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ART0420 ARTWORK, Religious Plaque - Catholic Saint A3 $10ART0421 ARTWORK, Religious Plaque - Catholic Saint $6.25ART0167 Classical (Small) - Religious Scenes $7.50ART0422 ARTWORK, Religious - Portrait of Jesus Painted Velvet $18.75
ART0423 ARTWORK, Religious - Last Supper Print $12.50ART0424 ARTWORK, Religious - Holy Mary & Child in Shell Frame $7.50ART0425 ARTWORK, Religious - Holy Mary Joseph & Baby Jesus in Italianate Frame (damaged) $12.50ART0426 ARTWORK, Religious - Jesus w Halo $12.50
ART0427 ARTWORK, Religious - Lord Jesus Print in Salmon Fabric Frame (small) $5ART0428 ARTWORK, Religious - Monk and Child $12.50ART0429 ARTWORK, Religious - Padded Plastic Coated (Aged Yellowed) $5ART0430 ARTWORK, Religious - Padded Plastic Coated 'Behold The Man' (Aged) $5
ART0431 ARTWORK, Religious - Padded Plastic Coated w Cross Stitch Edge $7.50ART0432 ARTWORK, Religious - Padded Plastic Coated $5ART0433 ARTWORK, Religious - Pope John Paul Print $7.50ART0434 ARTWORK, Religious - Portrait Holy Mary in Olive Green Frame $12.50
ART0435 ARTWORK, Religious - Portrait of Jesus in Gold Frame A3 (no glass) $6.25ART0436 ARTWORK, Religious - Print in Metal Frame (Ex Small) $3.75ART0437 ARTWORK, Religious - Printed Holy Scene on Mirror $18.75ART0438 ARTWORK, Religious - Jesus Portrait Framed Print (no glass) $3.75
ART0439 ARTWORK, Religious - Framed Print (Small) $6.25BON0100 BONDAGE SET, Belt, Cuffs, Anklet Restraints $22.50BOO0160 BOOK, Bible - Aged Brown Hard Cover $6.25BOO0161 BOOK, Bible - Large White Hardback $6.25
BOO0162 BOOK, Bible Assorted $3.75BOO0163 BOOK, Bible or Psalm - Pocket Size $2.50BOO0164 BOOK, Book of Mormon - Tan Vinyl Cover $7.50BOO0165 BOOK, God Brotherer Texts (Mormons, Seventh Day, Jehovah Witness $3.75
BOO0166 BOOK, Hymn - The Australian Hymn Book Blue $3BOO0167 BOOK, Hymn - The Methodist Hymn Book Burgundy $3BOO0168 BOOK, Hymn or Psalms Assorted $3BOO0169 BOOK, Prayer or Church Service Book, Mini w Cover $7.50
BOO0170 BOOK, Religious Studies Assorted $3BOO017 BOX, Catholic Devotional or Prayer Collection 35cm $30CAN0092 CANDLE, Devotional or Prayer $3.75CHA0509 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre (Slatted), Set of 3 $45
PEW0001 PEW, Church Pew with Gothic Detail 2.2m Long $187.50CHE0003 CHERUB, Alabaster Finish $45COL0003 COLUMN, White Roman Fluted (2.35m H x 30cm W at Base) $80CRU0002 CRUSIFIX CROSS, Gold Plastic Novelty $2
CRU0003 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Metal 25cm L $6.25CRU0004 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Small Wooden $3.75CRU0005 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Wooden 25cm L $7.50CRU0006 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Wooden 35cm L $10
CRU0001 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Wooden 48cm L $15CRU0007 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Wooden Curved and Red Jesus 32cm L $7.50CRU0008 CRUCIFIX CROSS, Wooden on Base 31cm H $15WAL0121 WALL PLATE, The Lords Prayer $3.75
DOC0044 DOCUMENT WALLET, Funeral Folder Brown $6.25FRA0022 FRAME, Religious Print - Lords Prayer $6.25GAM0002 GAME, Board Game - The Bible Game $5LEC0001 LECTURN, Orante Yellow Gold and Cream $87.50
ORN0033 ORNAMENT, Angel in Prayer 25cm H $6.25ORN0034 ORNAMENT, Crystal Ball w Lady and Pink Roses $12.50ORN0035 ORNAMENT, Dove $3.75ORN0036 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Boy with Dog 25cm H $7.50
ORN0037 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Holy Mary Wall Plaque $15ORN0038 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Mary and Joseph (broken base) 18cm H $5ORN0039 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Monk with Child 25cm H $7.50ORN0040 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Nativity Set (10) $22.50
ORN0041 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Our Lady Fatima 30cm H $7.50Ornament Figurines - Religious CollectionORN0042 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Virgin Mary 25cm H $7.50ORN0043 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Virgin Mary 30cm H $7.50
ORN0044 ORNAMENT, Figurine - Virgin Mary 35cm H $10ORN0045 ORNAMENT, Gold Cherub 10cm H $1ORN0046 ORNAMENT, Holy Mary and Stained Glass Window $5ORN0047 ORNAMENT, Religious Decor Miscellaneous $3.75
ORN0048 ORNAMENT, Religious Decor $5ORN0049 ORNAMENT, Religious Angel, Cherub $3ROS0001 ROSARY BEAD, Assorted $5SIG0039 SIGN, Convent of The Good Samaritan 30cm W $18.75
STA0210 STATIONERY, 1940-50s Funeral and Sympathy Cards $1.25STA0211 STATIONERY, Religious Cards $0.25 or Box Lot $12.50STA0212 STATIONERY, Weekly Offering Envelope $0.50WAL0113 WALL HANGING, Religious - Aged Cardboard Ex Small $5
WAL0114 WALL PLAQUE, 1950s Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus 52cm W $22.50WAL0115 WALL PLAQUE, 1950s Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus 42cm W $18.75WAL0116 WALL PLAQUE, Contemporary Religious Affirmation $3.75WIN0004 WINDOWS, Stained Glass - Freestanding 50cm W x 2m H (ROUND BASE WITH SLEEVE) $150

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.