Night at the Museum

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Ancient pots - large pair (1)Ancient pots - large pair (2)Ancient pots - Stone urns (1)Ancient pots - Stone urns (2)
Ancient pots - Stone urnsAncient storage urns, green and shellac x 12Ancient urns and vessels (1)Ancient urns and vessels (2)
Ancient urns and vessels (3)Ancient urn - sandstone pot 80cm highArtefact - tribal mask.paintedArtefact - C17th treasure box, small
Artefact - African ladyArtefact - brass 1Artefact - brass 2Artefact - brass 4
Artefact - brass/black tall urnArtefact - rock carvingsArtefact - African plateArtefact - Egyptian lady
Artefact - pots (1)Artefact - pots (2)Artefact - pots (3)Artefact - Roman iron cooking pot
Artefact - carved Tribal mask (1)Artefact - carved Tribal mask (2)Barriers/stancions, brass x 6Barriers/stanchions, chrome with red ropes
Bradman's cricket bats (not really)!Bradman pics (1)Bradman pics (2)Brass goblets and cups
Brassware assortedBust, goldBronze Bust  - old manBronze bust - small
Cameras - period assortedCameras - Box brownies x 10Camera - vintage style on tripod legsChinese Horse x 2, 160cm high x 140cm (1)
Chinese Horse x 2, 160cm high x 140cm (2)Chinese Warrior x 2, 1.1m highCorinthian column , gold 1.2m high x 30cmRoman / Greek columns x 12. 2.35m high
Columns x 4, Egytian columns 2.6m high, top detail, styreneColumns x 4, Egytian columns 2.6m high, styreneColumns x 4, Egytian columns 2.6m high, bottom detail, styreneEgyptian artefacts (1)
Egyptian lady bustEgyptian artefactsEgyptian wall hangingFox - taxidermied
Goat headGold easel, 1.8m highInformation signs x 3Painting - Mona Lisa
Painting - Queen Elizabeth 11 portrait in gold framePheasant - taxidermiedRed carpets - we have a few different sizesRed carpet entrance with barrier poles
Science - apothecary and specimens (1)Science - apothecary and specimens (3)Skulls, large 40cm and lifesizeStatue - Lady or round plinth, 2.6m high
Statue - Lady or round plinth, 2.6m high - detailStatue - Lady with grapes, 2m high when on plinth baseStatue - Lady with roses, 2m high when on plinth baseBust of David on Corinthian column
Statues - groupStone tiki block x 4, 120cm highStone tiki block x 3, 90cm highStone tiki round block x 3, 120cm diameter
Stone tiki block x 4, 165cm highTribal drums - smallTribal exhibits - shields, seated warrior and spearsTribal headdress - Aztec style
Tribal masks - carved wood (1)Tribal masks - carved wood (2)Tribal masks - carved wood (4)Tribal masks - painted
Tribal message sticks in stone urnTribal sculpture - wooden (1)Tribal sculpture - wooden (2)Tribal sculpture collection
Tribal shields - fibreglassTribal shields - fibreglassTribal shields - fibreglass x 3Tribal spears, extra long
Urns with trailing ivy vines (can fit on top of Roman columns)Urns x 8, off white (can fit on top of Roman columns)Wooden plinths with perspex display caseWooden plinths with perspex display case & exhibit
Wooden plinths with perspex display case & exhibit

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.