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Assorted Camping PropsBAC0101 BACKPACK, Camping - Green 'Macpac' $22.50BBQ0001 BBQ TOOL, Assorted $3BBQ0003 BBQ TOOL, Toaster $3
BBQ0002 BBQ, Small Portable On Legs $20BIL0001 BILLY, w Spout $5BIL0002 BILLY, Aluminium $5BIL0003 BILLY, Blackened - Assorted $5 (1 of 3)
BIL0003 BILLY, Blackened - Assorted $5 (2 of 3)BIL0003 BILLY, Blackened - Assorted $5 (3 of 3)BLA0180 BLANKET, Grey Wool Assorted $12.50BOW0005 BOWL, Grey Plastic Ash Bowl $5
CAM0210 CAMP SHOVEL, Folding Black $6.25CAM0211 CAMP SHOVEL, Rusted Metal $6.25STO0200 STOOL, Camp - Folding Green & White, Aluminium $8.75STO0201 STOOL, Camp - Folding Black, Aluminium $8.75
STO0202 STOOL, Camp - Folding (with Back) Green Mesh, Aluminium $12.50STO0204 STOOL, Camp - Folding Dark Green, Aluminium $10STO0205 STOOL, Camp - Folding (with Back) Green & Black, Aluminium $8.75STO0206 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding Beige & Brown $12.50
STO0207 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding Brown & Orange $12.50STO0214 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding (with Back) Aqua Frame, Blue Red White Stripe Vintage Canvas $18.75STO0214 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding (with Back) Aqua Frame, Blue Red White Stripe Vintage Canvas $18.75STO0208 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding (with Back) Blue Frame, Green Stripe Vintage Canvas  $18.75
STO0208 with Back DownSTO0209 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding (with Back), Brown Stripe Vintage Canvas  $15STO0210 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding, Brown Stripe Vintage Canvas  $12.50STO0211 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding, Green Red Yellow Vintage $12.50
STO0212 STOOL, Camp - Timber Folding, Green White Vintage $12.50Photoshoot Styling - Camp SetupCAM0220 CAMPING COOKWARE, Assorted Aluminium $2.50CAM0221 CAMPING COOKWARE, Assorted Rusted $3
CAM0222 CAMPING COOKWARE, Metal 4 Tier Cannister $12.50CAM0223 CAMPING, Miscellaneous Accessories $2.50CHA0541 CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red Aluminium $12.50CHA0530 CHAIR, Director's Chair - Black Aluminium $12.50
COM0001 COMPASS, Brass on Timber Base w Legs $8.75DUF0002 DUFFLE BAG, Brown Canvas $15DUF0004 DUFFLE BAG, Dark Blue Canvas $15DUF0005 DUFFLE BAG, Natural Canvas $15
Photo Shoot Styling - Duffle Bags & RopeAssorted EnamelwareENA0002 ENAMELWARE, Bowl - Wash Bowl Cream $13.75ENA0003 ENAMELWARE, Bowl - Wash Bowl Green $13.75
ENA0004 ENAMELWARE, Jug - Black $3.75ENA0005 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - Black $2.50ENA0006 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - Blue $2.50ENA0007 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - Cream $2.50
ENA0008 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - Green $2.50ENA0009 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - Red $2.50ENA0010 ENAMELWARE, Plates Or Bowls - White $2.50ENA0011 ENAMELWARE, Pot With Lid - Black Speck $3.75
ENA0012 ENAMELWARE, Pot With Lid - Grey Speck $3.75ENA0013 ENAMELWARE, Teapot - Grey Speck $6.25ESK0100 ESKY, Pink White Lid 1950s 1960s $15
ESK0110 ESKY, Orange Metal $12.50ESK0109 ESKY, Orange Plastic Collibah $12.50ESK0106 ESKY, Red & Black Tartan $15CAM0201 CAMP FIRE, Large Stacked Fire on Wheels 80cm D x 70cm H  $37.50
CAM0200 CAMP FIRE, Small Stacked Fire  $22.50GAS0010 GAS BURNER, Copper $6.25GAS0011 GAS BURNER, Green Thermil $7.50GAS0012 GAS BURNER, Rusted Primus $6.25
GAS0020 GAS CYLINDER, Small  Grey Manchester Tank $7.50GAS0021 GAS CYLINDER, Small Blue $7.50GAS0030 GAS LANTERN, Dual Fuel $10GAS0031 GAS LANTERN, No Glass $7.50
GAS0032 GAS LANTERN, Old Style $10GAS0043 GAS STOVE, Coleman Dark Grey $15GAS0040 GAS STOVE, Dark Grey LP $15GAS0041 GAS STOVE, Primus President $15
GOLD BAR, Large (GOL0100) $12.50 & Small (GOL0102) $7.50Collection of Gold PiecesGOL0103 GOLD NUGGET, Large 55cm W $18.75GOL0104 GOLD NUGGET, Small $1.25
GOL0110 GOLD PANNING , Bowl 40cm D $11.25GOL0111 GOLD PANNING , Bowl Small $6.25TOO0074 TOOL, Hand Tool - Small Hand Pick $7.50HAT0001 HAT, Camping Or Fishing $3.75
CAN0308 CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Green $11.25KET0002 KETTLE, Aluminium Camp Kettle $7.50KET0003 KETTLE, Beaten Metal w Hessian Handle $10KET0001 KETTLE, Cast Iron - Large $22.50
