 SHOE SHINE, Timber Box $22.50SHO0005 SHOE SHINE, Box Pink With Black Lid $10SHO0006 SHOE SHINE, Box Tartan $10SHO0007 SHOE SHINE, Set Blue Vinyl Case $10
SIG0686 SIGN, Safety A-Frame - Caution Wet Floor $7.50SOA0006 SOAP, Vintage Packaging Sunlight $3.75SOA0001 SOAP DISH, Vintage $2.50SOA0002 SOAP HOLDER, Vintage Wire $3.75
SOA0003 SOAP, Cakes Small $2.50SOA0004 SOAP, Cakes Large $3.75SOA0005 SOAP, Vintage Packaging Velvet $5SPI0050 SPINNING WHEEL, Craft Wood $37.50
Assorted StringTEA0050 TEA TOWEL HOLDER, Painted Green $10TEA0051 TEA TOWEL HOLDER, Painted White $10TIN0028 TIN, Vintage Laundry - Golden Star Polish Mop $10
TOW0013 TOWEL, Bath - Retro Green $3.75TOW0014 TOWEL, Bath - Retro Stripe $3.75TRO0119 TROLLEY, Airline Trolley - Pale Blue Metal $50TUB0001 TUB, White Enamel w Red Rim $18.75
TUB0002 TUB, Galvanised Oval w Handles $15TUB0003 TUB, Galvanised Round $15TUB0004 TUB, Galvanised Sloped $15TUB0006 TUB, Large Beaten Copper $30
TUB0005 TUB, White Enamel w Blue Wave $10VAC0001 VACUUM, 1950s Hoover Upright Mustard  $37.50VAC0002 VACUUM, 1950s Hoover Upright Blue  $37.50VAC0003 VACUUM, Floor Polisher $37.50
VAC0004 VACUUM, Floor Sweeper Bissell $22.50BOW0001 BOWL, Wash Bowl Green Plastic  $6.25BOW0003 BOWL, Wash Bowl White Enamel Medium $13.75BOWL, Wash Bowl White Enamel Small $7.50 / Medium $13.75 / Large $18.75
CLO1004 CLOTHESLINE, Washing Line White $2.50WAS0001 WASHING MACHINE, 1950's $75Wicker Washing Basket on Trolley

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.