Army / Military

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AMM0001 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Natural (Rope Handles) 105x30x23cm $18.75AMM0002 AMMO BOX, Metal - Brown 85x26x15cm $18.75AMM0003 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Brown (Rope Handles) 65x30x19cm $18.75AMM0004 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Green (Rope Handles) 72x35x28cm $18.75
AMM0005 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Green (Metal Handles) 50x45x23cm $18.75AMM0006 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Green (Rope Handles) 50x40x23cm $18.75AMM0007 AMMO BOX, Wooden - Green (Rope Handles) 90x30x16cm $18.75Setup of Ammo Boxes
Setup of Ammo BoxesSetup of Ammo BoxesSetup of Ammo BoxesSetup of Army Props
STR0001 STRETCHER, Army - Brown Mesh $10STR0002 STRETCHER, Army - Canvas w Green Handles $23.75STR0003 STRETCHER, Army - Green Roll and Fold $18.75STR0004 STRETCHER, Army - Natural Canvas w Folding Legs $37.50
STR0005 STRETCHER, Army - Canvas w Wooden Handles $23.75BAC0102 BACKPACK, Army - Camouflage $12.50BAS0103 BACKPACK, Khaki jute w Leather Straps $18.75BACKPACKS BAC0100 BLUE $18.75 & BAC0101 BEDROLL $22.50
BAC0104 BACKPACK (Rucksack), Canvas - Canada $30BAC0105 BACKPACK (Rucksack), Army - Green Bed Roll $30Metal Bed with Ticking MattressBED0101 BED, Industrial Metal Folding Bed Frame - Silver/Grey $50
BIN0003 BINOCULAR CASE, brown canvas $7.50BIN0001 BINOCULARS $16.25 & BIN0002 BINOCULAR CASE $15BLA0180 BLANKET, Grey Wool Assorted $12.50BLA0181 BLANKET, Grey Wool w Navy Stripe $12.50
BLA0182 BLANKET, Grey Wool w Red Stripe $12.50CAM0100 CAMMO NET, 1.5m x 1m $12.50CAM0101 CAMMO NET, 3m x 1m $22.50CAM0102 CAMMO NET, 6m x 2m $37.50
CAM0103 CAMMO NET, Green Jute $42.50STO0204 STOOL, Camp - Folding Dark Green, Aluminium $10STO0212 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding, Green White Vintage $12.50CAN0100 CANNISTER, Army - Green Metal $8.75
CAN0101 CANNISTER, Cartridge - 30cm High Khaki Drum $18.75CAS0100 CASE, Small Brown Cardboard Case w Handle 25cm $6.25CHA0150 CHAIR, Office 1960s Swivel - Olive Green Vinyl $25CHA0500 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Bamboo & Canvas $22.50
CHA0501 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Green Padding $18.75CHA0502 CHAIR, Folding Metal - Pale Green $20Folding ChairsCHE0100 CHEST, Army - Large Green Metal Trunk $37.50
COM0001 COMPASS, Brass on Timber Base w Legs $8.75CRA0007 CRATE, Large - Assorted (58x57x46cm H) $22.50CRA0028 CRATE, Army Rations Box Cardboard (60x41x40cm H) $15CRA0021 CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large $30
CRA0022 CRATE, Medium - Assorted $18.75DUF0001 DUFFLE BAG, Aged Canvas $20DUF0003 DUFFLE BAG, Camel Colour $15DUF0005 DUFFLE BAG, Natural Canvas $15
DUF0006 DUFFLE BAG, Large Canvas V-Line Linen $22.50Duffle Bags & RopesDuffle Bags - AssortedEAS0002 EASEL, Stained Timber w Adjustable Pegs $22.50
EXP0003 EXPLOSIVES, Cannister - Army Green $8.75EXP0008 EXPLOSIVES, Box Large $45EXP0009 EXPLOSIVES, Box Small $22.50FIL0001 FILES, Army / Medical Files $0.75
CHA0503 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Aged Slatted $18.75CHA0507 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 2 $30CHA0508 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 3 $37.50CHA0506 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Single $18.75
CHA0505 CHAIR, Folding Timber - Maroon Padding $18.75GAS0001 GAS MASK, Army Green $12.50GAS0002 GAS MASK, Black Rubber $12.50HAM0001 HAMMOCK, Aged Canvas (optional Ticking Mattress) $125
HAT0100 HAT BOX, Black Ochre Metal $20HAT0002 HAT, Army Akubra w Plaited Leather Band $18.75Slouch Hat Badge DetailHAT0003 HAT, Army Slouch Hat w Medical Badge $22.50
HAT0004 HAT, Helmet (Metal) - Silver Full Brim $15HON0001 HONOUR ROLL, The Great War 1914 75cm x 125cm $100CAN0308 CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Green $11.25LAN0009 LANTERN, Hurricane - Classic Assorted $12.50
LAM0100 LAMPSHADE, Hanging Light - Green Enamel (White Under) $20LAM0101 LAMPSHADE, Hanging Light - Grey Enamel (White Under) $20SUI0020 SUITCASE / LUGGAGE, Army Canvas Large $22.50MAP0002 MAP ROLL, Australia 1961 - Vintage 1m x 80cm $30
MAP0003 MAP, Victoria - Framed w Water Stain 1.8m x 1.3m $35MAP0004 MAP ROLL, Map of The World 1.25m x 1m $30MAT0001 MATTRESS, Blue Ticking Mattress $20MOD0001 MODEL AIRPLANE, Blue Metal 1m $55
NOT0002 NOTICEBOARD, Green Felt 80cm x 100cm $22.50NOT0003 NOTICEBOARD, Green Felt 80cm x 140cm $30PIL0001 PILLOW, Blue & White Ticking Stripe Fabric $15RIF0001 RIFLE CASE, Brown Canvas $20
RIF0002 RIFLE CASE, Leather $31.25ROP0001 ROPE CARGO NET, 1.5m x 1.7m $30ROP0002 ROPE CARGO NET, 1m x 3m $45ROP0003 ROPE NET, Small Pieces Assorted $10
ROP0004 ROPE, Assorted Lengths $10ROP0005 ROPE, Box Lot - Thick Lengths $37.50Ropes & Duffle BagsSAC0016 SACK, Blackened Coal Sacks - Large $15
SAC0008 SACK, Hessian - Medium (No FILL) $3.75SAN0001 SANDBAGS, Hessian - Lightweight $8.75SIG0001 SIGN - EXPLOSIVES $20SIG0002 SIGN, Wireless Room / Map Grey Rivet Frame $12.50
TAR0001 TARPS, Assorted Canvas $15TEN0001 TENT, Canvas 2.2m long x 1.5m high $75WAT0001 WATER BOTTLE, Army Green $5WAT0002 WATER BOTTLE, Camouflage  $5
WEA0001 WEAPON, Bazooka - Plastic Modified Toy Gun $15WEA0002 WEAPON, Machine Gun - Plastic Toy Gun $5Slouch Hat & Crates

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.