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ARTIST'S STUDIO - Event StylingARTIST'S STUDIO (Detail) - Event StylingARTIST'S STUDIO (Detail) - Event Styling - Millhouse Event StylingARTIST'S STUDIO - Event Styling
ARTIST'S STUDIO - Event Styling, Millhouse - Millhouse Event StylingARTIST'S PROPS (Detail)ARTIST'S STUDIO (Detail) - Event Styling, MillhouseARTIST'S STUDIO - Event Styling, Millhouse
ART0600 ART APRON, Long Green $18.75Art MaterialsART0601 ART SMOCK, Blue 1970's $15ART0602 ART SMOCK, Kids $5
ART0603 ART SMOCK, Paint Shirt $15ART0604 ART SUPPLIES, Box of Crayon or Oil Pastels $4.50ART0605 ART SUPPLIES, Box Set of Paint, Paste, Glass Making $7.50ART0606 ART SUPPLIES, Canvas - Artist Board $1.25
ART0607 ART SUPPLIES, Crayons in Yellow Plastic Box $7.50ART0608 ART SUPPLIES, Ink Bottle $1.25ART0609 ART SUPPLIES, Lino Cutting Tools $1.25ART0610 ART SUPPLIES, Miscellaneous Bottles, Jars, Tubes $1.25
PAI0010 PAINT BOX, Artist's Paint Collection in Wooden Box $18.75PAI0011 PAINT BOX, Water Colour Set in Metal Box Vintage $10PAI0012 PAINT BOX, Water Colour Set in Yellow Box $5PAI0013 PAINT BRUSH, Artist's $0.50
PAI0014 PAINT BRUSH, Ex Large Artist's $5PAI0015 PAINT SET, Small Set of Paint Tubes in Box $7.50PAI0016 PAINT, Artist's Paint (Large Bottles or Tubs) $1.25PAI0017 PAINT, Artist's Paint (Small Bottles or Tubs) $0.50
PAI0018 PAINT, Artist's Paint Tube (Large) $1PAI0019 PAINT, Artist's Paint Tube (Small) $0.75ART0611 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Large Wooden (Peach Tone Paint) $22.50ART0612 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Large Wooden (Green Paint) $22.50
ART0613 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Medium Wooden (Coloured Paint) $22.50ART0614 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Medium Wooden Rectangular (Coloured Paint) $15ART0615 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Plastic w Paint $5ART0616 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Plate (Coloured Paint) $12.50
ART0617 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Small Plastic $2.50ART0618 ARTIST'S PALETTE, Small Wooden (Blue Paint) $15Still Life PropsStill Life Fruit Props
ART0002 ARTWORK, Blue Yellow Butterfly Painting on Art Board (Large) $10ART0003 ARTWORK, Landscape Painting on Art Board $6.25ART0004 ARTWORK, Siamese Cat Painting on Art Board $6.25ART0005 ARTWORK, Still Life Painting - Shapes on Art Board $6.25
ART0006 ARTWORK, Still Life Painting on Art Board (Orange Green Bowl) $6.25ART0001 ARTWORK, Oil on Canvas Naked Woman 71cm x 83cm $22.50ART0331 ARTWORK, Painting - Floral Margaret Preston $22.50STO0104 STOOL, Bar Stool -  Dark Timber Seat with Black Iron Legs $20
BLA0107 BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork $25BOO0171 BOOK, Commercial Art 1940's $6.25BOO0172 BOOK, Painting Time 1970's $5BOO0173 BOOK, Sketch Book - Large Format $2.50
BOO0174 BOOK, Sketch Book - Small $1.25BOO0175 BOOK, Vintage Pastel Drawing Book $6.25VAS0093 VASE, Pottery w Paint Brushes (Small-Medium) $10VAS0094 VASE, Pottery Painted Design w Paint Brushes $10
