A feast for all the Knights and their Ladies, Princes and Paupers.

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Medieval Banquet StylingMedieval Banquet StylingMedieval Banquet StylingMedieval Banquet Styling
Medieval Banquet StylingMedieval Event StylingMedieval Event StylingMedieval Event Styling
Medieval Event StylingMedieval Event StylingANI0001 ANIMAL HIDE, Assorted $20TAX0001 TAXIDERMY, Goat Head Brown - Model/Mask (Not Actual Taxidermy) $87.50
ANT0002 ANTLER, Deer Antler - Real (Price is Per Antler) $11.25STO0102 STOOL, Bar Stool -  Timber Seat with Angle Iron Legs $45BAR0101 BAR, Rustic 1.1m High x 1.6m Wide x 60cm Deep $237.50BAR0300 BARN DOORS, 2.8m wide x 2.2m high $375
BAR0007 BARREL, Set of 3 - Small, Medium & Large (Theatrical) $50BAR0005 BARREL, Small - 40cm high $20BAR0010 BARREL, Half Barrel - Plastic $15BAR0008 BARREL, Small Half Barrel w Tap $20
BAR0003 BARREL, Large - 90cm high $37.50BAR0011 BARREL, Small w Leather Shoulder Strap $22.50BAR0006 BARREL, Timber Keg with Tap on Stand $20BAS0020 BASKET, Ex Lg Woven No Base $22.50
BAS0028 BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining $22.50BAS0031 BASKET, Large Open Weave Calico Lining $22.50BAS0032 BASKET, Large Round Brown w Handles $22.50BAS0070 BASKET, Large Tapered 50-60cm $20
BAS0037 BASKET, Narrow Wicker Tall 45cm H $15Assorted Narrow Wicker BasketsTAN0001 TANKARD, Beer - Pewter Assorted 10-15cm $3.75BEN0103 BENCH, Timber - Rustic 2m Long Backless $50
BIR0101 BIRDCAGE, Black Victorian 3 Tier $30BIR0116 BIRDCAGE, Ornate - Large $37.50 (with Optional Cover)BON0007 BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1m L) $30BON0004 BONES, Pelvis $18.75
BOO0021 BOOK, Large w Olive and Gold Detail $7.50BOTTLE CADDY, Small Wicker Double (BOT0040) $6.25 & Single (BOT0041) $3.75BOT0037 BOTTLE, Large Brown Glass w Stopper $4.50
BOT0008 BOTTLES, Small Green w Shellac Finish $6.25BOT0014 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered - Large $6.25BOT0006 BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Green w Candle Wax) $5
BRA0007 BRASSWARE, Tray / Platter - Extra Large 75cm Dia $22.50BRA0008 BRASSWARE, Tray / Platter - Extra Large 80cm (Battered) $22.50BRA0009 BRASSWARE, Pot Blackened - Medium $15BRA0011 BRASSWARE, Mugs - Assorted $3.75
BRA0049 BRASSWARE, Ship Wall Decor Round 26cm Dia $8.75BUC0038 BUCKET, Small Shallow Wooden 28cm D $12.50BUC0039 BUCKET, Small Wooden 22cm D $12.50
BAS0101 BASKET, Bushell - Assorted Sizes $12.50CAN0009 CANDELABRA, Standing Metal 6 Arm w Centre Finial $18.75CAN0007 CANDELABRA, Standing Black 13 Arm (Fits Tapered Candles) $15CAN0008 CANDELABRA, Standing Rusted Wrought Iron 2 Arm $30
CAN0011 CANDELABRA, Standing Black 7 Arm (Fits Tapered Candles) 80cm High $15CAN0002 CANDELABRA, Hanging Wrought Iron Wagon Wheel 1m Dia $37.50CAN0054 CANDLESTICK, Pair - Iron & Beaded 54cm H $15Centrepiece - Medieval POA
Centrepiece - Medieval POACentrepiece - Medieval POACentrepiece - Medieval POACHA0600 CHAIR, High Back - Olive Velvet $25
CHA0601 CHAIR, High Back - Red Damask Gold Frame $62.50CHA0350 CHAIR, Timber - Low Medieval Style $20PEW0001 PEW, Church Pew with Gothic Detail 2.2m Long $187.50CHE0105 CHEST, Medium Classic Treasure Style 76x45x38cm H $87.50
CHE0101 CHEST, Large Aged Rust and Rivet Detail 88x45x55cm H $87.50CHE0107 CHEST, Medium Pale Timber 74x38x38cm H $62.50CHE0104 CHEST, Large Timber w Rope Handles 80x36x58cm H $87.50COA0060 COAT OF ARMS, Small w Red Background $12.50
CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.5CRA0005 CRATE, Vintage - Bottle Holder $18.75Assorted CratesCRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30
CRA0013 CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H) $12.50CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50CUR0004 CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop $25Artificial Foods
BOW0040 BOWL, Fruit Bowl - Black Metal Mesh $7.50BOW0041 BOWL, Fruit Bowl - Black Metal Pedestal $7.50BOW0042 BOWL, Fruit Bowl - Black Metal Scrolled Feet $7.50
