Law & Executive Office

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BAG0093 BAG, Legal Case - Black Canvas On Wheels $15Styling - Bookshelves & Metres of BooksBOO0024 BOOK, Defender Paperback $3BOO0025 BOOK, Law Assorted $3
BOO0026 BOOK, Law Book Panel - Spine Only $15Styling - Law Books on ChairBOO0027 BOOK, Law Per Metre $30BOO0016 BOOK, Extra Large Ledger - Green with Tan Leather Spine - 44cm H $18.75
BUS0103 BUST, Composer - Chopin 28cm $12.50BUS0104 BUST, Composer - Assorted 11cm $3.75CER0001 CERTIFICATE,  Accounting - Certificate Of Membership $15CER0002 CERTIFICATE,  Accounting-Public Practice Certificate $11.25
CER0003 CERTIFICATE,  Business Management Kevin Bully $7.50CER0004 CERTIFICATE, Cert Of Excellence Kevin Bully $7.50CER0005 CERTIFICATE,  Philosophy Psychiatry $11.25CER0006 CERTIFICATE,  Universita Di Roma $7.50
CER0007 CERTIFICATE, American Academy Of Opthalmic Executives $7.50CER0008 CERTIFICATE, American Optometric Association $7.50CER0009 CERTIFICATE, Arts - Uni Of Melbourne $15CER0010 CERTIFICATE, Commerce - Working Mans College $15
CER0011 CERTIFICATE, CPA Fellow $7.50CER0012 CERTIFICATE, Education - State University $11.25CER0013 CERTIFICATE, Engineering Diploma - Tafe College $7.50CER0014 CERTIFICATE, Excellence $7.50
CER0015 CERTIFICATE, Frame $6.25CER0016 CERTIFICATE, Medical Life Governor - Royal Womens Hospital $15CER0017 CERTIFICATE, Medicine - University Of Sydney $11.25CER0018 CERTIFICATE, National Heart Foundation $7.50
CER0019 CERTIFICATE, Psychology - Uni Of Hursfield $7.50CER0020 CERTIFICATE, Psychology - Uni Of Melbourne Proper $7.50CER0021 CERTIFICATE, Recognition $7.50CER0022 CERTIFICATE, Science Medicine - Uni Of Melbourne $7.50
CER0023 CERTIFICATE, University Of California - Business $15CHA0450 CHAIR, Chesterfield Wingback - Brown $200COA0061 COAT OF ARMS, Australian - Brass Finish 50cm x 70cm $62.50COA0062 COAT OF ARMS, Australian - Faux Concrete Painted 60cm x 65cm $62.50
COA0063 COAT OF ARMS, Australian - Gold Vac Form 50cm x 70cm $62.50DEC0055 DECOR, Horse - Ceramic Head $15BIR0007 BIRD, Eagle Ornament $10DECOR, Deer Brass - Large $11.25 & Small $6.25
DEC0052 DECOR, Horse - Extra Small Brass $3.75DEC0053 DECOR, Horse - Carved Timber 35cm Tall $11.25DEC0054 DECOR, Hot Air Balloon $7.50FIL0020 FILE DRAWER, Rosewood Drawer Unit $7.50
CHA0356 CHAIR, Timber Desk Chair - Captain's Chair Olive Green Leather $87.50CHA0451 CHAIR, Chesterfield Desk Chair - Red Leather $100CHA0358 CHAIR, Timber Desk Chair - Slat Back Green Leather Captain Style $75DES0012 DESK, Large Rosewood w Dark Red Leather Inlay 1.35m L $187.50
DES0014 DESK, Timber 2 Drawer - 90cm x 60cm $45DES0015 DESK, Timber Teacher's Style - 137cm x 77cm $62.50DES0016 DESK, Timber Turned Legs w Leather Inlay - 147cm x 90cm $187.50FIL0021 FILING CABINET, Timber w Leather Inlay $50
FRAMED ARTWORK - POAGAV0005 GAVEL AND BLOCK, w Base $30GAV0004 GAVEL BLOCK, Square $15GAV0002 GAVEL, Dark Brown $15
GAV0003 GAVEL, Light Brown $15GAV0001 GAVEL, Round ended $15HOU0004 HOURGLASS, Brass and Red Bottle $10HOU0001 HOURGLASS, Large 32cm H $22.50
HOU0003 HOURGLASS, Extra Small Painted Silver (10cm H) $3.75HOU0002 HOURGLASS, Small Dark Wood - Blue Sand (17cm H) $7.50BOO0028 BOOK, Legal Binder - Assorted Vinyl Law Files $3.75LEC0002 LECTURN, Timber 40 cm x 35cm x 1.2m H $62.50
PAP0004 PAPERWORK, Legal Files - Law Office Documents Assorted $2.50PAP0005 PAPERWORK, Legal Files w Ribbon - Box Lot $37.50PAP0006 PAPERWORK, Legal Files - Single File With Ribbon $1.25PAP0007 PAPERWORK, Legal - Box Lot $37.50
PAP0008 PAPERWORK, Generic Blue Manila Files - Box Lot $30ART0026 ARTWORK, Anatomy Etchings - Skull, Brain, Organs $10CER0024 CERTIFICATE, Faculty And Board Of Directors Doctorate Award $20ART0021 ARTWORK, Framed B&W Judge Portraits - Landscape $20
ART0022 ARTWORK, Framed Print Judge - Vanity Fair 1 $20ART0023 ARTWORK, Framed Print Judges - Vanity Fair 2 $20ART0024 ARTWORK, Framed Print Judges - Vanity Fair 3 $20ART0025 ARTWORK, Landscape in Olive Mountboard $20
PHO0501 PHOTO, Framed Signing Of Greenplace Development B&W $15PLI0015 PLINTH, Stained Timber $62.50SCA0050 SCALES, Law Scales Of Justice $20BOO0200 BOOKCASE, Timber Shelves 90cm x 180cm H $50
SIG0650 SIGN, Australian Crest - 30cm x 40cm $18.75SIG0651 SIGN, Information - 40cm x 24cm $22.50STE0020 STEP, Two Step Timber $31.25WAL0102 WALL PLAQUE, Decorative Crest - Shield $6.25
STA0150 STAND, Concierge Stand or Court Witness Box $87.50Styling - Law Books on a Chair

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