VAS0095 VASE, Blue Glazed w Paint $15VAS0096 VASE, Pottery Face Glazed w Paint Brushes $15BOW0164 BOWL, Miscellaneous Artists (Small) $3.75BOW0165 BOWL, Pottery Glazed Dish $10
BOW0166 BOWL, Pottery Glazed Leaf Dish (Small) $6BOW0167 BOWL, Pottery Glazed Ochre Dish w Gumnut $10BOW0168 BOWL, Terracotta Dish w Paint (Small) $1.50CHA0202 CHAIR, Garden - Cane Victorian Aged Dark Green $30
CHA0401 CHAIR, Chaise Velvet - Red 1.7m Long $75CHA0402 CHAIR, Chaise Regency Stripe - Gold, Red & Navy 2.2m Long $100CHA0453 CHAIR, Salon Armchair Low - Black and Green Velvet $93.75CRA0150 CRAFT BOX, Cardboard Box Full $18.75
CRA0151 CRAFT BOX, Multicoloured Box Full $18.75CRA0152 CRAFT BOX, White Card $3.75CRA0153 CRAFT SUPPLIES, Card - Sheets of Coloured $0.50CRA0154 CRAFT SUPPLIES, Miscellaneous $0.75
CUR0028 CURTAIN, Nude Chiffon $25CUR0003 CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop $50CUR0004 CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop $25DRA0020 DRAWING GRID, Vintage Wooden $3.75
DRO0001 DROP SHEET, Art Studio Style - Large $5DRO0002 DROP SHEET, Artist Paint Cloth - Small $1.25EAS0005 EASEL, Timber Painted Gold 1.9m H $30EAS0008 EASEL, Timber Painted White 1.5m High $30
EAS0010 EASEL, Folding Styles $22.50EAS0011 EASEL, French Folding w Paint Storage Box $30EAS0012 EASEL, Medium Table Top $18.75EAS0013 EASEL, Mini Table Top $10
EAS0001 EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m high $30EAS0002 EASEL, Stained Timber w Adjustable Pegs $30EAS0003 EASEL, Timber with Brass Detail 1.5m High $30STO0300 STOOL, Foot Stool - Purple Floral w Gold Tassel $18.75
Framed PortraitsAssorted FramesJAR0003 JAR, Shellac w Paint Brushes - Large $12.50JAR0004 JAR, Glass w Paint Brushes - Large $10
JAR0005 JAR, Assorted w Paint Brushes $7.50JAR0006 JAR, Sea Shell Collection w Lid $10JUG0046 JUG, Black Red Yellow Flower w Paint Brushes $15LIF0050 LIFE DRAWING, on Newsprint Rolls $3.75
LIF0051 LIFE DRAWING PAPER (Rolls of Newsprint) $3.75MAN0052 MANNEQUIN, Artist's Wooden Anatomy Model $5MAN0062 MANNEQUIN, Artist's Wooden Anatomy Model (Ex Small) $3.75PEN0061 PEN PACKAGING, Vintage Chronicle Pen Box $5
PEN0062 PEN, Calligraphy (Bone Coloured Handle) $3.75PEN0063 PEN, Calligraphy (Pink Handle) $3.75PEN0064 PEN, Marker Pen (Bag Lot) $15PEN0047 PENCIL PACKAGING, Derwent Colour Pencils $10
PEN0052 PENCIL, Box Set Coloured Pencils $4.50PEN0065 PENCIL, Box Set in Embossed Toadstool Tin $5RUG0020 RUG #020, Traditional Olive/Gold (well worn) 2.5m x 1.6m $37.50RUG0023 RUG #023, Washed Out 1930s 2.5m x 1.25m $100
RUG0055 RUG #055, Vintage Floral 1920s Style 1.2m x 70cm $37.50RUG0056 RUG #056, Antique Blue Rust 1.3m x 90cm $37.50RUG0059 RUG #059, Geometric 1930s Style 2m x 1.35m $75RUG0074 RUG #074, Antique with Fringe 2.1m x 1.5m $30
RUG0080 RUG #080, Vintage Olive Umber Tones 2.2m x 1.7m $50STO0309 STOOL, Swivel - Black (Height Adjustable) $15STO0301 STOOL, Milking Stool - Aged Grey Seat White Legs $17.50STO0303 STOOL, Milking Stool - Timber Seat White Legs $17.50
TIN0026 TIN, Asian Blue Orange Flowers w Paint Brushes $15Assorted Artist Materials

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.