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Prison Styling - Ball & ChainPrison Styling - BedPrison Cell Styling - Padlock & KeysPrison Cell Styling - Noose
Prison Cell StylingBAL0050 BALL & CHAIN, Basic Black Plastic $3.75BAL0051 BALL & CHAIN, Realistic $22.50BAL0052 BALL & CHAIN, Silver & Black Plastic $6.25
BAR0200 BARBED WIRE, Roll of Fake Barbed Wire $12.50BED0101 BED, Industrial Metal Folding Bed Frame - Silver/Grey $50BED0150 BEDSIDE CABINET, 1940's Cream Metal w Towel Rail $45BLA0180 BLANKET, Grey Wool Assorted $12.50
BLA0181 BLANKET, Grey Wool w Navy Stripe $12.50BLA0182 BLANKET, Grey Wool w Red Stripe $12.50BOD0007 BODY BAG, Black Cotton Drawstring $18.75CHA0250 CHAIR, Metal Industrial with Box - Pale Green $22.50
CHA0502 CHAIR, Folding Metal - Pale Green $20CHA0381 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Blue $11.25HAN0010 HANGMAN, Noose - Assorted $12.50HOO0001 HOOD, Black Hangman Style $10
KEY0013 KEY SET, Antique Cast Iron Set of 5 $12.50KEY0016 KEY SET, Brass Skeleton Set of 4 $12.50KEY0017 KEY SET, Ring of Multi Keys $10SHE0051 SHEET, Linen Cream Aged Stained $10 & PIL0012 PILLOWCASE, Cream Aged Stained $6.25
SHE0052 SHEET, Linen White Aged Stained $10MAT0004 MATTRESS, Hessian Straw Filled 90cm x 2m $37.50MAT0001 MATTRESS, Blue Ticking Mattress Roll (Fits Metal Beds & Hammock) $20PIL0010 PILLOW, Hessian Straw Filled $10 (shown with Mattress MAT0004)
MAT0002 MATTRESS, Thick Single Bed Blue Ticking Mattress w Buttons $37.50HAN0010 HANGMAN, Noose - Assorted $12.50PAD0003 PADLOCK, Oversized Theatrical $18.75PIL0003 PILLOW, Aged & Stained $18.75
PIL0001 PILLOW, Blue & White Ticking Stripe Fabric $15PIL0004 PILLOW, Insert $6.25PIL0005 PILLOW, Striped - Aged & Stained $18.75PIL0011 PILLOW, Ticking Aged Stained $18.75
SIG0021 SIGN, Police - Line Up Wall (2m x 1.8m High) $112.50POT0050 POTTY, Aged $13.75PRISON BARS, 90cm x 2.4m H Sections (door detail)PRI0107 PRISON BARS, 90cm W x 2.4m H Sections $75
PRISON BARS, Grey 2.28m H $50 per piecePRI0105 PRISON PROPS, Food Containers Assorted Aged $3.75PRI0106 PRISON PROPS, Personal Hygiene Set $15TRA0024 TRAY, Compartment Style - Aged and Rusted $8.75
TRA0009 TRAY, Compartment Style $7.50BAT0022 BATON, Metal Coil Truncheon $13.75BAT0023 BATON, Rubber SPFX Truncheon $22.50BAT0021 BATON, Wooden Truncheon $13.75
Prison Cell Styling

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