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BAL0002 BALL, AFL Football - Assorted $7.50BAL0003 BALL, AFL Football - Vintage Red Leather Sherrin $22.50BAL0004 BALL, AFL Football - Vintage Yellow Leather Sherrin $22.50BAL0005 BALL, AFL Football - Vintage Leather Unbranded $22.50
AFL0005 AFL Scarf, Blues or Geelong - Knitted $8.75AFL0006 AFL Scarf, Blues $8.75AFL0007 AFL Scarf, Geelong Tartan $8.75AFL0008 AFL Scarf, Hawks $8.75
AFL0009 AFL Scarf, Saints $8.75BAL0006 BALL, American Football - Vintage Wilson $22.50BAL0007 BALL, American Football - Wilson $18.75ATH0001 ATHLETICS, Relay Baton $6.25
BAD0013 BADMINTON, Racquet Wooden Dunlop 1970's - 1980's $15BAD0012 BADMINTON, Racquet Press - Wooden Dunlop $6.25RAC0001 RACQUET, Badminton $8.75BAD0011 BADMINTON, Shuttlecock $1.25
BAG0010 BAG, String Ball Bag - Large $6.25BAG0011 BAG, String Ball Bag - Small $3.75BAS0500 BASEBALL, Bat $8.75HEL0016 HELMET, Baseball Helmet - Blue $8.75
BAS0502 BASEBALL MITT, Blue Leather $11.25BAS0503 BASEBALL MITT, Tan Leather $11.25BALL, Baseball (BAL0008) & Softball (BAL0009) $4.50 EachBAS0510 BASKETBALL HOOP, Bedroom Style Ex Small 1970s $6.25
BAS0511 BASKETBALL HOOP, Bedroom Style Magic Shoot 1970s $6.25BAS0512 BASKETBALL, Spalding TF 33 $8.75BAS0513 BASKETBALL, Red White & Blue $8.75BAS0514 BASKETBALL, Swish $8.75
BAS0515 BASKETBALL, NBA $8.75BAS0516 BASKETBALL, Vintage Spalding $16.25BAS0517 BASKETBALL, Vintage $16.25BAS0518 BASKETBALL, Dunlop Blue & Grey $7.50
BAS0519 BASKETBALL, Green & Gold $8.75BAT0005 BAT & BALL, Beach Set $6.25BEN0100 BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long $30BEN0102 BENCH, Timber - Painted Off White Wide Slat with Back $37.50
BENCH, Timber - White Slat 1.2m (BEN0104) or 1.8m (BEN0105) Long Backless $50 EachBOW0100 BOWLING, Pin $8.75BOW0101 BOWLING, Retro Set of 6 x Pins & 1 x Bowling Ball $18.75BOW0104 BOWLS BAG, Brown Vinyl Retro Style $10
BOW0103 BOWLS BAG, Navy - eLuggage $15BOW0102 BOWLS, Vintage Box Henselite $8.75Set of Bowls w BOW0103 BOWLS BAG, Navy - eLuggage (all pieces priced individually)BOW0105 BOWLS, Jack - Blue $3.75
BOW0106 BOWLS, Lawn Bowls Ball $7.50BOW0107 BOWLS, Fake (Rubber) Lawn Bowls Ball SFX $18.75BOX0050 BOXING GLOVES, Vintage Leather Pair $22.50SET0100 SET, Table & Chairs - White Timber Outdoor Setting $50
COA0100 COACHING PROPS, Stopwatch - Assorted $4.50COA0101 COACHING PROPS, Whistle - Assorted $3.75CRI0001 CRICKET, Armour $5CRI0002 CRICKET, Armour Box $6.25
BAL0010 BALL, Cricket $3.75BAL0011 BALL, Cricket - Worn Leather $6.25CRI0003 CRICKET BAT, Mini $3CRI0004 CRICKET BAT, Vintage $22.50
Propping - Batting Gloves & BallCRI0005 CRICKET, Batting Gloves - Pair Vintage Adult $11.25CRI0006 CRICKET, Batting Gloves - Pair Youth $6.25CRI0007 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Adult Fabric $18.75
