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Alice in Wonderland Event StylingAlice in Wonderland Event SetupAlice in Wonderland Event SetupAlice in Wonderland Event Setup
Alice in Wonderland Event StylingAlice in Wonderland Event StylingAlice in Wonderland Event StylingAlice in Wonderland Event Styling
BAC0001 BACKDROP, Curtain - Red and White 6m x 3m $125 (Rigging Additional)BAC0002 BACKDROP, Fantasy Toadstool 4.8m x 2.7m $300 (Rigging Additional)Assorted Summer BerriesBIR0010 BIRD, Flamingos - Metal (25cm) $3.75
BIR0008 BIRD, Flamingos on Metal Stand (90cm) $10BIR0009 BIRD, Flamingo on Stand - 1950s Featherstone $10 EachBIR0023 BIRD, Swan $15BIR0112 BIRDCAGE, Gold Dome Shape - Medium $7.50
BIR0120 BIRDCAGE, Red Wire (55cm) $10BIR0121 BIRDCAGE, Red Wooden Octagonal $22.50BIR0123/4 BIRDCAGE, Antique White Metal - Small & Large $6.25 & $11.25Assorted Birds and Cages
BLO0004 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 1.2m H $30BLO0003 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding 3.2m H & 2.6m Spread $350BLO0002 BLOSSOM TREE, Freestanding Centrepiece 70cm x 90cm High $50BOO0012 BOOK, Oversized Styrene 30cm x 50cm High $30
BOO0013 BOOK, Paper Covered $1.25BUN0003 BUNTING, Pink Satin & Chiffon 10m Long $45BUN0005 BUNTING, Red & Pink Silks 6m Long $30Assorted Butterflies
BUT0001 BUTTERFLIES, Small Cream & Gold Decoration $0.25TAB0030 TABLE, Card Table - Green Felt 50cm x 50cm $15CHA0204 CHAIR, Garden - Metal White Lacework $22.50CHA0602 CHAIR, High Back - Harlequin Yellow & Red Timber $37.50
CHA0601 CHAIR, High Back - Red Damask Gold Frame $62.50CHA0357 CHAIR, Timber Kids Size 55cm High $13.75CHA0352 CHAIR, Timber - Painted Aqua $23.75CHA0353 CHAIR, Timber - Painted Red $23.75
CHA0208 CHAIR, Peacock chair - Painted Black $25CHA0455 CHAIR, Salon Armchair - 1920s Gold & Dusty Pink $93.75CHE0003 CHERUB, Alabaster Finish $45CHESS PIECES, Styrene 1.2m High - Knight (CHE0001) & Castle (CHE0002) $87.50 each
CROCKERY, Lettuce Design Mug (CRO0005) $3; Jug (CRO0004) $10CRO0110 CROWN, Gold with Red Jewels 17cm Dia $22.50CUP0003 CUP & SAUCER, Oversized Pink Heart 30cm wide $12.50CUP0004 CUP & SAUCER, Oversized Red 30cm Wide $12.50
CUP0006 CUP & SAUCER, Oversized Wicker 30cm Wide $8.75CUP0001 CUP & SAUCER, Designer Bone China - Assorted $5CUP0007 CUP & SAUCER, Oversized Metal - Assorted 12cm High $5CUP0002 CUP & SAUCER, Standard Size - Assorted $2.50
CUT0011 CUTLERY, Oversized (60cm High) Knife, Fork or Spoon $18.75CUT0010 CUTLERY, Oversized (90cm High) Knife or Fork $30.00EAS0001 EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m high $30BOO0011 BOOK, Oversized Fairytale – Gold Edge 55cm x 45cm $50
FEN0009 FENCE (PICKET), Middle Post - White PVC Colonial Style 80cmH $18.75FEN0005 FENCE (PICKET), White PVC Colonial Picket 1.2mL x 80cmH $37.50FEN0006 FENCE (PICKET), White PVC Colonial Picket 1.8mL x 80cmH $45FEN0004 FENCE (PICKET), Post White Timber 70cm H (For FEN0002) $18.75
FEN0002 FENCE (PICKET), White Slat Timber 2.1m L x 55cm H $22.50FLO0051 FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink Roses $12.50FRU0070 FRUIT STAND, FRUIT STAND, Cream Metal 2 Tier 30cm W x 62cm H $15ARC0001 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Colourful $100
ARC0002 ARCH, Floral Garden Arbour Green & White $100FLOOO50 FLORAL, Ivy Trellis 1m x 2m $25HAT0012 HAT, Neon Pink Top Hat $12.50INS0010 INSECT, Small Novelties $1.25
KEY0028 KEY, Oversized Gold 40cm High $18.75KEY0027 KEY, Oversized Gold 60cm High $30LANTERN, Chrome and Glass - Large (LAN0019) $20 & Small (LAN0020) $12.50LAN0021 LANTERN, Cream Metal Cut Out Pattern $11.25
