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Apothecary SpecimensLab GlasswarePeriod Science Prop StylingEvent Styling - Science Lab Propping
Vintage Science Lab StylingAPO0001 APOTHECARY BOTTLE, Antique Gold Mirror $10APO0002 APOTHECARY BOTTLE, Brown Glass Assorted Medium $7.50APOTHECARY BOTTLE, Clear Glass Assorted Medium ( APO0003) $7.50 or Large (APO0004) $12.50
APO0006 APOTHECARY BOTTLE, Extra Large w Stopper 37-43cm H $30APO0005 APOTHECARY BOTTLE, Square Glass w Shells $10BOO0145 BOOK, Science Assorted $3.75BOT0163 BOTTLE, Glass Demijohn - Extra Large Ribbed 55cm H $30
BOT0164 BOTTLE, Glass Demijohn - Extra Large 50cm H $30BOT0165 BOTTLE, Plastic Lab Squeeze Bottle w Coloured Spout $2.50BOT0166 BOTTLE, Plastic Lab Large w Caution Label $2.50BOT0167 BOTTLE, Plastic Lab Large w Label $2.50
BOT0168 BOTTLE, Plastic Lab Large $2BOT0169 BOTTLE, Science Large Clear Glass w Stopper & Tube $10CLO1012 CLOTHING, Apron - White Plastic (Style 2) $11.25CLO1016 CLOTHING, Lab Coat - White $15
JAR0056 JAR, Specimen - Clear Glass w VIC LAB Label (Soil Samples) $1.50LAB0006 LAB GLASSWARE, 1000ml Bottle with Tube $6.25LAB0018 LAB GLASSWARE, Beaker 1000mL $4.75LAB0011 LAB GLASSWARE, Beaker 100mL $2.50
LAB0012 LAB GLASSWARE, Beaker 250mL $3LAB0007 LAB GLASSWARE, Tall Cylindrical Glass w Lip - 9cm D x 24cm H $3LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Filtering Flask 1000mL w Joint 23.5cm H $4.50 (LAB0001) & 250mL w Joint $2.50 (LAB0020)LAB0019 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Filtering Flask 100mL w Joint $2.50
LAB0021 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Filtering Flask 300mL w Joint $2.50LAB0002 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Flask 1000mL 22cm H $3.75LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Flask 150mL $2.50 (LAB0016) & Conical Flask 100mL $2.50 (LAB0022)LAB0017 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Flask 250mL $3
LAB0023 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Flask 500mL $4.75LAB0010 LAB GLASSWARE, Conical Separatory Funnel 250mL $10LAB0003 LAB GLASSWARE, Filtration Beaker Large $6.25LAB0008 LAB GLASSWARE, Interchangeable Glassware - Chemistry Set $25
LAB0004 LAB GLASSWARE, Bottle w Blue Screw Cap - Assorted Sizes $2.50LAB0014 LAB GLASSWARE, Measuring Cylinder 50mL $3LAB0009 LAB GLASSWARE, Pear Shaped Flask $5LAB0024 LAB GLASSWARE, Round Bottom Flask 800mL $7.50
LAB0025 LAB GLASSWARE, Round Bottom Flask 1000mL $7.50LAB0013 LAB GLASSWARE, Stirrer $2LAB0005 LAB GLASSWARE, Volumetric Flask 500mL w Stopper 30cm H $7.50LAB0015 LAB GLASSWARE, Volumetric Flask Generic 500mL w Stopper 30cmH $7.50
MAP0006 MAP ROLL, King Gene DNA 1.5m x 1.2m $30MAP0010 MAP, Satellite Image & Other Science Related $2.50MED0056 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, Siltex Sterilizing Cabinet - Stainless Steel 45x41x33cm H $37.50MED0057 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, Steriliser Unit - Wooden Cabinet $30
MIC0002 MICROSCOPE BOX, (Box Only) $7.50MIC0006 MICROSCOPE, Boxed Set $25MIC0003 MICROSCOPE, Black $18.75MIC0004 MICROSCOPE, Grey Biolam $18.75
MIC0007 MICROSCOPE, Projection Microscope Star $22.50MIC0005 MICROSCOPE, Small $8.75MOD0025 MODEL, DNA Model 45cm x 60cmH $37.50SKE0005 SKELETON, Model 50cm H $15
PIP0001 PIPETTE, Box Lot $12.50PIP0004 PIPETTE, Plastic Ex Large 29cm L $4.25PIP0002 PIPETTE, Single $0.50SCI0050 SCIENCE EQUIPMENT, Wooden Stand w 8 Holders $6.25
SKE0001 SKELETON, Anatomical Model on Castors $100SOL0001 SOLAR SYSTEM, 3D Boxed Set $10SOL0002 SOLAR SYSTEM, Inflatable Set $17.50STO0401 STORAGE BASKET, Plastic - Large Blue $2.50
STO0403 STORAGE BASKET, Plastic - Large White $2.50STO0409 STORAGE BASKET, Plastic - Medium White $1.90STO0412 STORAGE BASKET, Plastic - Small White $1.25TES0001 TEST TUBE RACK, Black w 6 Test Tubes $7.50
TES0002 TEST TUBE RACK, Grey w 4 Test Tubes $8.75TES0003 TEST TUBE RACK, Natural Wood w 6 Test Tubes $7.50TES0004 TEST TUBE RACK, Pale Grey w 12 Test Tubes $9TES0005 TEST TUBE RACK, White 20 Hole $5
TES0006 TEST TUBE SET, Vintage in Grey Box $12.50TES0007 TEST TUBE SET, Vintage in Pink Red Box $12.50TES0008 TEST TUBE, Single Glass $1TES0010 TEST TUBE,  Single Glass - 20cmH w Side Arm $2.50
TES0009 TEST TUBE, Single Vintage w Cork Stopper $1.25TRA0019 TRAY, Stainless Steel - Ex Large $8.75TRA0021 TRAY, Stainless Steel - Medium Deep $6.25TRA0020 TRAY, Stainless Steel - Medium to Large $6.25
TRA0022 TRAY, White Cafeteria Style $3.75TRO0120 TROLLEY, Square Stainless Steel 2 Tier - 45 W x 95cm H $62.50TRO0121 TROLLEY, Rectangular Stainless Steel 2 Tier -  44 x 76 x 95cm H $62.50
TUB0057 TUBING, Orange Science Lab (Single) $2.50TUB0058 TUBING, Orange Science Lab on Roll $6.25VAC0050 VACUTAINER TRAY, Blood Collection Tube Holder $3.75VAC0053 VACUTAINER, Blood Collection Tray - Stainless Steel (Double Tray) $20
VAC0052 VACUTAINER, Blood Collection Tube - Tray Set $15 or Single (VAC0051) $1Science Lab Props

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