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Event Styling - Cherub in Vegas Drive Thru ChapelEvent Styling - Vegas Drive Thru ChapelEvent Styling - Vegas Gaming TableEvent Styling - Vegas Lighting & Custom Signage
Event Styling - Vegas Themed CentrepiecesEvent Styling - Vegas Signage for EntranceBIR0009 BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone (60cm H) $20CAS0501 CASINO, Gaming - Poker Table Top 65cm x 1.5m L (to sit on an existing table) $50
CAS0502 CASINO, Gaming - Roulette Wheel Small 35cm Diameter $12.50CHE0003 CHERUB, Alabaster Finish $45COI0001 COINS, Large 75cm Dia - 2c and 5c $37.50COL0003 COLUMN, Roman Fluted (2.35m H x 30cm W at Base) $80
Event Styling - VegasDIC0002 DICE, Oversized White Vinyl 30x30cm $12.50DIC0005 DICE, Acrylic 70cm Wide $37.50DICE, Small Red or White Velour 9cm x 9cm $5
EAS0001 EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m high $30FLO0049 FLORAL, Bouquet - Bridal Peach & Pink Roses $12.50FLO0050 FLORAL, Bouquet - Bridal Silver w Roses & Tulle $12.50FLO0051 FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink Roses $12.50
ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful $100LEC0001 LECTURN, Ornate Yellow Gold and Cream $87.50Custom Entrance Vegas StylingPLA0053 PLAYING CARDS, Table Numbers $1.25
PLA0051 PLAYING CARDS, Jumbo Pack of Playing Cards 9 x 13cm high $2.50PLA0050 PLAYING CARDS, Oversized 27cm x 42cm H $6.25PLA0062 PLAYING CARD, Oversized Jack of Hearts 60 x 90cm $22.50PLA0052 PLAYING CARDS, Standard Size 6 x 9cm H $2.50
PLI0006 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 90cm High $37.50PLI0007 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 50cm High $30PLI0009 PLINTH, White Metal 90cm High $37.50
PLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50COL0004 COLUMN, Gold Corinthian 30cm D x 1.2m H $37.50PLI0003 PLINTH, Pedestal - Faux Stone 32 x 70cm H $37.50PLI0004 PLINTH, Pedestal - Whitewash 32 x 70cm H $37.50
Red Carpet Entrance w Bollards & RopeSIG0038 SIGN, Drive In Wedding Chapel 60x80cm $37.50LIG0300 LIGHTBOX, Las Vegas Nevada Signage Freestanding 1.8m W x 1.8m $400SIG0370 SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Caesars Palace $12.50
SIG0371 SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Fremont St $12.50SIG0372 SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Las Vegas $12.50SIG0373 SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Paradise Drive $12.50SIG0374 SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Wedding Chapel Pink $12.50
Las Vegas Street SignsLas Vegas Street SignsSLO0001 SLOT MACHINE, Retro Style $62.50SPR0002 SPRAY, Blue Onion Grass $3.75
SPR0003 SPRAY, Gold Twist $3.75SPR0004 SPRAY, Hot Pink Bauble $3.75SPR0005 SPRAY, Pink Bauble $3.75WIN0004 WINDOW, Stained Glass - Freestanding 50cm W x 2m H $150
Close Up of Stained GlassURN0002 URN, Off White - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.50URN0006 URN, Gold - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $15URN0011 URN, 108cm High - Gold on Pedestal Base Urn (34cm Dia) $30
URN0012 URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H $30LAS VEGAS EVENT STYLING

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.