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Retro Tropical StylingEvent Styling - Tropical Beach ThemeEvent Styling - Tropical SunsetEvent Styling - Tropical Beach Theme
Event Styling - Tropical Theme Featuring our Custom Paper Palm TreeCUP0005 CUP, Bamboo $2.50CUR0007 CURTAIN, Bamboo - Assorted Painted Design 80cm W x 2m H $20BAR0100 BAR, 1950's Mustard Padded Vinyl Bar w Buttons (1.2m W x 45cm D x 1m H) $50
BAR0101 BAR, Rustic 1.1m High x 1.6m Wide x 60cm Deep $237.50BAS0015 BASKET, Bamboo Bowl $12.50 w Stand $6.25BAS0016 BASKET, Bamboo Storage Medium $10BAS0017 BASKET, Retro Cane $12.50
BAS0020 BASKET, Ex Lg Woven No Base $22.50BAS0028 BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining $22.50BAS0029 BASKET, Large Open Weave Dark $18.75BAS0030 BASKET, Large Open Weave Natural $18.75
BAS0032 BASKET, Large Round Brown w Handles $22.50BAS0012 BASKET, Shallow Island Style w Handles $12.50BAS0010 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven w Handles $12.50BAS0011 BASKET, Shallow Large Woven $12.50
BAS0007 BASKET, Woven Island Style $5BAS0008 BASKET, Woven Palm Small $7.50Collection of Cane BasketsBAS0001 BASKET, Barrel Style w Woven Matting Outer $20
BEN0100 BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long $30BIR0009 BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone $9SWI0002 SWIMWEAR, Boardshorts - Retro $12.50BOA0001 BOAT, Small Fibreglass Row Boat, 2.6m - Blue & White $125
BOA0003 BOAT, Small Rustic Timber Row Boat 1m Wx 1.7m L $125BOA0002 BOAT, Small Timber Row Boat, 2.1m - Blue Yellow Maroon $125BOTTLE, Chianti Large (BOT0018) $6.25 & Small (BOT0019) $4.50BOT0016 BOTTLE, Chianti Green Glass $12.50 & Carafe $7.50
BOT0015 BOTTLE, Vintage Wicker Covered $7BOT0014 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered - Large $6.25BOT0001 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered $3.75BOT0001 BOTTLE, Wicker Covered $3.75
Assorted Cane and 1950's LampsCAR0002 CART, Aqua - Large 2m Long x 65cm x 1.8m High $312.50CAR0003 CART, Cream - Large 2m Long x 65cm x 1.8m High $312.50CAR0004 CART, Aqua - Small 103 x 70 x 93cm H (Length to end of Handle 141cm) $137.50
CHA0207 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Cane Small 90cm H $30Crate with Tropical FlowersCRA0003 CRATE, with Tropical Signage $13.75Cargo Setup - Medium & Open Slat Crates
CRA0029 CRATE, Green Storage Crate w Rope Handle $18.75CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50CRATE, Slatted Aqua - Small (30W x 40L x 20cm H) $15 & Medium (36W x 48L x 38cm H) $18.75CRATE, Slatted Green - Small (30W x 40L x 20cm H) $15 & Large (42W x 56L x 38cm H) $22.50
CRATE, Slatted Green - Small (30W x 40L x 20cm H) $15 & Large (42W x 56L x 38cm H) $22.50CRATE, Slatted Pink - Small (30W x 40L x 20cm H) $15 & Medium (36W x 48L x 38cm H) $18.75CRATE, Medium Slatted - Red (36W x 48L x 38cm H) $18.75CRATE, Slatted Yellow - Medium (36W x 48L x 38cm H) $18.75 & Large (42W x 56L x 38cm H) $22.50
CRA0019 CRATE, Small - Painted/Coloured $12.50CRA0020 CRATE, Hessian Covered Tea Chest $22.50CRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30CRA0022 CRATE, Medium - Assorted $18.75
CRAYPOTS, Round Wicker - Large (CRA0503) or Medium (CRA0502) $30 EachFLO0060 FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Hot Pink $5FLO0061 FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Red $5FLO0077 FLOWER, Gladioli - Assorted $2