Event Styling - Large Lolly Jars with Candy StrawsCAN0001 CANDELABRA (Table Lamp), Ornate White 5 Arm $30LIN0002 & LIN0003 LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m AND 3m x 2.3m $37.50PLI0016 PLINTH, Lion w Shield - Faux Stone 1.4m High $62.50
LOG0001 LOGS, Timber (Real) $6.25MAS0004 MASK, Rabbit $3.75MIR0014 MIRROR, Ornate Oval Painted Gold Silver 70cm x 1.45m H $62.50MIR0009 MIRROR, Ornate Gold - Plastic 55cm x 40cm $15
MIR0013 MIRROR, Ornate Gold - 'Down The Rabbit Hole' $62.50MIR0001 MIRROR, Ornate Gold - Decorative Oval Shape 60cm x 78cm High $45MIR0002 MIRROR, Ornate Gold - Plastic 30cm High $12.50PLA0054 PLAYING CARD, Alice Ace Clubs Oversize 1.2m H $30
PLA0055 PLAYING CARD, Mad Hatter Jack Diamonds Oversize 1.2m H $30PLA0056 PLAYING CARD, Queen of Hearts Oversize 1.2m H $30PLA0057 PLAYING CARD, King of Spades Oversize 1.2m H $30PLAYING CARD, Alice In Wonderland Themed - Oversize 40cm H $12.50 Each
PLA0051 PLAYING CARDS, Jumbo Pack of Playing Cards 9 x 13cm high $2.50PLA0050 PLAYING CARDS, Oversized 27cm x 42cm High $6.25PLA0052 PLAYING CARDS, Standard Size 6 x 9cm High $2.50PLI0006 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 90cm High $37.50
PLI0007 PLINTH, Faux Sandstone 50cm High $30PLI0008 PLINTH, White Metal 100cm High	 $37.50PLI0009 PLINTH, White Metal 90cm High $37.50PLI0005 PLINTH, Green Grass Look 60cm High $50
PLI0004 PLINTH, Pedestal - Whitewash 32 x 70cm H $37.50POC0001 POCKET WATCH, Oversize Gold 35cm diameter w Chain $37.50POC0003 POCKET WATCH, Oversize Silver 35cm diameter w Chain $37.50RAB0010 RABBIT, Large Grass 20cm High $12.50
RAB0011 RABBIT, Ceramic White ex Small $3.75RAB0014 RABBIT, Grass 30cm H - Light Green $12.50RAB0006 RABBIT, Grass 30cm H $12.50RAB0012 RABBIT, Fur Lifelike 36cm Long $12.50
RAB0001 RABBIT, Large Flocked Brown w Ribbon 28 cm High $6.25RABBITS Magenta, (RAB0004) Small 13cm $3.75 (RAB0003) Large 19cm $6.25RAB0013 RABBIT, Fur Lifelike Small $3.75RAB0008 RABBIT, Ceramic Gloss White 13cm High $3.75
RAB0007 RABBIT, Ceramic Peeking Gloss White 26cm High $8.75RAB0009 RABBIT, Ceramic Lifelike 30cm High $12.50RABBITS, Yellow (RAB0005) Small 13cm $3.75 (RAB0002) Large 19cm $6.25Alice In Wonderland Pointers Assorted $12.50 Each
SIG0415 SIGN POST, White w Grass Base 1.8m H (for Alice Sign Pointers) $22.50SIG0605 SIGN, Shilling and Pence Price Tickets $2.50Assorted SilverwareTable Lamps - Assorted Reds & Pinks
TAB0100 TABLECLOTH, Red & White Polka Dot 65cm x 80cm $8.75Alice Styling - Tea Set & Drink Me BottleTEA0030 TEA SET, Gold Bone China $25TEA0013 TEA POT, Bone China Assorted $10
TEA0001 TEA POT, Mad as a Hatter Oversized $12.50TEA0002 TEA POT, Oversized 30cm High $15THR0100 THRONE, Gold with Red Velvet Padding 1.5m H $125TOA0002 TOADSTOOL, Plaster 33cm High $15
TOA0001 TOADSTOOL, Cluster of 3 - Papier Mache 60cm High $37.50TOA0010 TOADSTOOL, Oversized Resin & Soft Foam 1.1m Dia 1.5m H $225TOA0011 TOADSTOOL, Oversized Resin & Soft Foam 1.5m Dia 2.3m H $312.50TOA0003 TOADSTOOL, Resin 21cm High $7.50
GRE0067 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 120cm H $37.50GRE0022 GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 90cm H $30GRE0023 GREENERY, Topiary - Double Boxwood Ball Tree - 135cm H $45GRE0068 GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 120cm H $75
GRE0069 GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 150cm H $93.75TOP0001 TOPIARY BEAR,  Faux Green Grass 1.4m High $125URN0002 URN, Off White - 30cm High $12.50URN0003 URN, Off White - 40cm High $15
URN0012 URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H $30Wicker Tea Cups with FlowersAlice In Wonderland Theming

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