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Blossom Tree Styling for Getty Images EventEvent Styling - Easter WoodlandEvent Theming - Willy WonkaEvent Styling - Spring Gala Ball
Crown Styling - Frogger InstallationCAC0001 CACTUS, 1.4m High $45CAC0012 CACTUS, 1.7m High - Green in Terracotta Pot $65CACTUS, 1m High - Green (CAC0011) $35 & Medium - Round (CAC0010) $18.75
CAC0002 CACTUS, 1m High - Cream $35CAC0004 CACTUS, 3m High $150Assorted CactiCAC0006 CACTUS, Small in Terracotta Pot - Assorted $10
CAC0008 CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.8m High $75CAC0009 CACTUS, Spear Leaf 2.4m High $150CAC0007 CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.3m High $45 (pictured with CAC0008)PLA0014 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass Semi Circle 1m W x 30cm H $87.50
PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50PLA0015 PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m L x 20cm D x 30cm H $50 (Pictured with Optional Floral)FLO0121 FLOWER, Potted Daisy - Pink 25cm H $7.50FLO0122 FLOWER, Potted Geranium - Pale Pink 38cm H $7.50
FLO0068 FLOWER, Blossom -  White $1.25FLO0069 FLOWER, Blossom - Light Pink $1.25FLO0079 FLOWER, Gum Blossom $1.25FLO0089 FLOWER, Pussy Willow $2
FLO0103 FLOWER, Wisteria - Mauve $2FLO0104 FLOWER, Wisteria - White $2FOL0001 FOLIAGE, Autumn Leaves $0.25 (each)FOL0002 FOLIAGE, Autumn Spray - Acer $4.50
FOL0003 FOLIAGE, Autumn Spray - Liquid Amber $4.50FOL0004 FOLIAGE, Autumn Spray - Maple $4.50GRE0017 GREENERY, Birds Nest Fern Leaf $2GRE0043 GREENERY, Boston Fern 45cm $6.25
GRE0019 GREENERY, Box of Foliage Stems $20GRE0044 GREENERY, Camelia Spray $1.25GRE0052 GREENERY, Cordate Spray 80cm $5FOL0005 FOLIAGE, Eucalyptus Bouquet Green 50cm $3.75
FOL0006 FOLIAGE, Eucalyptus Spray Green 122cm $6.25FOL0007 FOLIAGE, Eucalyptus Spray Grey Red 90cm $3GRE0028 GREENERY, Fern Spray $3.75GRE0029 GREENERY, Ferns Assorted $2
FOL0008 FOLIAGE, Ground Cover $1.50GRE0054 GREENERY, Foliage - Gymea Leaf 109cm $1.25GRE0045 GREENERY, Lush Dieffenbachia - 40cm Spray $3.75GRE0055 GREENERY, Foliage - Monsteria Leaf 102cm $3.75
FOL0009 FOLIAGE, Palm Leaf - 74cm $2GRE0056 GREENERY, Foliage - Split Philo Hanging Bush $5.5FOL0010 FOLIAGE, Split Philo Leaf - 73cm $3GRE0008 GREENERY, Trailing Spray $3.75
FOL0011 FOLIAGE, Trailing Tilandsia $3.75GRE0041 GREENERY, Tropical Leaves - Large $3GRE0042 GREENERY, Variegated Spray - Green Pink $5ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful $100
ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful $100 (Closeup)ARC0002 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Green & White $100GRE0030 GREENERY, Grass Spray - 40cm $3.75GRE0031 GREENERY, Grass Spray - Small Assorted $1
GRA0020 GRASS, Light Green 60cm $2GRA0021 GRASS, Bullrush Brown $2GRA0022 GRASS, Bullrush Green Cream $2GRASS, Faux - Rolls of (Assorted Lengths) $12.50 - $75
GRA0023 GRASS, Water Grass - Green Red 40cm $3.75GRA0024 GRASS, Water Grass - Green Red 77cm $5GRE0051 GREENERY, Fittonia Spray 70cm $3.75GRE0032 GREENERY, Green Hessian Pieces $5
GRE0063 GREENERY, Box Hedge 100cm W x 80cm H $75GRE0018 GREENERY, Box Hedge 1m Curved Section $20GRE0057 GREENERY, Ivy - Holland Ivy Hanging Bush 72cm $3.75GRE0058 GREENERY, Ivy - Sage Ivy Bush 115cm $6.25
LOL0101 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 23cm x 1.2m (Fits 10) $22.50LOL0102 LOLLIPOP STAND, Faux Grass - 40cm X 40cm (Fits 9) $20GRE0065 GREENERY, Moss Bush - Autumn 30cm $1.50GRE0034 GREENERY, Moss Mat 30cm $5
GRE0035 GREENERY, Moss Mat Roll - 15cm x 80cm $7.50GRE0066 GREENERY, Moss Vine - Light Green 32cm $1.50PAL0003 PALM, Seed Pod $6.25PLA0019 PLANTER POT, Terracotta (Faux) Wall Mount $6.25