FLO0086 FLOWER, Lily - Red $1.25Assorted Tropical FlowersGRE0017 GREENERY, Birds Nest Fern Leaf $2GRE0045 GREENERY, Lush Dieffenbachia - 40cm Spray $3.75
GRE0041 GREENERY, Tropical Leaves - Large $3FRI0010 FRINGING, Island Style $22.50FRU0015 FRUIT, Artificial - Tropical Fruit Basket $45 (pictured w optional stand)Assorted Tropical Fruit
FRU0016 FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple $1.5FRU0017 FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple (small) $2FRU0018 FRUIT, Artificial - Watermelon Wedge $3.75BUO0001 BUOY, Glass Ball Float - Clear 20cm Dia w Rope Cage $15
BUO0002 BUOY, Glass Ball Float - Aqua 20cm Dia w Rope Cage $15GRA0010 GRASS SKIRT, Raffia $3.75GUI0001 GUITAR, Acoustic - Red $23.75HAT0025 HAT, Woven Palm $5
LAD0001 LADDER, Bamboo - 2m Long $18.75LAM0104 LAMP, Lampshade - Cane/Wicker Large $15LAN0026 LANTERN, Asian - Pink Hessian Covered w Timber Handle $13.75LEI0001 LEI, Assorted Colours $1.25
BUO0008 BUOY, Lifering - Hard Orange $25BUO0009 BUOY, Lifering - Vintage Pink Bands $25BUO0010 BUOY, Lifering - Vintage $25BUO0011 BUOY, Lifering - Vintage Orange Canvas $25
FIS0011 FISHING NET, Aqua - 2m x 10m $18.75FIS0015 FISHING NET, Dark Blue - 2m x 7m $18.75FIS0019 FISHING NET, White - 1.5m x 4m $12.50OAR0002 OAR, Dark Timber Long Handle $18.75
PALM TREE, PAL0011 2.4m H $100 and PAL0012 2.6m H $100ROP0006 ROPE, Thick Length (Single) $18.75SCR0015 SCREEN, Brushwood Screen Fencing 3m x 1.5m H $20SCR0001 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.8m x 1m (4cm Dia. Bamboo Poles) Not freestanding $45
SCR0002 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.2m x 2.4m (Woven) Not freestanding $75SCR0003 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal) $62.50SCR0004 SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.6m x 60cm (Bifold Screen) $40SEA0056 SEA, Sponge $3.75
SHE0011 SHELL BOWL $8.75SHE0010 SHELL BASKET, Small $6.25SEA0064 SEA, Shell - Mobile $15Basket of Assorted Shells
SEA0057 SEA, Shell - Clam 25cm $12.50SEA0063 SEA, Shell - Macrame Pot Holder $7.50SEA0062 SEA, Shell - Necklace $3.75SEA0059 SEA, Shell - Abalone $1
SEA0060 SEA, Shell - Large 20cm Assorted $6.25SIG0704 SIGN, Tiki Bar - 48cm x 38cm $6.25SIG0089 SIGN, Metal Tiki Club 20 x 30cm $8.75SUR0002 SURFBOARD, Pink / Red Trigger Bros Retro $50
SUR0001 SURFBOARD, Purple / White Trigger Bros Retro $50TIK0001 TIKI HUT, Bamboo Legs w Thatched Roof (1.2m W x 2.6m H) $250 (pictured with optional Bar)PALM TREE, 2.4m (PAL0004) OR 3m (PAL0005) High Freestanding - Styrene $100DRU0058 DRUM, Tribal Extra Large 1.2m Dia $125
GRE0007 GREENERY, Banana Palm w Feathers & Parrots 2.4m H x 1.8m W $100CEN0011 CENTREPIECE - Tropical Green Flame $30CEN0010 CENTREPIECE - Tropical Orange Flame $30PAL0010 PALM, Decorative Tropical Palm w Floral $20
TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50 (underside)TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50TUR0003 TURTLE SHELL, 75cm (Fibreglass) $68.75UKE0001 UKELELE, Blue Sunset $10
UKE0002 UKELELE, Brown $10UKE0003 UKELELE, Pale Timber $7.50UMB0103 UMBRELLA, Beach - Navy & White Stripe w Fringe $22.50UMB0119 UMBRELLA, Beach - Sunset Palms $12.50
UMB0127 UMBRELLA, Beach - Lime Green $18.75GRE0009 GREENERY, Tarzan Vine (3 x Strands Plaited - 2m Long) $15WIN0020 WINDCHIME, Bamboo $5WIN0021 WINDCHIME, Mother of Pearl $7.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.