Sewing, Knitting, Needlework

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ART0050 ARTWORK, Frames Vintage Fashion News Print Ad $6.25BAL0060 BALLET SHOES, Pair of Pink Pointe Shoes $18.75COA0001 COAT HANGER, Fabric or Knitted $6.25COA0002 COAT HANGER, Vintage Wire $3
COA0003 COAT HANGER, Vintage Wooden w Pegs $9COA0004 COAT HANGER, Vintage Wooden $4.50Cotton Spools AssortedSPO0013 SPOOL, Cotton Spool, Vintage Cotton Reel $2.50
DAR0010 DARNING TOOL, Wooden Assorted $6.25DEC0101 DECOR, Ex Small Model Sewing Machine Ornament $4.50DEC0102 DECOR, Small Dress Maker's Mannequin $6.25DEC0103 DECOR, Small Wooden Rocking Chair Ornament $6.25
EMB0001 EMBROIDERY/ TAPESTRY, Craft Kit $6.25EMB0002 EMBROIDERY THREAD, Vintage Box Lot $22.50 or (EMB0003) Per Piece $1GLO0107 GLOVES, Ladies Vintage Pair $7.50KNI0010 KNITTING BAG, Retro Style Red Vinyl $15
KNI0011 KNITTING BASKET, Wicker Tapered w Lid & Knitting Props $22.50KNI0012 KNITTING BASKET, Wicket Basket w Handles & Knitting Props $22.50KNI0013 KNITTING BASKET, Woven Basket Pink Green Flowers w Knitting Props $22.50KNI0014 KNITTING BASKET, Woven Basket w Knitting Props $22.50
KNI0015 KNITTING BASKET, Woven Wicker Basket w Knitting Props $22.50KNI0016 KNITTING NEEDLES, Ex Large Pair $6.25KNI0017 KNITTING WOOL, Box Lot $25 or KNI0018 Per Ball $1.25KNI0019 KNITTING, Assorted $12.50
MAN0050 MANNEQUIN, Black Dressmaking on Timber Stand $48.75MAN0051 MANNEQUIN, Natural Dressmaking on Timber Stand $48.75MAN0059 MANNEQUIN, Vintage Wire Frame $30MAN0060 MANNEQUIN PARTS, Vintage Fabric Arm or Pad $7.50
MAN0061 MANNEQUIN, Vintage Green Dressmaking on Metal Stand $48.75MEA0017 MEASURING STAND, Wooden Vintage $18.75PAC0008 PACKAGING BOX, Vintage Bridal, Hosiery, Ladies Fashion etc $6.25PAT0020 PATTERN BOOK, Knitting or Crochet $3.75
PAT0021 PATTERN, Sewing $3.75PEG0010 PEG/RAG BAG, Vintage Red Leather on Hanger $12.50SCI0005 SCISSOR, Vintage Dress Making Styles $6.25Red Scissors 40cm L
Yellow Scissors 40cm LSCI0006 SCISSOR, Large Plastic $6.25SEW0001 SEWING KIT, Metal ' Sugar' Tin of Beads and Buttons $6.25SEW0002 SEWING KIT, Metal Tin Box of Beads and Buttons $6.25
SEW0003 SEWING KIT, Green White KLM Storage Box $10SEW0004 SEWING KIT, In Decorative Tin $7.50SEW0005 SEWING KIT, Plastic Tupperware $6.25SEW0006 SEWING KIT, Rectangular Storage Basket w Sewing Props $6.25
SEW0007 SEWING KIT, Rectangular Woven Storage Basket w Embroidery Craft $18.75SEW0008 SEWING KIT, Small Round Woven or Card Trinket Box $3.75SEW0009 SEWING KIT, Vintage Blue Tin 'Sewing Accessories' $12.50SEW0010 SEWING KIT, Vintage Fabric Covered Box w Embroidery Silks $18.75
SEW0011 SEWING KIT, Vintage Needle Kit $12.50SEW0012 SEWING KIT, Vintage w Rose Fabric Lid $12.50SEW0013 SEWING KIT, Vintage Basket w Embroidered Floral Lid $18.75SEW0014 SEWING KIT, Vintage Basket w Leather Lid and Vintage Craft Props $30
SEW0015 SEWING MACHINE SIGN, Vintage Steel 'PFAFF' (off treadle machine) $15SEW0016 SEWING MACHINE, Grey Pinnack (in Grey Case) $37.50SEW0017 SEWING MACHINE, Pinnack Grey Case $37.50SEW0018 SEWING MACHINE, Vintage Singer 1918 in Wooden Case $37.50
SEW0019 SEWING MACHINE, Vintage Singer 1918 $37.50SEW0020 SEWING PROPS, Buttons, Beads, Braids and Other $2.50SEW0021 SEWING PROPS, Miscellaneous Sewing and Craft Supplies $3.75SEW0022 SEWING PROPS, Vintage Miscellaneous Sewing and Craft Supplies $3.75
SHO0008 SHOE LAST, Vintage Wooden Pair $18.75SHO0009 SHOW LAST, Vintage Wooden Pointy Toe $12.50SHO0010 SHOE LAST, Wooden w Metal Handle $6.25SPI0050 SPINNING WHEEL, Craft Timber $37.50
Cotton Spools CollectionSPO0012 SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Large $5SPO0011 SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Medium $3.75SPO0010 SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Small $3
SPO0014 SPOOL, Vintage Wooden Large $6.25TAP0004 TAPE MEASURE, Basic $1.25TAP0005 TAPE MEASURE, Vintage or Retro Inches $3.75

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.