GRE0001 GREENERY, 2.3m H Bamboo Palm (Realistic) - Potted $45GRE0049 GREENERY, Conifer 80 - 90cm H (Realistic) - Potted $25FER0001 FERN, Realistic in Black Pot 60cm H $18.75GRE0047 GREENERY, Ficus 1.5m - 1.8m H (Realistic) - Potted $37.50
GRE0048 GREENERY, Ficus 60 - 80cm H (Realistic) - Potted $22.50GRE0037 GREENERY, Potted Plant 1.1m $22.50GRE0004 GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $30GRE0002 GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm (Realistic) - Potted $45
GRE0033 GREENERY, Marijuana Stem $20GRE0036 GREENERY, Orchid Leaves 60cm $5GRE0005 GREENERY, Small Peace Lily (Realistic) - Potted $6.25GRE0016 GREENERY, Pot Of Colour Floral $10
GRE0038 GREENERY, Potted Plant Ex Small Assorted $3.75GRE0039 GREENERY, Potted Plant Ex Small $3.75GRE0064 GREENERY, Sago Palm Plant 80cm H $18.75PLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50
POT0118 POT, Tuscan Style - Taupe Stone (Wall Hung) 37cm x 17cm x 20cm $7.50POT0119 POT, Tuscan Style - Taupe Stone Divider Pot (60 x 20 x 40cmH) $25POT0116 POT, Tuscan Style - Terracotta 37cmH x 34cmW $12.50POT0117 POT, Tuscan Style - Terracotta 47cmH x 47cmW $22.50
POT0136 POT, White Planter Pot - Plastic $3.75POT0120 POT, Single Grass Covered Pot (Cement Filled) - 15cm high - For Floral or Lollipops $6.25Assorted Selection of SeaweedSEA0050 SEAWEED, Bushy Green $3.75
SEA0051 SEAWEED, Bushy Red $3.75SEA0052 SEAWEED, Red Gold Spray $3.75SEA0053 SEAWEED, Trailing Dark Red $3.75SEA0054 SEAWEED, Trailing Green $3.75
SPR0001 SPRAY, Populus Gold 47cm $5GRE0040 GREENERY, Succulent - Assorted $2.50TOP0001 TOPIARY BEAR,  Faux Green Grass 1.4m High $125GRE0060 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Ball 22cm Dia (2 Halves) $5.50
GRE0061 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Ball 30cm Dia (2 Halves) $11.25GRE0020 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Ball 35cm Dia (2 Halves) $6.25GRE0021 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Single Ball Tree - 80cm H $18.75GRE0067 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 120cm H $37.50
GRE0022 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 90cm H $30GRE0023 GREENERY, Topiary - Double Boxwood Ball Tree - 135cm H $45GRE0068 GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 120cm H $75GRE0069 GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 150cm H $93.75
PAL0011 PALM TREE, Realistic in Pot 2.4m H $100PAL0012 PALM TREE, Realistic in Pot 2.6m H $100BLO0004 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 1.2m H $30BLO0003 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 3.2m H & 2.6m Spread $350
BLO0002 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding Centrepiece 70cm x 90cm High $50TRE0050 TREE, Ex Large Ficus 3.2m $150 and TRE0051 3.6m $150GRE0062 GREENERY, Fig Tree in Pot 1.8m H $45PALM TREE, 2.4m (PAL0004) or 3m (PAL0005) High Freestanding - Styrene $100
GRE0010 GREENERY, Ivy Trellis 1m x 2m $25GRE0024 GREENERY, Trellis - Laurel Leaf Expanding Trellis - 1m x 2m $25GRE0024 GREENERY, Trellis - Laurel Leaf (BACK DETAIL)GRE0024 GREENERY, Trellis - Laurel Leaf (DETAIL)
GRE0025 GREENERY, Fern Vine $1.50GRE0011 GREENERY, Grape Vine 180cm L $4.50GRE0015 GREENERY - Grape Vines - Box Lot $50GRE0026 GREENERY, Grape Vine $5
GRE0027 GREENERY, Vine - Ivy Roll 1m x 1.8m $25GRE0050 GREENERY, Vine - Ivy Spray $5GRE0013 GREENERY, Bright Green Vines - Box Lot (Small) $37.50GRE0014 GREENERY, Light Green Vines - Dieffenbachia $3.25
GRE0009 GREENERY, Tarzan Vine (3 x Strands Plaited - 2m Long) $15WRE0002 WREATH, Gum Leaves and Berries $18.75Topiary Boxwood Ball

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We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.