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ART0060 ARTWORK, Indian - Black w Woven Image $6.25ART0061 ARTWORK, Indian Assorted $7.50ART0062 ARTWORK, Indian Princess $7.50ART0063 ARTWORK, Thai Buddhist Monks $7.50
BEL0010 BELT, Shell and Beads - Bali or Island Style $6.25BOA0004 BOAT, Balinese Souvenir - Handpainted $7.50BOX0034 BOX, Camphor Wood Trinket or Jewel $5BOX0035 BOX, Camphor Wood - Round $7.50
BOX0036 BOX, Carved Wood w Limewash $7.50BOX0037 BOX, Carved Wood w Shell Inlay - Long $7.50BOX0038 BOX, Dark Brown Woven Bamboo Small $3.75BOX0039 BOX, Dark Brown Woven Bamboo $6.25
BOX0040 BOX, Floral Decoupage Jewel or Trinket Box $3.75BOX0041 BOX, Handpainted Indian Figures $12.50BOX0042 BOX, Shell Inlay Trinket or Jewel $7.50Brassware Assorted
Brassware Tray AssortedCAL0005 CALENDAR or NEWSPAPER, Indian $3.75CAL0006 CALENDAR, Indian 2004 $6.25CAN0070 CANDLE HOLDER, Black Gold Carved Wood 30cm H $10
CLO1022 CLOTHING, Indian Pants Shirt & Dress $12.50COL0005 COLUMN, Gold with Minarets - Square Sides 2.4m High $180CUS0023 CUSHION, Indian Sari - Green 40cm $10CUS0020 CUSHION, Indian Sari - Yellow 40cm $10CUS0021 CUSHION, Indian - Rust Brown w Embroidered Elephant 40cm $10
CUS0019 CUSHION, Indian - Navy and Gold 40cm $10CUS0021 CUSHION, Indian - Rust Brown w Embroidered Elephant 40cm $10Indian Cushion CollectionCUS0022 CUSHION, Indian - Aqua Blue 40cm $10
DEC0104 DECOR, Duck - Gold Handpainted $7.50DEC0105 DECOR, Horse and Cart - Hand Painted Souvenir $18.75DEC0106 DECOR, Indian Elephant - Fabric $10DEC0107 DECOR, Indian Elephant - Painted Wood $7.50
DEC0108 DECOR, Indian Elephant - Purple Embroidered $7.50DEC0109 DECOR, Indian Metal Horse $7.50DEC0110 DECOR, Metal Horse - Painted $7.50DEC0111 DECOR, Miscellaneous Indian and Ethnic $3.75
DEC0112 DECOR, Paper Mache Horse Head $7.50DEC0113 DECOR PUPPET, Indian Man w Green Crown $15DEC0114 DECOR STATUE, Indian Goddess 30cm H $7.50Tamarind Bowl & Vase Collection
DEC0115 DECOR, Tamarind Bowl or Dish - Long $6.25DEC0116 DECOR, Tamarind Bowl $6.25DEC0117 DECOR, Tamarind Vase - Large $7.50FAB0024 FABRIC, Indian or Ethnic $6.25
FAB0025 FABRIC, Sari Assorted Coloured Silk Lengths $18.75CLO1021 CLOTHING, Sarong or Scarf Batik $5PET0050 PETALS, Assorted Colours $5 Handful or $100 Small BoxlotGLA0006 GLASS, Coloured Turkish - Traditional $2.50
GLA0007 GLASS, Coloured Turkish 14cm Tall - Traditional $3.50HAT0034 HAT, Indian Embroidered $7.50INC0001 INCENCE HOLDER, Stick Burner Assorted $2.50DEC0118 DECOR, Assorted Copper Pot Plate $3.75
Assorted Copper CollectionDEC0119 DECOR, Bowl - Blue Gold Hand Painted $3.75DEC0120 DECOR, Bowl - Decorative Brass and Copper $6.25DEC0121 DECOR, Bowl - Turquoise Blue Black $4.50
CAN0058 CANDLE HOLDER, Indian Antique Copper Cylinder 8cm D $3.75DEC0122 DECOR, Brass Pot w Floral Cut Out Design $5LAN0111 LANTERN (Candle Holder), Tent Shape w Pink Blue Glass - 22cm H $7.50CAN0057 CANDLE HOLDER, Indian Antique Copper Round 12cm D $8.75