BOW0043 BOWL, Fruit Bowl - Black Wrought Iron (Boat Shape) $7.50BOW0032 BOWL, Fruit Bowl on Raised Wooden Pedestal $7.50CAK0002 CAKE STAND, Timber 3 Tier - 65cm High x 50cm Wide $32.50GOB0002 GOBLET, Stand - Set of 4 Goblets on Stand $12.50
GOB0003 GOBLET, Glass w Pewter Base $7.50GOB0004 GOBLET, Silver or Pewter Wide Cup Assorted $3.75GOB0005 GOBLET, Silver or Pewter Assorted $3.75BRA0010 BRASSWARE, Goblet - Assorted $3.75
HES0101 HESSIAN, Natural - Miscellaneous Lengths $5Selection of Pewter JugsJUG0030 JUG, Pewter with Dimples - 19cm H $6.25JUG0031 JUG, Pewter with Lid - Large 25cm H $11.25
JUG0032 JUG, Pewter with Lid - Small 16cm H $7.50Medieval Collection of Jugs and BottlesJUG0001 JUG, Silver / Copper / Pewter Assorted $7.50KET0001 KETTLE, Cast Iron - Large $22.50
KEY0100 KEY CUPBOARD, Small Wooden w Iron Front $15KEY0019 KEY SET, Antique Cast Iron w Padlock $12.50CAN0053 CANDLE HOLDER, Blackened/Brass Wall Sconce $10LANTERN, Indian Rustic Lantern Small $6.25 / Medium $8.75 / Large $12.50
CAN0010 CANDELABRA, Floor Standing Ornate Turned Gold Metal 2.5m High $300LIG0110 LIGHT, Hanging Light Gothic 3 Arm $18.75LIG0147 LIGHT, Hanging Light - Gothic 5 Arm $30LIG0110 LIGHT, Hanging Light Gothic 3 Arm $18.75
PLI0016 PLINTH, Lion w Shield - Faux Stone 1.4m High $62.50MAN1000 MANGER (or Trough) $45PED0002 PEDESTAL, Table - Small Altar Style $11.25BOW0007 BOWL, Copper Metal $3.75
PLA0201 PLATE, Wooden Charger Plate - Aged $6.25PLA0202 PLATE, Wooden Plate - Aged Green Gold $3.75PLA0203 PLATE, Wooden Side Plate - Aged $3POT0005 POT, Cast Iron Extra Large $25
POT, Oval Cast Iron Large (POT0006) $22.50 & Medium (POT0007) $18.75POT0020 POT, Rustic Wooden Storage Pot - 25-30cm $18.75POT0002 POT, Cast Iron - Small w Handle $7.50POT0013 POT, Small Cast Iron Pot w Loop Handle $7.50
ROP0007 ROPE, Ball $12.50ROP0008 ROPE, Hook Attached $15ROP0003 ROPE NET, Small Pieces Assorted $10RUG0020 RUG #020, Traditional Olive/Gold (well worn) 2.5m x 1.6m $37.50
RUG0077 RUG #077, Rust & Green Floral 1.7m x 1.2m $50SAC0005 SACK, Hessian - Large $12.50SAC0009 SACK, Hessian - Small $7.50SAC0016 SACK, Blackened Coal Sacks - Large $15
SACK, Cotton - Large (SAC0002) $12.50 & Small (SAC0003) $6.25SCR0052 SCROLL, Medieval / Pirate $13.75SHI0005 SHIELD, Ornament Small 26cm x 29cm $7.50SKU0003 SKULL, Cow (Decaying) $20
SKU0004 SKULL, Horse $37.50SKU0002 SKULL, Ram w Horns $37.50WIN0004 WINDOWS, Stained Glass - Freestanding 50cm W x 2m H $150STA0001 STATUE, Knight in Armour - 55cm High Replica $11.25
STO0051 STONE BLOCK, 1.2m x 30cm x 30cm $37.50STO0050 STONE RUINS, Freestanding Stone Wall 1.2m W x 2.4m H $150Assorted StonewareSTO0001 STONEWARE, Whiskey Keg $22.50
STO0002 STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier $22.50STO0303 STOOL, Milking Stool - Timber Seat White Legs $17.50STO0313 STOOL, Rustic - Small (low height) $12.50STO0314 STOOL, Rustic - Square $17.50
TAB0001 TABLE, Large - Rustic Black & Grey 71x74x80cm H $50TAB0002 TABLE, Large - Rustic Ochre & Black 71x74x80cm H $50TAB0011 TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Ochre & Black 40x40x50cm H $22.50TAB0136 TABLECLOTH, Rust Red Hessian 1.2m x 1.2m $6.25
TAX0004 TAXIDERMY, Deer with Antlers $87.50TAX0002 TAXIDERMY, Goat Head White on Wooden Plaque $87.50TAX0005 TAXIDERMY, Pheasant (70cm L x 40 cm H) $50BLA0107 BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork $25
CAS0001 CASH BOX, Aged Black Metal w Handle $15TOR0001 TORCH, Firestick $10TRI0200 TRIVET, Cast Iron $10TRO0101 TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic $30
UTE0006 UTENSIL, Ladle $5UTE0007 UTENSIL, Large Spoon - Blackened $5WAG0002 WAGON WHEEL, Original - Large 95cm Dia $37.50WAG0003 WAGON WHEEL, Medium 80cm Dia $18.75
WAG0004 WAGON WHEEL, Small 55cm Dia $18.75WHE0001 WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber $62.50Wooden Bucket and Scrubbing BrushesSTA0103 STAND, Wrought Iron (for Pot or Cauldron) $25
STA0101 STAND, (Bird Stand) Height Adjustable Wrought Iron $37.50Medieval Event Styling

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