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BAS0002 BASKET, Shopping - 1950's White & Blue Wicker $20BAS0003 BASKET, Shopping - Classic Rectangular Wicker $11.25BAS0004 BASKET, Shopping - Wicker w Yellow Handle $11.25BAS0005 BASKET, Bottle Basket 1950's White & Red $15
COO0101 COOLER, Black Blue Grey Canvas $7.50COO0102 COOLER, Black Khaki Canvas $7.50COO0103 COOLER, Brown Beige Canvas $7.50COO0108 COOLER, Eclipse Blue Canvas $7.50
COO0104 COOLER, Olive Green Vinyl $7.50COO0105 COOLER, Retro Floral Bottle Holder $10COO0106 COOLER, Retro Burgundy Cream Vinyl $7.50CUP0011 CUP SET, Aluminium Cups in Leather Case $5
CUP0012 CUP SET, Anodised w Tan Leather Case $5ESK0112 ESKY, Mustard Malleys w White Lid $15ESK0107 ESKY, Pink with Label 1950s Cream Lid $15ESK0101 ESKY, Pink with Label 1950s $15
ESK0100 ESKY, Pink White Lid 1950s 1960s $15ESK0104 ESKY, Blue Penquin $12.50ESK0108 ESKY, Blue $8.75ESK0105 ESKY, Classic Blue $12.50
ESK0102 ESKY, Mustard 1970s $15ESK0110 ESKY, Orange Metal $12.50ESK0109, ESKY, Orange Plastic Collibah $12.50ESK0103 ESKY, Orange Tartan (Damaged) 1970s $11.25
ESK0111 ESKY, Pale Blue w Broken Clasp $8.75ESK0106 ESKY, Red & Black Tartan $15ESK0113 ESKY, Blue Small Willow (6 Can) $6.25NAP0001 NAPKIN, Fabric Gingham $3.75
BAS0050 BASKET, Picnic - Classic Style C $11.25BAS0051 BASKET, Picnic - Stained Wicker Case $10BAS0052 BASKET, Picnic - Blue Floral Lining $10BAS0052 BASKET, Picnic - Blue Floral Lining OPEN
BAS0053 BASKET, Picnic - Classic Style A $11.25BAS0054 BASKET, Picnic - Classic Style B $11.25BAS0055 BASKET, Picnic - Classic w Black & White Tartan $12.50BAS0056 BASKET, Picnic - Classic w Blue & Yellow Tartan $12.50
BAS0057 BASKET, Picnic - Classic w Red & Blue Tartan $12.50BAS0058 BASKET, Picnic - Classic w Red Tartan $12.50BAS0059 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - 1950s Blue & White Stripe $20BAS0060 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Faux Leather Handle $11.25
BAS0061 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Leather Shoulder Strap $15BAS0061 BASKET, Picnic Hamper pictured w Teal Blue SetBAS0062 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Open Style w Red Gingham $11.25BAS0063 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Red Gingham $10
BAS0064 BASKET, Picnic - Wicker Case $10BLA0121 BLANKET, Picnic - Red & Green Wool (ripped) $10BLA0122 BLANKET, Picnic - Aqua & Green Cotton $10BLA0123 BLANKET, Picnic - Beige & Burgundy $10
BLA0124 BLANKET, Picnic - Beige Tartan Cotton $10BLA0125 BLANKET, Picnic - Blue Cotton $10BLA0135 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Blue Orange Cream Tartan $10BLA0126 BLANKET, Picnic - Blue Tartan Wool $10
BLA0127 BLANKET, Picnic - Brown Tartan $10BLA0136 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Green Tartan w Waterproof Backing $6.25BLA0129 BLANKET, Picnic - Green Tartan Cotton $10BLA0137 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Light Gree Blue Tartan Mohair $10
BLA0134 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Orange $10BLA0138 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Purple Tartan $10BLA0132 BLANKET, Picnic - Red Yellow Check Wool  $10CAS0101 CASE, Picnic - 1950's Asian Style $12.50
CAS0102 CASE, Picnic - 1950's Dark Green $11.25CAS0102 CASE, Picnic - 1950's Dark Green OPENCAS0103 CASE, Picnic - 1960's Mustard  $11.25CAS0104 CASE, Picnic - 1960's Tan  $11.25 (Closed)
CAS0104 CASE, Picnic - 1960's Tan  $11.25 (Open)CAS0103 CASE, Picnic - 1960's Mustard pictured w Orange SetBAS0064 BASKET, Picnic - Wicker Case pictured w Teal & White SetPIC0001 PICNICWARE, Bakelite Bowl Green $3
PIC0002 PICNICWARE, Bakelite Cup & Saucer Assorted $3.75PIC0003 PICNICWARE, Bakelite Plate Green Marble $3PIC0004 PICNICWARE, Bakelite Plate Pink Marble $3PLA0200 PLASTICWARE, Bowl Assorted $1
PLA0201 PLASTICWARE, Mug or Cup Assorted $1Mix of Assorted PicnicwarePLA0202 PLASTICWARE, Plastic Cutlery Assorted $0.25PLA0203 PLASTICWARE, Plate Assorted $1
PLA0204 PLASTICWARE, Salad Bowl Assorted $3PLASTICWARE, Side & Dinner Plate - White w Blue Stripe $1 eachTAB0060 TABLE, Folding Table - Wooden 50cm x 100cm $22.50TAB0132 TABLECLOTH, 1950's Banksia - Red and Cream Floral 1.3 x 1.4m $7.50
TAB0130 TABLECLOTH, Cream & Pink $7.50TAB0122 TABLECLOTH, Blue & White 6mm Check - 1.2m x 1.2m $10TAB0131 TABLECLOTH, Cream & Pale Blue $7.50TAB0133 TABLECLOTH, Light Blue & White Gingham w Flower Border $7.50
TAB0132 TABLECLOTH, Mustard & White Check $7.50TAB0134 TABLECLOTH, Red & White Gingham w Black Rick Rack & Embroidery $7.50TAB0133 TABLECLOTH, Red Green & Blue Tartan $7.50TAB0134 TABLECLOTH, White w Red Cross Check $7.50
TAB0135 TABLECLOTH, White w Blue Stripe and Check $7.50THE0001 THERMOS, Retro Case with Thermos Pair $11.25THE0002 THERMOS, Case - Retro Assorted $5THE0003 THERMOS, Stainless Steel Contemporary $7.50
THE0004 THERMOS, Plastic Assorted $3.75THE0005 THERMOS, Plastic Soup Style Assorted $3.75THE0006 THERMOS, Retro Large Assorted $6.25THE0007 THERMOS, Retro Assorted $5
Stainless Steel Thermos (THE0010) Small $6.25 (THE0009) Medium $7.50 (THE0008) Large $8.75THE0011 THERMOS, Case - Vintage Leather w Cup Holder $5CUP0013 CUP, Travel Cup $2.50COO0107 COOLER, Water - Blue & White 2L-5L Assorted $6.25
COO0110 COOLER, Water - Green Biege 5L $6.25COO0109 COOLER, Water - Red 5L $6.25Picnic Setting

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.