Barber & Hairdressing

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Barber EssentialsBarber Shop Props 1Barber Shop Props 2Vintage Barber Props 1
Vintage Barber Props 2BAR0150 BARBER BITS, Emanel Mug w Comb Scissors and brush $15BAR0151 BARBER SHOP, Miscellaneous $2.50BRU0011 BRUSH, Round Hair or Neck Fluffer $3.75
CAP0003 CAPE, Hairdressing $7.50CLI0020 CLIPPERS, Electric Hair Clipper $10CLI0021 CLIPPERS, Manual $6.25CLI0022 CLIPPERS, Turnleys Boxed Set - Vintage $18.75
CUR0100 CURLING WAND, Vintage Metal $5HAI0001 HAIR BRUSH, Square Head $3.75HAI0019 HAIR CADDY, Teal Green Plastic w Handle $6.25HAI0002 HAIR COMB, Assorted $3.75
HAI0003 HAIR DRYER, Professional Hairdryer Style $15HAI0012 HAIR PRODUCT, Framed Price List $7.50HAI0015 HAIR ROLLER, Plastic Assorted $0.25HAI0021 HAIR ROLLER, Assorted Rollers Packaging $3.75
HAI0022 HAIRSTYLE PHOTOS, Mens Barber Headshots in Brown Frame $7.50HAI0023 HAIRSTYLE PHOTOS, Mens Barber Headshots in Brown Gold Frame $7.50HAI0010 HAIRSTYLE PHOTOS, Mens Barber Headshots in Silver Frame $7.50HAI0011 HAIRSTYLE POSTER, Mens Barber Cuts 32cm $7.50
JAR0002 JAR, Comb Sterilising Jar (Style 1) $7.50JAR0007 JAR, Comb Sterilising Jar Barbicide $7.50LIG0150 LIGHT, Barber Shop Pole (Turned On) $50MED0057 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, Steriliser Unit - Wooden Cabinet $30
MIR0015 MIRROR, Aged Small w No Frame $6.25MIR0016 MIRROR, Black Hairdresser Style $6.25MIR0017 MIRROR, Small Bevelled Edge Vintage $15MIR0018 MIRROR, Small Bevelled Edge w Wooden Frame and Chain $15
MIR0019 MIRROR, Small Henselite Bowls Advert $10MIR0020 MIRROR, Small Narrow Arched Timber Frame $15MIR0022 MIRROR, Small Round Black Plastic $3.75MIR0023 MIRROR, Small Round Silver Plastic $3.75
MIR0024 MIRROR, Small Vintage Bevelled Edge w Clips $12.50MIR0030 MIRROR, Vintage Shaving Style $7.50PAC0009 PACKAGING, Hair Comb - Pylon Packet Display $7.50PAC0010 PACKAGING, Halo Hair Net $7.50
PAC0011 PACKAGING, Silicon Carbide Sharpening Stone Boxed - Vintage $10PAC0012 PACKAGING, Vintage Barber or Hairdressing Supplies $5PAC0013 PACKAGING, Vintage Butterfly Hair Clips on Card $11.25PRO0003 PRODUCT, Assorted Shaving Cream - Foam or Stick $2.50
PRO0005 PRODUCT, Brylcream Pump Pack - Vintage $12.50PRO0006 PRODUCT, Coconut Oil Shampoo Bottle - Large Amber $5PRO0007 PRODUCT, Hair Gels $2.50PRO0008 PRODUCT, Hair Tonic Bottle - Pink $3.75
PRO0009 PRODUCT, Hair Tonic Bottle - Vintage $3.75PRO0010 PRODUCT, Hairdressing Hair Supplies $3.75PRO0011 PRODUCT, Turnleys Hair Brilliantine Gel $3.75PRO0012 PRODUCT, Vaseline Hair Cream Vintage $3.75
RAZ0003 RAZOR BLADE, Aged $2.50RAZ0004 RAZOR STROP, Vintage Leather $12.50RAZ0005 RAZOR, Cut Throat Box - Vintage $12.50RAZ0006 RAZOR, Cut Throat Leather Pouch $12.50
RAZ0007 RAZOR, Cut Troat - Blunt Safety $10RAZ0008 RAZOR, Cut Throat $10RAZ0002 RAZOR, Mens Electric Philishave Boxed $12.50RAZ0001 RAZOR, Mens Electric Shaver Remington $12.50
RAZ0009 RAZOR, Mens Electric Shaver Schick Boxed $12.50RAZ0010 RAZOR, Vintage Safety Blade $10SCI0009 SCISSOR, Hairdressing Scissors - Rubber $10SCI0008 SCISSOR, Hairdressing Scissors $5
SHA0010 SHAVING BRUSH, Vintage Bristle $6.25SHA0011 SHAVING MUG, Silver $6.25SHA0012 SHAVING PROPS, Miscellaneous $3.75SIG0758 SIGN, Barber Haircut Price List $7.50
SPR0040 SPRAY BOTTLE, Hairdresser or Barber $3.75TOW0020 TOWEL, Brown $3.75TOW0021 TOWEL, Small White Neck or Face $3.75TOW0022 TOWEL, White Barber Style - Small $5
TRA0108 TRAVEL KIT, Mens Grooming Set - Tan Leather Case $12.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.