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CUR0007 CURTAIN, Bamboo - Assorted Painted Design 80cmW x 2mH $20CUR0022 CURTAIN, Beaded Iridescent Crystal 90cmW x 3.6mL $22.50CUR0010 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970s Vintage Purple $22.50CUR0008 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970's - Iridescent Clear Raindrop 90cm x 180cm $15
CUR0009 CURTAIN, Beaded 1970's - Metallic Purple Blue 90cm x 180cm $15CUR0023 CURTAIN, Beaded Pink Iridescent Crystal 90cm x 1.8m L $15CUR0011 CURTAIN, Beaded Retro PVC Silver 90cm x 2.4m $18.75CUR0028 CURTAIN, Nude Chiffon 4x 80cm (ruffled) x 3.2m drop 1x 2.4m (ruffled) x 3.2m drop $25
CUR0035 CURTAIN, Pair Beige Green Liberty Floral $37.50CUR0036 CURTAIN, Beige Green Net $20CUR0037 CURTAIN, Beige Sheer Cotton Panel $12.50CUR0038 CURTAIN, Pair Beige Tan Velvet $37.50
CUR0039 CURTAIN, Pair Beige Weave $25CUR0053 CURTAIN, Pair Black Pink Green Vintage Floral 2.3m x 1.5m Drop $37.50CUR0041 CURTAIN, Pair Black Satin w Gold Motif $30CUR0042 CURTAIN, Black Satin $20
CUR0043 CURTAIN, Blue 2.9m x 2-3m Drop $20CUR0044 CURTAIN, Pair Blue Gold Regency Stripe $37.50CUR0045 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Green Net $25CUR0046 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Green Stripe Weave $25
CUR0012 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Olive Abstract Flowers $30CUR0013 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Blue Purple Flowers $30CUR0026 CURTAIN, Blue Sheer 1.4m x 2.2m Drop $18.75CUR0030 CURTAIN, Pair Blue Turquoise Velvet 1.1m W x 2.1m Drop $30
CUR0048 CURTAIN Pair Blue Navy Velvet w Red Tassel (Ex Long) $62.50CUR0049 CURTAIN, Pair Blue White Check Tab $20CUR0040 CURTAIN, Blue White Gingham Style Cafe Style 1.93m x 73cm Drop $18.75CAF0004 CAFE CURTAIN, Brown & Cream Check 60cm(W) x 120cm Drop $18.75
CUR0056 CURTAIN, 1970s Brown Geometric $25CUR0057 CURTAIN, Brown Gold Stripe Sheer $25CUR0058 CURTAIN, Brown Linen Abstract $25CUR0059 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Brown Olive Green Stripe Weave 1.5m x 1m Drop $30
CUR0060 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Brown Stripe Weave 2.2m 2.3m Drop $20CUR0061 CURTAIN, Brown Tan Damask $25CUR0062 CURTAIN, Pair Brown Velvet $37.50CUR0063 CURTAIN, Pair Cream Cotton $20
CUR0064 CURTAIN, Cream Satin $20CUR0065 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Cream Woven Green Stripe $25CUR0052 CURTAIN, Pair Cream w Pink Purple & Yellow Carnation Flowers 90cm - 2m Drop $30CUR0066 CURTAIN, Pair Gold Brown Floral Net Cafe Style Pair (Short) $15
CUR0067 CURTAIN, Gold Sheer Tab 1m W x 2.4m Drop $12.50CUR0068 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Gold Tan Net $20CUR0069 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Teal Net $20CUR0018 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Brown Gold Retro 60cm x 2.1m Drop $30
CUR0016 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Brown Link Pattern $30CUR0070 CURTAIN, Pair 1960s Green Chartreuse Gold Pattern $37.50CUR0071 CURTAIN, Pair Green Floral Regency Stripe Pair $37.50CUR0072 CURTAIN, Pair Green Ivory Regency Stripe Pair $37.50
CUR0015 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Lime White Retro 1.5m x 2.1m Drop $30CUR0055 CURTAIN, Pair Green Mint White Flowers 1.2m x 2m Drop $37.50CUR0024 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Mustard 2.6m x 1.7m Drop $30CUR0073 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Natural Pattern Net $20
CUR0074 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Green Net $20CUR0075 CURTAIN, Pair Green Olive Rust Dandelions $30CUR0076 CURTAIN, Pair Green Rust Yellow Check w Arrow $30CUR0077 CURTAIN, Pair Green Silk $37.50
CUR0078 CURTAIN, Pair Green Tan Regency Stripe $37.50CUR0079 CURTAIN, Pair Green Teal Damask Stripe $30CUR0027 CURTAIN, Pair Green Velvet 1.3m x 2.3m Drop $37.50CUR0080 CURTAIN, Pair 1950s Green Vintage Car and Lamp Post $37.50
