Flowers and Floristry

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Event Styling - Tropical Flamingo CentrepieceEvent StylingFlower Cart - Michale Kors Mothers Day StylingGreat Gatsby Themed Event Styling
Spring Ball Event StylingSpring Ball Event StylingTropical Cruise Event StylingBAS0013 BASKET, Flower Basket Small $10
BAS0025 BASKET, Flower Basket $11.25BLA0020 BLACKBOARD, Stick - Florist White Plastic $1.25BLACKBOARD, Stick Metal Vintage - Small, Medium, Large $3.75BLA0010 BLACKBOARD, Sticks 9cm Wide $2
BLA0004 BLACKBOARD, A Frame 65cm x 95cm $30BLA0002 BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 1.5m x 70cm $37.5BLO0002 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding Centrepiece 70cm x 90cm High $50BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 3.2m H & 2.6m Spread $350
BUC0026 BUCKET, Florist Galvanised - Round Large $3.75BUC0025 BUCKET, Florist Galvanised - Square w Handles $3BUC0023 BUCKET, Florist Galvanised - Round w Handles $3BUC0024 BUCKET, Florist Galvanised - Square $2.50
BUC0022 BUCKET, Florist Galvanised - Round $3BUC0027 BUCKET, Ex Small Metal - Hot Pink 10cm D x 8.5cm H $1.25BUC0028 BUCKET, Ex Small Metal - Lime Green 10cm D x 10.5 cm H $1.25BUC0029 BUCKET, Ex Small Metal - Pink 10cm D x 10.5 cm H $1.25
BUC0030 BUCKET, Ex Small Metal - Yellow 10cm D x 8.5cm H $1.25BUC0031 BUCKET, Small Metal - Emerald Green 12cm D x 10cm H $1.50BUC0032 BUCKET, Small Metal - Green 2 Handle 14.5cm D x 11cm H $1.50BUC0033 BUCKET, Small Metal - Yellow 12cm D x 10cm H $1.50
BUC0020 BUCKET, Florist Plastic - Black Plastic $3.75BUC0021 BUCKET, Florist Plastic - Silver Plastic $3.75FLO0059 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Miami Style (Made to Order) $30FLO0151 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Australian Native $15
FLO0056 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Colourful Roses - Large $30FLO0057 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Pink Roses - Large $30FLO0150 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Pink Purple Salmon and Electric Blue (For Urns) $30FLO0058 FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, Red Roses - Large $30
FLO0118 FLORAL HEADBAND, Poppies, Roses & Carnations $8FLO0055 FLORAL, Bouquet - Blue Assorted $7.50FLO 0071 FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink & White Assorted $7.50FLO0052 FLORAL, Bouquet - Purple Assorted $7.50
FLO0054 FLORAL, Bouquet - White Assorted $7.50FLO0051 FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink Roses $12.50FLO0110 FLOWER, Bouquet - Roses Red Pink Yellow $5PLA0014 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass Semi Circle 1m W x 30cm H $87.5
PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50FLO0060 FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Hot Pink $5FLO0061 FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Red $5
FLO0062 FLOWER SPRAY, Geranium Large - Red $5FLO0063 FLOWER SPRAY, Geranium Small - Red $3.75FLO0064 FLOWER STAND, Holds 8 Buckets $37.50Propping - Assorted Floral in Buckets
FLO0106 FLOWER, Carnation - Yellow $1FLO0065 FLOWER, Arum Lily - White $1FLO0111 FLOWER, Arum Lily - Red and Yellow $1FLO0066 FLOWER, Arum Lily - Yellow $1