TEA0049 TEA SET, Tea Cups & Gold Tray $7.50DEC0123 DECOR, Hand Painted Assorted $3.75DEC0124 DECOR, Painted Copper Dish w Lid $3.75JEW0001 JEWELLERY, Coloured Beads Necklace Bracelet $1
LAN0114 LANTERN, Morroccan Assorted Coloured Glass 30cm $12.50LAN0112 LANTERN, Moroccan - Red Pink Orange (13cmW x 30cmH) $18.75LAN0080 LANTERN, Square Paper $5LAN0104 LANTERN, Moroccan - Amber Glass Medium 37cm H (Broken Glass) $8.75 & LAN0105 (Large) $12.50
LEI0002 LEI, Indian Florals $7.50LAM0500 LAMP, Floor - Moroccan Large $50 & (LAM0501) Medium $37.50 & (LAM0502) Small $25PUP0005 PUPPET, Flying Indian Painted Lady $10RUG0047 - Persian 2.25m x 1.6m $50
RUG0059 - Geometric 1930s Style 2m x 1.35m $75RUG0086 - Persian 2.3m x 1.6m $50CUR0090 CURTAIN, Purple Tab 2.2m W x 2.6m Drop $25CUR0091 CURTAIN, Orange 1.45m W x 2.1m Drop $25
SCR0007 SCREEN, Gold Folding Taj Mahal Cut Out - 1.2m W x 2.4m H (Bifold) $150SHR0003 SHRINE, Indian Decoration Shelf - Small $10SHE0006 SHELF, Painted Carved Wood 60cm H $22.50SLI0021 SLIPPER, Indian Pink Embroidered Pair $10
TAB0161 TABLE MAT, Indian w Gold Border - Blue & (TAB0162) - Pink & (TAB0160) - Red $2.50TAB0150 TABLE RUNNER, Dark Red & Gold Embroidered 1m L $6.25TAB0157 TABLE RUNNER, Indian Embroidered Blue Green Gold $12.50TAB0151 TABLE RUNNER, Indian Red w Gold Border 52cm W x 1.5m L $3.75
TAB0158 TABLE RUNNER, Indonesian Woven $12.50TAB0023 TABLE STAND, Ex Small Carved Camphor Wood Pedestal $15TAB0072 TABLE, Coffee Table - Teak $62.50TAB0024 TABLE, Side Table - Carved Wood w Shell Inlay $30
TAB0013 TABLE, Side Table - Gold Oval (75cm x 42cm x 54cm H) $22.50TAB0014 TABLE, Side Table - Gold Round (50cm D x 51cm H) $22.50TAB0177 TABLECLOTH, Brown Batik $7.50THR0001 THROW RUG, Indian Floral Design - Yellow & Orange $10
BLA0221 BLANKET, (Throw) Gold Rust Red - Indian $10TRA0100 TRAY, Bamboo and Brass Indian Style (Small) $7.50TRA0101 TRAY, Indian Print Rectangular $6.25TRA0102 TRAY, Indian Print Square $6.25
TRA0159 TRAY, Camphor Wood $6.25TRA0160 TRAY, Carved Camphor Wood Bottle Holder $6.25TRA0161 TRAY, Decorative Gold and Mirror $6.25TRA0059 TRAY, Hammered Oval Aluminium $6.25
TRA0006 TRAY, Round Ornate Timber Indian or Arabian $15TRA0008 TRAY, Round Ornate Wooden White Indian or Turkish $15TRA0162 TRAY, Painted Glass Indonesian Figurines $6.25UMB0150 UMBRELLA, Indian Style Off White $25
VAS0102 VASE, Carved Camphor Wood 35cm H $7.50VAS0103 VASE, Wooden w Rings $10WAL0130 WALL HANGING, Brown Orange Embroidered Flowers $22.50
WAL0131 WALL HANGING, Brown Rust Beige $18.75WAL0132 WALL HANGING, Brown w Bell $22.50WAL0133 WALL HANGING, Mustard Navy $18.75WAL0134 WALL or DOOR HANGING, Indian Fabric Elephant or Bird w Bell $7.50
WAL0135 WALL or DOOR HANGING, Brass Dragonfly Wind Chime $7.50WAL0136 WALL or DOOR HANGING, Brass Elephant Wind Chime $7.50WAL0137 WALL or DOOR HANGING. Carved Painted Dragon Header $22.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.