CUR0082 CURTAIN, Pair Grey Green Stripe w Gold Fringing (Ex Long) $75CUR0083 CURTAIN, Pair Grey Lilac Mauve Silk Stripe Pair (Ex Long) $62.50CUR0084 CURTAIN, Grey Pleated Airline Privacy (3 Sizes) $62.50CUR0086 CURTAIN, Pair Kid's Animal Print $20
CUR0087 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Natural Scalloped Net $22.50CUR0088 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Natural Weave w Green Stripe $22.50CUR0089 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Orange Net $20CUR0025 CURTAIN, 1970s Orange Open Weave 3.5m x 1.4m Drop (Single) $37.50
CUR0014 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Orange Retro Pattern 1.18m x 68cm Drop (Slightly Faded) $30CUR0092 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Orange Weave $20CUR0093 CURTAIN, Pair Orange Yellow Black Stripe $30CUR0094 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s Orange Yellow Floral $25
CUR0095 CURTAIN, Pair Orange Yellow Stripe Silk $37.50CUR0029 CURTAIN, Dusty Pink Velvet 1.3m W x 2.2m Drop $25CUR0096 CURTAIN, Pair Pink Green Mustard Check $25CUR0097 CURTAIN, Pair 1950s Pink Kitchen $25
CUR0098 CURTAIN, Pair Pink Nude Sheer w Ties $25FAB0003 FABRIC, 1970s Orange & Pink $25CUR0099 CURTAIN, Pink Sheer $20CUR0111 CURTAIN, Pair Pink White Check Tab $15
CUR0112 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Purple Blue White Floral $30CUR0113 CURTAIN, Pair 1970's Purple Orange Floral $25CUR0114 CURTAIN, Purple Orange Sequin $30CUR0115 CURTAIN, Pair Purple Silk Pair $37.50
CUR0017 CURTAIN, 1970s Puple White Floral $25CUR0002 CURTAIN, Bright Red Crushed Velvet 1.5m x 2.8m drop $25CUR0116 CURTAIN, Pair Red Damask $30CUR0117 CURTAIN, Pair Red Damask Stripe $30
CUR0118 CURTAIN, Pair Red Grey Regency Stripe $37.50CUR0119 CURTAIN, Pair Red Ivory Regency Stripe $37.50CUR0001 CURTAIN, Red Velour 1.2m x 2.7m drop $25CUR0050 CURTAIN, Red Velvet Swag w Fringing 3m W $100
CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50CAF0002 CAFE CURTAIN, Red & White Check - Assorted Sizes $18.75CUR0120 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Rust Pink Floral $37.50CUR0121 CURTAIN, Pair Rust Pink Regency Floral Stripe $37.50
CUR0005 CURTAIN, Rust Stripe 1.2m x 2.9m drop $25CUR0122 CURTAIN, Rust Stripe Sheer (Ex Wide) $25CUR0006 CURTAIN, Rust Stripe 1.2m x 2.1m drop $25CUR0123 CURTAIN, Pair 1950s Vintage Cream Blue Olive Floral $30
CUR0124 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Asian Inspired $30CUR0125 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Chianti Fruit Basket $30CUR0126 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Floral Red Roses $30CUR0127 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Floral Sunflower $30
CUR0128 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage Floral w Gates $30CUR0129 CURTAIN, Pair Vintage White w Green Stripe $30CUR0130 CURTAIN, Pair 1970s White Net 5m W x 1.1m Drop $20CUR0131 CURTAIN, White Sequin Sheer (Ex Wide) $50
CUR0132 CURTAIN, Pair Yellow Mustard Velvet $37.50CUR0133 CURTAIN, Pair 1950s Yellow Orange Leaf $30CUR0134 CURTAIN, Yellow White Stripe $25CUR0135 CURTAIN, Fly Curtain - Brown Strip $15
CUR0136 CURTAIN, Fly Curtain - Multicolour Strip $15MOS0001 MOSQUITO NET, Cream $12.50TAS0003 TASSLE, Curtain Tassle - Medium Red & Cream $6.25TAS0004 TASSLE, Curtain Tassle - Medium Maroon $5
TAS0005 TASSLE, Curtain Tassle - Large Maroon w Gold Timber $6.25TAS0001 TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Cream White Nude $3.75TAS0002 TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Gold $3.75TAS0006 TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Green $3.75
TAS0007 TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Multicoloured $3.75TAS0008 TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Purple Blue $3.75Burgundy Tassels AssortedGold Tassels Assorted

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.