Artificial Foods

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Event Styling - Arabian Fruit BowlEvent Styling - CharcuterieFruit Tray in ActionEvent Styling - Gothic Table Setting
Event Styling - VictorianEvent Styling - VictorianEvent Styling - Fruit DisplayEvent Styling - Rocky Horror Gothic Banquet
Event Styling - Tropical FruitEvent Styling - Medieval BanquetFRU0023 FRUIT, Artificial - Blackberry (Price Per Punnet) $2FRU0022 FRUIT, Artificial - Loganberry (Price Per Punnet) $2
FRU0027 FRUIT, Artificial - Mulberry Stem $2FRU0020 FRUIT, Artificial - Raspberry (Price Per Punnet) $2FRU0021 FRUIT, Artificial - Raspberry Stem $2FRU0025 FRUIT, Artificial - Strawberry (Price Per Punnet) $2
Assorted Summer BerriesAssorted Breads & CheesesBREAD, Artificial - Large (BRE0001) $3.75 & Small (BRE0002) $2BAS0100 BASKET, Bushell - Aged $11.25 (with Optional Fruit)
BUT0006 BUTTER, Fake $3.75CAK0010 CAKE, Artificial - 30cm Fondant Icing $30CAK0011 CAKE, Artificial - Base Tier of Wedding Cake $30CAK0013 CAKE, White 3 Tier $50
CHE0052 CHEESE, Artificial Brie Wheel 30cm Dia $7.50CHE0053 CHEESE, Dutch 15cm $7.50CHEESE, Artificial - Large (CHE0050) $7.50 & Small (CHE0051) $3.75CHE0050 CHEESE, Artificial - Large $7.50 (Large Quarter Wheel)
CHE0054 CHEESE, Small Assorted $3.75CHE0055 CHEESE, Swiss Wedge Slice $3.75EGG0002 EGGS, Artificial - Chicken $0.50EGG0003 EGGS, Artificial - Foil Wrapped Easter Small $0.50
EGG0004 EGGS, Artificial - Small Assorted $0.25EGG0004 EGGS, Artificial - Small Assorted $0.25EGG0005 EGGS, Artificial - Small Speckled $0.25SEA0001 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Vac One Sided (Fish) $3.75
SEA0002 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Flathead (Fish) $3.75SEA0003 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Assorted (Fish) $3.75SEA0014 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Fish (River Trout) 33cm $6.25SEA0005 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Fish on Rock $15
SEA0006 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster on Rock $15SEA0004 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Trout (Fish) $6.25FAS0001 FAST FOOD, Novelty Burger / Fries - Lifesize $3.75Baskets of Fruit & Veg
FRU0001 FRUIT TRAY, Popping Head Out $60FRU0030 FRUIT, Artificial - String of Lemons $3.75FRU0031 FRUIT, Artificial - String of Oranges $3.75FRU0032 FRUIT, Artificial - String of Pears $3.75
FRU0002 FRUIT, Assorted - Single Piece (Apple, Orange, Banana, Pear) $0.75FRU0003 FRUIT, Artificial Box Lot (Approx 75 Pieces) $50FRU0004 FRUIT, Artificial Lemon Picks $0.50FRU0005 FRUIT, Artificial - Lemon $0.75
FRU0006 FRUIT, Artificial - Peach $0.75FRU0007 FRUIT, Artificial - Pomegranate $1.25FRU0028 FRUIT, Artificial - Apple (Extra Small) $0.50FRU0002 FRUIT, Assorted - Single Piece (Apple, Orange, Banana, Pear) $0.75
FRU0024 FRUIT, Artificial - Apricot $0.75Basket of Red ApplesBasket of FruitFRU0019 FRUIT, Artificial - Cherries (Price Per Punnet) $2
FRU0019 FRUIT, Artificial - Cherries (Price Per Punnet) $2FRUIT, Artificial - Coconut Whole (FRU0008) $2.50 & Half (FRU0009) $1.25FRU0010 FRUIT, Artificial - Golden Apples & Pears $1.50FRU0011 FRUIT, Artificial - Golden Tropical $2.50
FRU0033 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Black Bunch $2FRU0029 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Muscat Red Bunch $2.50FRU0034 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Black Bunch Small $0.75FRU0012 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Red Bunch $2
CRA0013 CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H) $12.50 with Optional GrapesFRU0013 FRUIT, Artificial - Grapes Green Bunch $2FRU0026 FRUIT, Artificial - Rambutan $1FRU0014 FRUIT, Artificial - Stonefruit $0.75
FRU0015 FRUIT, Artificial - Tropical Fruit Basket $45FRU0015 FRUIT, Artificial - Tropical Fruit Basket $45Assorted Tropical FruitFRU0016 FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple $1.50
FRU0017 FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple (small) $2FRU0018 FRUIT, Artificial - Watermelon Wedge $3.75Victorian Fruit DisplayMEA0012 MEAT, Artificial - Ham Leg Ex Large 75cm $22.50
MEA0001 MEAT, Artificial - Ham Leg $12.50MEA0002 MEAT, Artificial - Ham Sliced $7.50MEA0003 MEAT, Artificial - Roast Chicken $7.50MEA0004 MEAT, Artificial - Roast Turkey $10
MEA0005 MEAT, Artificial - Roast Turkey (orange) $10MEA0006 MEAT, Artificial - Salami Strings $11.25MEA0007 MEAT, Artificial - Salami Small Black $3.75Assorted Meats
MEA0011 MEAT, Artificial - Salami Long 45cm Red w Netting $7.50MEA0008 MEAT, Artificial - Salami Long $7.50MEA0009 MEAT, Artificial - Salami Medium $6.25MEA0010 MEAT, Artificial - Sausage $0.75
SEAFOOD, Artificial - Crab Medium (SEA0007) $3.75 & Small (SEA0008) $1.25SEA0015 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster 40cm (Dark Red) $12.50SEA0009 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster/Crayfish Large $12.50Lobster/Crayfish Medium (SEA0010) $6.25 & Small (SEA0011) $3.75
SEA0011 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster/Crayfish Small $3.75SEA0012 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Lobster/Crayfish Small Red $3.75Closeup of Small Seafood (SEA0011) - Yabbies $3.75SEA0013 SEAFOOD, Artificial - Octopus 30cm $7.50
SEAFOOD Shellfish AssortedAssorted SeafoodAssorted SeafoodVEG, Artificial - Assorted Large (VEG0001) $3.75 & Small (VEG0002) $0.75
VEG0007 VEG, Artificial - Carrot Oversized 30cm L $3.75VEG0008 VEG, Artificial - Single Chilli $0.25VEG0009 VEG, Kale $3.75VEG0010 VEG, Root Vegetable $2
VEG0003 VEG, Artificial - String of Chilli $6.25VEG0003 VEG, Artificial - String of Chilli $6.25VEG0004 VEG, Artificial - String of Garlic $6.25VEG0005 VEG, Artificial - String of Onion $6.25
VEG0011 VEG, Tomato $1Event Styling

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.