CRI0008 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Adult Vintage Fabric $18.75CRI0009 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Adult Leather Look $15CRI0010 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Youth Extra Small $6.25CRI0011 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Youth Fabric $7.50
CRI0012 CRICKET, Batting Pads - Youth Leather $7.50CRI0013 CRICKET, Cap - Black Mackie CC $4.50CRI0014 CRICKET, Cap - Blue Wool $4.50CRI0015 CRICKET, Clubroom Pics $8.75
HEL0017 HELMET, Cricket Helmet - Blue Fabric $18.75HEL0018 HELMET, Cricket Helmet - Blue Hard Shell $18.75HEL0019 HELMET, Cricket Helmet - Green Fabric $18.75HEL0020 HELMET, Cricket Helmet - Green Hard Shell $18.75
CRI0023 CRICKET, Memorabilia - Display Case w 3 x Small Signed Bats 40 x 60cm $22.50CRI0020 CRICKET, Runners $6.25CRI0021 CRICKET, Sleeveless Jumper $8.75CRI0024 CRICKET, Kids Cricket Set - Spartan $7.50
CRI0022 CRICKET, Stumps - Assorted $7.50CRI0022 CRICKET, Stumps - Assorted $7.50DAR0001 DARTBOARD, Cabinet (with Dartboard) $22.50DAR0001 with Cabinet Open $22.50
DAR0002 DARTBOARD, Standard $8.75DAR0003 DARTBOARD, Black & White Rings $8.75DAR0004 DARTBOARD, Cambridge $15DAR0005 DARTBOARD, Pink Blue Yellow $6.25
DAR0006 DARTBOARD, Yellow & Black Rings $6.25HEL0021 HELMET, Fencing Helmet - Vintage Face Mask $20HEL0021 HELMET, Fencing Helmet - Vintage Face Mask $20PEN0001 PENNANT, Felt or Fabric Assorted $3.75
PEN0001 PENNANT, Felt or Fabric Assorted $3.75PEN0001 PENNANT, Felt or Fabric Assorted $3.75COA0102 COACHING PROPS, Football Whiteboard - Small $6.25BOO0004 BOOTS, Football - Assorted $8.75
BALL, Golf Ball Real (BAL0012) $0.50 & Rubber (BAL0013) $5GOL0001 GOLF CART, Green Bag 1960s w Trolley $35Faux Grass Rolls in Assorted Sizes $12.50 - $75 per rollSKA0001 SKATES, Ice - Pair Black Leather $22.50
SKA0009 SKATES, Ice - Pair White (Child's Size 3) $22.50MAR0100 MARKER CONES, Blue 24cm $0.75MAR0101 MARKER CONES, Red 24cm $0.75 (Pictured w MAR0102)MAR0102 MARKER CONES, Red 32cm $0.75
MAR0103 MARKER CONES, Yellow 24cm $0.75MEG0009 MEGAPHONE, Small Sunny Life - Teal White & Orange $7.50TRA0200 TRAMPOLINE, Mini Pink Celsius $30HEL0008 HELMET, Motorcycle - Black (Full Face) $37.50
HEL0009 HELMET, Motorcycle - Star Design (Full Face) $37.50HEL0010 HELMET, Motorcycle - Yellow Retro w Visor (Full Face) $30HEL0011 HELMET, Motorcycle - White w Visor (Open Face) $37.50HEL0012 HELMET, Motorcycle - Vintage White w Racing Stripe (Open Face) $37.50
HEL0013 HELMET, Motorcycle - Vintage Black (Open Face) $32.50HEL0014 HELMET, Motorcycle - Vintage Orange (Open Face) $25HEL0015 HELMET, Motorcycle - Visor Only Black $5BAL0014 BALL, Netball - Pink & White Slazenger $8.75
BAL0015 BALL, Netball - Gold Mitre $8.75BAL0016 BALL, Netball - Vintage $16.25BAL0017 BALL, Netball - White Madison $8.75BAL0018 BALL, Netball - White Mitre $8.75
BAL0019 BALL, Netball - Yellow School Property $8.75FEN0003 FENCE (PICKET), White Slat (Low) 1.7m L x 30cm H $15FEN0002 FENCE (PICKET), White Slat 2.7m L x 55cm H $22.50PLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50