FLO0067 FLOWER, Baby's Breath $0.75FLO0112 FLOWER, Billy Button - White $2FLO0068 FLOWER, Blossom -  White $1.25FLO0115 FLOWER, Blossom - Cream Pink 130cm Stem $2.5
FLO0069 FLOWER, Blossom - Light Pink $1.25FLO0116 FLOWER, Blossom - Pink 130cm Stem $2.5FLO0117 FLOWER, Blossom - Yellow 130cm Stem $2.5FLO0107 FLOWER, Chrysanthemum Spray - White $1.25
FLO0070 FLOWER, Chrysanthemum - Violet $2FLO0113 FLOWER, Curly Leucospermum - Yellow $2FLO0072 FLOWER, Daffodil - White $0.75FLO0073 FLOWER, Daffodil - Yellow $0.75
FLO0074 FLOWER, Daisy Spray (suits small pot display) $1.25FLO0075 FLOWER, Delphinium - Purple or Cream $2FLO0076 FLOWER, Gerbera - Coloured $0.75FLO0077 FLOWER, Gladioli - Assorted $2
FLO0078 FLOWER, Green Spray w Berry $3.75FLO0079 FLOWER, Gum Blossom $1.25FLO0080 FLOWER, Hydrangea - Pale Pink $2FLO0081 FLOWER, Hydrangea - Pink $2
FLO0082 FLOWER, Hydrangea - White $2FLO0083 FLOWER, Hydrangea - Green $2FLO0084 FLOWER, Hydrangea - Blue $2FLO0085 FLOWER, Iris - Mauve $0.75
FLO0108 FLOWER, Lily - Pink $1FLO0109 FLOWER, Lily - Red (New Style) $1FLO0086 FLOWER, Lily - Red $1.25FLO0087 FLOWER, Magnolia $2
FLO0114 FLOWER, Mini Calla Lily - Burnt Orange 30cm Bouquet $3FLO0119 FLOWER, Orchid - Purple Electric Blue $1.25FLO0088 FLOWER, Orchid - Purple Blue $1.25FLO0120 FLOWER, Peonie - Orange Coral $2
FLO0089 FLOWER, Pussy Willow $2FLO0090 FLOWER, Rose Stem Premium $1.85FLO0091 FLOWER, Rose String - Pink $2FLO0092 FLOWER, Rose String - Red 1.8m $3.75
FLO0093 FLOWER, Rose String - White $2FLO0015 FLOWER, Rose - White $1FLO0094 FLOWER, Rose - Assorted Pinks $1.25FLO0095 FLOWER, Rose - Soft Pink $1.25
FLO0096 FLOWER, Rose - Yellow Blush $1FLO0097 FLOWER, Spring Selection - Box Lot $50FLO0098 FLOWER, Spring Selection - Bucket Lot $25FLO0099 FLOWER, Sunflower $1
FLO0100 FLOWER, Tulip - Orange Small $2FLO0101 FLOWER, Tulip - Yellow Red $1FLO0102 FLOWER, Tulip - Yellow $1FLO0103 FLOWER, Wisteria - Mauve $2
FLO0104 FLOWER, Wisteria - White $2Basket of RosesFLO0105 FLOWER, Wooden Decor $0.75GRE0070 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo - Gold $3 & GRE0012 Gold Small 52cm L $2.50
GRE0071 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo - Pink $3GRE0072 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo - Purple $3GRE0073 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo - Teal Blue $3WRE0001 WREATH, Funeral - Assorted $18.75
ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful $100ARC0002 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Green & White $100PET0050 PETALS, Assorted Colours $5 Handful or $100 Small BoxlotPOT0120 POT, Single Grass Covered Pot (Cement Filled) - 15cm high - For Floral or Lollipops $6.25
PLA0016 PLANTER POT, Gold Fluted Wall Mount - Large $6.25PLA0017 PLANTER POT, Gold Fluted Wall Mount - Small $5PLA0018 PLANTER POT, Gold Fluted Pot $10POT0123 POT, Small Planter Pot - Antique Metal Floral $3.75
POT0121 POT, Small Planter Pot - Blue Metal Lace $2.50POT0115 POT, Small Coloured Planter Pot 9-15cm $3POT0122 POT, Small Planter Pot - White Metal Lace $2.50PLA0019 PLANTER POT, Terracotta (Faux) Wall Mount $6.25
PLA0020 PLANTER, Brown Plastic Wicker 20cm $5PLA0021 PLANTER, Coloured Wood 12cm H x 16cm W $5SIG0605 SIGN, Shilling and Pence Price Tickets $2.50VAS0004 VASE, Brass Cylinder - 10cm D x 12cm H $3
Flowers & Floristry

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