Willy Wonka's Candyland

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Candyland Event StylingWilly Wonka Event Styling - BarWilly Wonka Centrepiece Styling - POAWilly Wonka Event Styling - Floral Arch Detail
Willy Wonka Event Styling - Entry DetailWilly Wonka Event Styling - Lamp PostWilly Wonka Event Styling - Oompa LoompaWilly Wonka Event Styling - Toadstool in Fog
Willy Wonka Event Styling - Topiary & Entry GatesWilly Wonka Event StylingBAC0002 BACKDROP, Fantasy Toadstool 4.8m x 2.7m $300BAC0005 BACKDROP, Old Brick Wall #1 (LHS) 2.4 m x 2.7m $150
BAC0006 BACKDROP, Old Brick Wall #2 (RHS) 2.4 m x 2.7m $150BIR0009 BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone $10BIR0023 BIRD, Swan $15CUP0007 CUP & SAUCER, Oversized Metal - Assorted 12cm High $5
PLA0014 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass Semi Circle 1m W x 30cm H (Comes Empty - Floral Additional) $87.50PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50FLO0060 FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Hot Pink $5FLO0111 FLOWER, Arum Lily - Red and Yellow $1
FLO0099 FLOWER, Sunflower $1FLO0103 FLOWER, Wisteria - Mauve $2FLO0104 FLOWER, Wisteria - White $2ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful 1.2m W x 2.3m H $100
GAT0001 GATES, Black Pillars & Gold Gates Freestanding 2.9m W x 1.8m H $150LEC0001 LECTURN, Ornate Yellow Gold and Cream $87.50STR0102 STREET LAMP, Contemporary Straight Black Post with 40cm Ball Shade 2.4m H $100STR0101 STREET LAMP, Decorative Black Post w Coach Style Shade 2.35m H $100
LIN0002 LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m $37.50LOL0050 LOLLY, Gumball Machine - Red Vintage $30LOL0101 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 23cm x 1.2m (Fits 10) $22.50LOL0102 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 40cm X 40cm (Fits 9) $20
LOL0023 LOLLY JAR, Large Ribbed Glass w Candy $10Assortment of Lolly JarsLOL0020 LOLLY JAR, Willy Wonka - Extra Small 6cm D x 10cm H $1.50LOL0021 LOLLY JAR, Small Ribbed Glass $2.50
LOL0022 LOLLY JAR, Willy Wonka - Small 8cm D x 14cm H $2LOL0008 LOLLY, Candy Cane Red & White 30cm H (Hook End) $2.50LOL0007 LOLLY, Candy Cane Red & White 70cm H (Hook End) Assorted $3.75LOL0011 LOLLY, Candy Cane Straw Red & White Stripe 1.5m H PVC $7.50
LOL0001 LOLLY, Chuppa Chup 15cm Dia $12.50LOL0004 LOLLY, Heart Shaped Red & Yellow 30cm Dia $18.75LOL0005 LOLLY, Love Hearts 25cm H $18.75LOL0002 LOLLY, Pink Swirl Round 30cm Dia $18.75
LOL0003 LOLLY, Red Round 25cm Dia $18.75Lolly Jar DisplayMIL0002 MILK BOTTLE, Small Glass $3PLI0009 PLINTH, White Metal 90cm High $37.50
PLI0011 PLINTH, Basic Short 41cm D x 54cm H $20 & PLI0010 PLINTH, Basic Tall 27cm D x 90cm H $20 w Lycra CoverPLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50PLI0004 PLINTH, Pedestal - Whitewash 32 x 70cm H $37.50POT0120 POT, Single Grass Covered Planter Pot (Cement Filled) - 15cm high (For Floral or Lollipops) $6.25
RAB0003 RABBIT, Large Flocked Magenta 18cm x 19cm High $6.25 & Small $3.75RAB0002 RABBIT, Large Flocked Yellow 18cm x 19cm High $6.25 & Small $3.75SCR0010 SCREEN, Brick Bi-Fold Screen 2.4m x 90cm Panels $45SIG0720 SIGN, Willy Wonka - Golden Ticket 87cm x 25cm $18.75
SIG0721 SIGN, Willy Wonka - No Entry Oompa Loompas 50cm x 25cmH $18.75SIG0722 SIGN, Willy Wonka - Warning Chocolate 60cm x 45cmH $18.75SIG0723 SIGN, Willy Wonka - Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory 80cm x 90cm $22.50SIG0724 SIGN, Willy Wonka - Wonkas Candyland 60cm x 25cm $18.75
TOA0002 TOADSTOOL, Plaster 33cm High $15TOA0001 TOADSTOOL, Cluster of 3 - Papier Mache 60cm High $37.50TOADSTOOL, Oversized Resin & Soft Foam (TOA0011) 1.5m Dia 2.3m H $312.50 & (TOA0010) 1.1m Dia 1.5m H $225TOA0003 TOADSTOOL, Resin 21cm High $7.50
GRE0021 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Single Ball Tree - 80cm H $18.75GRE0022 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 90cm H $30GRE0023 GREENERY, Topiary - Double Boxwood Ball Tree - 135cm H $45TOY0001 TOY SOLDIER, Life Size Resin Statue 3D 1.7m H $150
BLO0004 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 1.2m H $30Urn Arrangement - Custom Sunflowers & Lollipops (POA)Urn Arrangement - Custom Windmill Flowers & Lollipops (POA)URN0008 URN, Purple & Gold - Large 40cm H $18.75
URN0007 URN, Purple - Small 32cm Dia x 26cm High $12.5URN0006 URN, Gold - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm High $12.5URN0012 URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H $30Willy Wonka Theming

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.