Spring Racing Carnival

There's the race that stops the nation but we get a bit 'horsey' all year round. From oversized horseshoes to classic vintage 'bookies' bags we'll put money on it that you'll find something here...

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Event Styling - Spring RacingEvent Styling - Spring RacingFilm Set Design - Melbourne Cup Scene from Event Styling - Spring Racing
Event Styling - Spring RacingBEN0100 BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long $30BENCH, Timber - White Slat 1.2m Long Backless (BEN0104) and 1.8m (BEN0105) $50 EachBinoculars and Leather cases - Assorted Pricing from $7.50
BAG0002 BAG, Bookies - Cream Murry $37.50BAG0001 BAG, Bookies - White O'Keefe $37.50BAG0001 BAG, Bookies - White O'Keefe $37.50 (back)CHA0204 CHAIR, Garden - Metal White Lacework $22.50
Faux Grass - Assorted Lengths (Rolls) $12.50 - $75FEN0003 FENCE (PICKET), White Slat (Low) 1.7m L x 30cm H $15Picket Fencing - Contact us for a QuoteURN0052 URN CENTREPIECE, Pink Floral Arrangement (for Medium Urn URN0003) $20
Event Styling - Floral Urn with HorseshoeFLO0094 FLOWER, Rose - Assorted Pinks $1.25FLO0051 FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink Roses $12.50Colourful Arch shown with Horseshoe
ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful 1.2m W x 2.3m H $100ARC0002 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Green & White 1.2m W x 2.4m H $100GRE0010 GREENERY, Ivy Trellis 1m x 2m $25HOR0002 HORSESHOE, Large White 1.4m W x 1.2m H $187.50
HOR0003 HORSE, White Lifesize Fibre Glass $350ICE0005 ICE BUCKET, Silver w Decorative Detail $20BAS0055 BASKET, Picnic - Classic w Black & White Tartan $12.50BAS0061 BASKET, Picnic Hamper - Leather Shoulder Strap $15
BLA0125 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Blue Cotton $10BLA0128 BLANKET, Picnic Blanket - Red Tartan Cotton $10PLI0006 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 90cm High $37.50PLI0007 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 50cm High $30
PLI0008 PLINTH, White Metal 100cm High $37.50PLI0009 PLINTH, White Metal 90cm High $37.50Spring Racing Styling - Plinth w UrnPLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50
Event Styling Spring RacingSET0100 SET, Table & Chairs - White Timber Outdoor Setting $50Assorted SilverwareSTA0006 STATUE, Lady w Torch on Round Plinth - 70cm W x 2.4m H $187.50
STA0005 STATUE, Lady w Roses - 1.45m High $100TAB0030 TABLE, Card Table - Green Felt 50cm x 50cm $15TOA0002 TOADSTOOL, Plaster 33cm High $15TOA0001 TOADSTOOL, Cluster of 3 - Papier Mache 60cm High $37.50
TOADSTOOL, Oversized Resin & Soft Foam 1.1m Dia 1.5m H (TOA0010) $225 & 1.5m Dia 2.3m H (TOA0011) $312.50TOA0003 TOADSTOOL, Resin 21cm High $7.50GRE0010 GREENERY, Ivy Trellis 1m x 2m $25GRE0024 GREENERY, Trellis - Laurel Leaf Expanding Trellis - 1m x 2m $25
TRO0005 TROPHY, Cup - Small 20cm H (Bronze or Silver Assorted) $11.25Collection of Extra Large Trophies $40 EachTRO0008 TROPHY, Cup Bronze - Ex Large 45-50cm H (Style 1) $40URN0003 URN, Off White - Medium (44cm Dia x 40cm High) $15
URN0006 URN, Gold - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.50URN0002 URN, Off White - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.50URN0012 URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H $30GRE0027 GREENERY, Vine - Ivy Roll 1m x 1.8m $25
GRE0013 GREENERY, Bright Green Vines - Box Lot (65 x 45 x 40cm H) $50GRE0014 GREENERY, Dark Green Vines - Box Lot (65 x 45 x 40cm H) $50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.