KET0004 KETTLE, Large Copper $22.50Assortment of Camp Kettles & BillysLAN0051 LANTERN, Hurricane Black - Wired $12.50LAN0009 LANTERN, Hurricane - Classic Assorted $12.50
MAT0010 MAT, Foam Roll - Assorted $6.25MAT0011 MAT, Foam Roll - Pale Blue White Orange Stripe $8.75MAT0003 MATTRESS ROLL, Red Stripe 1970's $11.25MAT0001 MATTRESS, Blue Ticking Mattress Roll (Fits Metal Beds & Hammock) $20
MET0050 METAL DETECTOR $22.50MUG0003 MUG, Black Enamel w Stainless Rim $1.25MUG0002 MUG, Enamel Coloured - Assorted Mug or Cup $1.25MUG0005 MUG, Stainless Steel $1.25
MUG0006 MUG, Tan And Aluminium Tumbler $1.25MUG0004 MUG, White Enamel $1.25PAN0102 PAN, Frypan - Square Cast Iron $7.50PAN0101 PAN, Frypan Ex Large Cast Iron $7.50
Frypans - Small, Medium Large Assorted $3.75 - $6.25PIL0001 PILLOW, Blue & White Ticking Stripe Fabric $15PLA0001 PLATE, Cast Iron $3POT0003 POT, Round Cast Iron Black pot w Lid $18.75
POT0004 POT, Round Cast Iron Pot w Lid $18.75POT0005 POT, Cast Iron Extra Large $25POT0001 POT, Cast Iron - Large w Handle $22.50POT, Oval Cast Iron Large (POT0006) $22.50 & Medium (POT0007) $18.75
POT, Saucepan Cast Iron Medium (POT0008) $10 & Small (POT0009) $6.25POT0010 POT, Large Round Pan w Handle $18.75POT0011 POT, Large Rusted Round Pan w Handle $18.75POT0012 POT, Rusted Metal w Lid and Hessian Handle $18.75
POT0002 POT, Cast Iron - Small w Handle $7.50POT0013 POT, Small Cast Iron Pot w Loop Handle $7.50ROC0006 ROCK, Small 20-30cm (Rough Edges) $10ROC0005 ROCK, Small 30-40cm $20
ROP0004 ROPE, Assorted Lengths $10SIE0050 SIEVE, Gold Panning - Aluminium (50cm D) $10SIE0051 SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim and Broken Mesh (50cm D) $18.75SIE0052 SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim and Mesh (50cm D) $18.75
SLE0001 SLEEPING BAG, Kids Spiderman $6.25SLE0002 SLEEPING BAG, Red w Red Blue Tartan Lining $11.25SLE0003 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Blue Green Paisley w Hood $11.25SLE0004 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Brown 1970's $11.25
SLE0005 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Brown w Stripe Lining and Hood $11.25SLE0006 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Double Tartan $11.25SLE0007 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Red Tartan w Red Lining $11.25SLE0008 SLEEPING BAG, Retro Style - Boy and Girl Sports $11.25
SLE0009 SLEEPING BAG, Retro - Red, Blue, Yellow Brick Lining $11.25SLE0010 SLEEPING BAG, Two Blues $6.25Assorted Sleeping BagsSTO0213 STOOL, Camp - Folding - Black 3 Leg $7.50
SWA0001 SWAG, Brown Canvas w Leather Straps $20TAR0001 TARPS, Assorted Canvas $15TEN0001 TENT, Canvas 2.2m long x 1.5m high $75
TOO0028 TOOL POUCH, Leather - Aged $4.50TOO0029 TOOL POUCH, Leather w Lace $4.50TOO0052 TOOL, Axe - Long Handle $11.25TOO0051 TOOL, Pick Short Handle $11.25
Assorted Prospector ToolsTOR0003 TORCH, Black Police Style $7.50TOR0004 TORCH, Large Rectangular Red & Cream $11.25TOR0005 TORCH, Large Red Black $6.25
TOR0006 TORCH, Large Red $6.25TOR0007 TORCH, Large Yellow $6.25TOR0008 TORCH, Medium Black & Chrome $5TOR0009 TORCH, Medium Black & Yellow $5
TOR0010 TORCH, Medium Chrome & Yellow $5TOR0011 TORCH, Medium Dark Grey $5TOR0021 TORCH Olive & White Medium $6.25TOR0012 TORCH, Medium Red & Chrome $5
TOR0013 TORCH, Mini Maglite - Gold $6.25TOR0014 TORCH, Small Assorted $3.75TOR0015 TORCH, Spotlight on Curly Cord $11.25TOR0016 TORCH, Vintage Style Black & Dark Red $7.50
TOR0017 TORCH, Vintage Style Black Cream $5TOR0018 TORCH, Vintage Style Chrome & Dark Red $6.25TOR0019 TORCH, Vintage Style Chrome $7.50TOR0020 TORCH, Rustic DIY $7.5
TRI0200 TRIVET, Cast Iron $10UTE0002 UTENSIL, Camp Toastie Maker $4.50UTE0003 UTENSIL, Camping Cutlery $0.50UTE0004 UTENSIL, Camping Multi Tool $6.25
UTE0005 UTENSIL, Can Opener $1.25UTE0006 UTENSIL, Ladle $5UTE0007 UTENSIL, Large Spoon - Blackened $5CHA0522 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Brown Webbing  $15
CHA0523 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Cream Webbing  $15CHA0525 CHAIR, Folding Vintage Lawn Chair - Multicolour Webbing  $15WAT0010 WATER BAG, Canvas $5WAT0011 WATER BELT, Camelback $10
WAT0012 WATER BELT, Twin Bottle  $6.25WAT0003 WATER BOTTLE, Round Wool Stripe Large $6.25WAT0004 WATER BOTTLE, Round Wool Stripe $6.25
COO0111 COOLER, Water - Olive Green White $7.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.