Animal, Bones & Taxidermy

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Event Styling - Bush ChristmasEvent Styling - Cactus & SkullEvent Styling - Deer in LibraryEvent Styling - Pheasant on Mantle
Event Styling - Skull on Banquet TableANI0003 ANIMAL HIDE, Faux Animal Fur w Barramundi Detail 2m x 1.5m $62.50ANI0001 ANIMAL HIDE, Assorted $20ANI0002 ANIMAL HIDE, Sheepskin $20
ANI0102 ANIMAL TRAP, Bear Trap Prop 95cm Long $30ANI0101 ANIMAL TRAP, Dog Trap 60cm Long  $15ANI0100 ANIMAL TRAP, Rabbit Trap 30cm Long $7.50ANI0103 ANIMAL TRAP, Rat Trap $5
TAX0001 TAXIDERMY, Goat Head Brown - Model/Mask (Not Actually Taxidermy) $87.50ANT0002 ANTLER, Real (Price is Per Antler) $11.25BON0002 BONES, Cow Bones - Leg (Real) $10BON0001 BONES, Decayed Cow Bones - Jaw (Real) $10
BON0003 BONES, White Cow Bones - Jaw (Real) $10BON0006 BONES, Assorted $10BON0007 BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1m L) $30BON0004 BONES, Pelvis $18.75
BON0005 BONES, Spine $15CAT0050 CAT, Small Sleeping $10POO0001 POOP, Dog Poo $5FEA0001 FEATHER, Peacock $0.50
FOX0001 FOX, White Faux Fur $75HOR0100 HORN, Buffalo (Real) $45RABBIT, Fur Dressed Lifelike 55cm H (RAB0015) $15 &  RABBIT, Fur Dressed Lifelike 35cm H (RAB0016) $12.50TAX0008 TAXIDERMY - Rat $7.50
SKU0008 SKULL, Bull 45cm - Resin $30SKU0001 SKULL, Bull w Short Horns $45SKU0003 SKULL, Cow (Decaying) $20SKU0004 SKULL, Horse $37.50
SKU0002 SKULL, Ram w Horns $37.50SKU0006 SKULL, Wombat $30SNA0003 SNAKE, Model 48cm H $18.75SPI0012 SPIDER, Tarantula - 20cm $3.75
TAX0004 TAXIDERMY, Deer with Antlers $87.50TAX0002 TAXIDERMY, Goat Head White on Wooden Plaque $87.50TAX0005 TAXIDERMY, Pheasant (70cm L x 40 cm H) $50TAX0006 TAXIDERMY, Sheep (Roadkill) $112.50
TAX0007 TAXIDERMY, Wombat Paw $37.50TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50 (Underside)TUR0002 TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real) $37.50TUR0003 TURTLE SHELL, 75cm (Fibreglass) $68.75
Event Styling

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.