Money, Cash Boxes & Banking

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ADD0002 ADDING MACHINE, Solo $8.75ADD0003 ADDING MACHINE, Dark Beige Burroughs 1970s $22.50ADD0004 ADDING MACHINE, Dark Grey Burroughs 1970s $22.50ADD0001 ADDING MACHINE, Contex $15
GAR0050 GARTER, Arm Band / Shirt $1.25BAN0200 BANKING,  Sign - Name Plate Jeffery Puier Bank Manager $6.25BRO0101 BROCHURE HOLDER, Acrylic Display Holder A4 OR A5 $3BAN0202 BANKING, Acrylic Display Holder With Banking Pamphlets $6.25
BAN0203 BANKING, Acrylic Display Holder - Barclays Bank $5BAN0204 BANKING, Cash Deposit Satchel - Red $15BAN0205 BANKING, Cheque Book Wallet - Black $5BAN0206 BANKING, Cheque Book - Commonwealth or Federal Vintage $3.75
BAN0207 BANKING, Cheque Book - Commonwealth $3.75BAN0208 BANKING, Credit Card Manual Swipe Machine $15BAN0209 BANKING, Credit Card Swipe Machine Forms $10BAN0210 BANKING, Deposit Book - Commonwealth Bank $5
BAN0212 BANKING, Signage - Bankcard Signage $6.25BAN0217 BANKING, Signage - Generic Bank Sign on Coreflute $5 & BAN0218 BANKING, Signage - Teller on Coreflute $5BAN0213 BANKING, Signage - Home Loan Acrylic Display Signage A5 $5BAN0214 BANKING, Signage - Visa Eftpos Acrylic Signage $6.25
BAN0215 BANKING, Signage - Visa Eftpos Signage $5BAN0216 BANKING, Transaction Forms Or Receipts $3.75BRI0003 BRIEFCASE, Aluminium $18.75BRI0013 BRIEFCASE, Hard Shell Exec Style - Black $18.75
BRI0020 BRIEFCASE, Hardcase - Black w Aluminum Detail (Echolac) $18.75CAS0001 CASH BOX, Aged Black Metal w Handle $15CAS0002 CASH BOX, Aged Black Metal - No Handle $15CAS0003 CASH BOX, Medium 19cm - Vintage Black & Gold $8.75
CAS0004 CASH BOX, Small 15cm - Vintage Black & Gold $6.25CAS0005 CASH BOX, Yellow Petty Cash 30cm $7.5REG0001 REGISTER, Cash Register 1980s $20COI0001 COIN, Large Oversized 75cm Dia - 2c and 5c $37.5
COL0100 COLLECTION BOX, Charity Appeal Bucket $7.50COL0101 COLLECTION BOX, Red White Plastic $7.50COLLECTION BOX, Salvos (COL0102) or Children's Hospital (COL0103) $7.50MON0001 MONEY BAG, 30cm Calico Bag w $ Print $10
MON0002 MONEY BAG, 50cm Calico Bag w $ Print $10MON0003 MONEY BAG, Blank $7.50MON0004 MONEY BAG, Real NAB $6.25MON0005 MONEY BOX, Commonwealth Bank Tin $2.50
MON0006 MONEY BOX, Holiday Savings Box $7.50MON0007 MONEY BOX, Small Wooden $5MON0008 MONEY BOX, Tin $2.50MON0009 MONEY BOX, Wooden Telephone Money Box $5
MON0010 MONEY CLIP, Oversized Brass Credit Suisse $5MON0011 MONEY, Brass Change Tray Pocket Change $5MON0012 MONEY, Cash Notes - Argentinian Pesos $2.50MON0016 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $100 Bundles In Purple Blue $2.50
MON0017 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $100 Bundles $3.75MON0018 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $100 Fan (Laminated Purple Blue) $10MON0019 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $100 Laminated Aqua Green $0.5MON0013 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $2 Note $5
MON0014 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $50 And $100 Rolls  $3.75MON0015 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian $50 Bundles $3.75MON0043 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian Dollars (Laminated Oversize 75mm x 190mm) $0.25MON0044 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian Notes (in Notepad) $1.25
MON0020 MONEY, Cash Notes - Australian Ten Shillings $5MON0021 MONEY, Cash Notes - Banque De France (Cent Francs) $1.25MON0022 MONEY, Cash Notes - Brazilian Cruzados $2.50MON0023 MONEY, Cash Notes - Central Bank of Egypt $2.50
MON0024 MONEY, Cash Notes - Chinese Notes $0.75MON0025 MONEY, Cash Notes - Craven Bank Ten Pounds $5MON0026 MONEY, Cash Notes - English Pounds $3.75MON0027 MONEY, Cash Notes - Fifty Dirham $2.50
MON0028 MONEY, Cash Notes - Funny Money Box Lot $37.50MON0029 MONEY, Cash Notes - Funny Money Bundle $0.75MON0029 MONEY, Cash Notes - Funny Money Bundle $0.75MON0030 MONEY, Cash Notes - Malayan Ten Dollar $2.50
Mixture of Foreign NotesMON0031 MONEY, Cash Notes - New Zealand Dollars $2.50MON0032 MONEY, Cash Notes - Ten Deustch Mark $2.50MON0033 MONEY, Cash Notes - Tonga Dollars $2.50
MON0034 MONEY, Cash Notes - Twenty Mexican Pesos $2.50MON0035 MONEY, Cash Notes - USA Dollar Bundle $3.75MON0036 MONEY, Cash Notes - USA Dollar Slightly Oversized $0.75MON0037 MONEY, Cash Notes - New Zealand $2 Bundle $3.75
MON0038 MONEY, Coin Holder Brown Plastic $6.25MON0039 MONEY, Coin Holder Teal Plastic $6.25MON0045 MONEY, Coins - British Set $1MON0040 MONEY, Coins - Australian Shillings & Pence $0.25
MON0041 MONEY, Coins - Chinese $0.25MON0042 MONEY, Coins - USA $0.25STA0207 STAMP, New Zealand Money Stamp $12.50 (underside)STA0207 STAMP, New Zealand Money Stamp $12.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.