QUO0002 QUOIT, Rings $1.25QUO0003 QUOIT, Set Contemporary $7.50QUO0001 QUOIT, Set Vintage Orange Base $11.25QU0004 QUOIT, Set Vintage $11.25
SKA0002 SKATES, Rollerblades (Pair) - Black w Purple $13.75SKA0003 SKATES, Rollerblades (Pair) - Black & White $18.75BAL0028 BALL, Rugby - White w Green Blue Stripe $7.50SKA0004 SKATE, Skateboard - Black Deck $11.25
SKA0004 (Underside Designs)SKA0005 SKATE, Skateboard - Black Small $8.75SKA0006 SKATE, Skateboard - Blue $8.75SKA0007 SKATE, Skateboard - Penny Board Orange $6.25
SKA0008 SKATE, Skateboard - Yu Gi Oh $11.25SKIS, Pairs - Vintage Timber (SKI0003) $30 and Small (SKI0004) $22.50SNO0011 SNOW SHOES, Classic Timber $37.50
BAL0020 BALL, Soccer - Aged White Leather $11.25BAL0029 BALL, Soccer - Unbranded Black & White Circles $11.25BAL0030 BALL, Soccer - Unbranded Black & White Stripe $11.25BAL0021 BALL, Soccer - Classic Rubber $11.25
BAL0022 BALL, Soccer - Classic Leather $11.25BAL0023 BALL, Soccer - Classic Scuffed $11.25BAL0024 BALL, Soccer - Assorted Contemporary $8.75SOC0001 SOCCER NET, Full Size (Net Only) $45
SPO0100 SPORTSWEAR, Jumper Red White Blue $7.50SPO0101 SPORTSWEAR, Top Silver & Red Aged $7.50RAC0002 RACQUET, Squash - Assorted $11.25TAB0300 TABLE TENNIS, Bat (Pair) Assorted $6.25
TAB0301 TABLE TENNIS, Bat (Pair) Vintage Timber $7.50TAB0302 TABLE TENNIS, Net - Blue $3.75BAL0025 BALL, Tennis $0.50Styling - Tennis Balls & White Netting
TEN0011 TENNIS COURT LIGHT, White Industrial 50cm Dia $37.50TEN0010 TENNIS NET, Aged Full Size (Net Only) $45RAC0003 RACQUET PRESS, Tennis - Steel $6.25RAC0004 RACQUET PRESS, Tennis - Wooden $6.25
RAC0005 RACQUET, Tennis - 1960s / 1970s Wooden $15RAC0006 RACQUET, Tennis - 1970s / 1980s Wooden $15RAC0007 RACQUET, Tennis - 1980s Metal $11.25RAC0008 RACQUET, Tennis - 1990s Assorted $11.25
Styling - Trophies & FootballsAssorted Polished TrophiesAssorted Trophies - Club & Figurine $3.75 - $10 eachAssorted Trophies $6.25 - $30 Each
TRO0008 TROPHY, Cup Bronze - Ex Large 45-50cm H (Style 1) $40TRO0009 TROPHY, Cup Bronze - Ex Large 45-50cm H (Style 2) $40TRO0010 TROPHY, Cup Bronze - Ex Large 45-50cm H (Style 3) $40TRO0011 TROPHY, Cup Bronze - Ex Large 45-50cm H (Style 4) $40
TRO0012 TROPHY, Golf Figurine Assorted $10TRO0015 TROPHY, Large 42cm Crystal $45TRO0013 TROPHY, Plaque - Soccer $11.25CHA0900 CHAIR, Lifeguard / Umpire Chair 2m High $100
BAL0026 BALL, Volleyball - Fluro $8.75SPO0102 SPORT, Black Water Bottle Carrier w Red Bottles $18.75SPO0103 SPORT, Red Water Bottle Carrier w White Bottles $18.75SPO0104 SPORT, Water Bottle Red & White (Single) $1.25
BAL0027 BALL, Water Polo - Yellow $8.75WEI0001 WEIGHT LIFTER, Belt $11.25WEI0002 WEIGHT, Dumbell 7.5kg $7.50WEI0003 WEIGHT, Dumbell Adjustable $11.25
WEI0004 WEIGHT, Dumbell Ladies Pair $3.75WEI0005 WEIGHT, Dumbell (Rubber Model) $18.75WEI0006 WEIGHT, Wrist Weight Red Reebok Pair $4.50POD0001 PODIUM, Winner - 2.1m L x 60cm D x 60cm H $112.50
Styling - Cricket Gloves & Ball

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