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If pricing is displayed, please note that this is our weekly hire rate, ex GST. 

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ACC0001 ACCORDIAN, Red Golden Cup $20BUG0001 BUGLE $22.50BAT0020 BATON, Conductor $5
DRU0050 DRUM, Percussion Bongos - Green $18.75DRU0051 DRUM, Percussion Bongos - w Gaffer Tape $12.50DRU0052 DRUM, Red Vintage Toy Drum $12.50DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Large $12.50, Medium $6.25 & Small $5
DRU0056 DRUMSTICK, Large Tribal Style $12.50DRU0057 DRUMSTICK, Single $2.25INS0001 INSTRUMENT CASE, French Horn $30GON0001 GONG, Small Brass 30cm Dia $15
SPE0007 SPEAKER, Gramophone Style $30GUI0001 GUITAR, Acoustic - Red $23.75GUI0002 GUITAR, Acoustic - Natural (No Strings) $18.75INS0002 INSTRUMENT CASE, Guitar  - Brown Faux Croc $18.75
INS0003 INSTRUMENT CASE, Guitar - Soft Black Bag $7.50GUI0010 GUITAR STRAP $5GUI0003 GUITAR, Electric $37.50GUI0004 GUITAR, Kids Black Acoustic $12.50
GUI0005 GUITAR, Kids Toy $8.75HAR0002 HARMONICA, Hero - In Box $7.50HAR0001 HARMONICA $5HAR0003 HARPSICHORD, Tabletop $45
HOR0150 HORN, Conch Style $22.50SNA0010 SNAKE CHARMER, Metal & Timber $11.25LYR0001 LYRE, Whitewashed $22.50MAN0001 MANDOLIN $37.50
MAR0001 MARACAS, Pair Plastic w Wooden Handle $3.75MAR0003 MARACAS, Yellow Plastic (No Sound) $3.75MAR0002 MARACAS, Pink Plastic $2MET0001 METRONOME $7.50
STA0104 STAND, Microphone - White $22.50MOU0001 MOUTHPIECE, Trumpet - Coast (In Box) $5MUS0001 MUSIC BOOK, Assorted $3.75MUS0004 MUSIC BOOK, Exercise Book $2.50
MUS0002 MUSIC BOOK, Brown Binder Cover $5MUS0003 MUSIC BOOK, Clarinet $3.75MUS0005 MUSIC BOOK, Green Binder Cover $5MUS0006 MUSIC BOOK, Piano $3.75
MUS0007 MUSIC BOOK, The Great Composers Collection $2MUS0008 MUSIC BOOK, Vintage Classics $5MUS0009 MUSIC STAND, Chrome $7.50MUS0010 MUSIC, Sheet Music $0.50
INS0004 INSTRUMENT CASE, Saxophone - Grey $15PAN0001 PAN FLUTE $12.50PAN0002 PAN FLUTE, Natural Bamboo $7.50PER0002 PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT, w Hats $5
PER0001 PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT $5PIA0001 PIANO, Haunted House Style $75PIA0002 PIANOLA ROLL, Broadway $10PRO0100 PROGRAMS, Musical & Theatre $5
PRO0101 PROGRAMS, Musical & Theatre 1950s-1960s Small $5REC0030 RECORDER, Instrument $4.50TAM0001 TAMBOURINE, Chrome $5TAM0002 TAMBOURINE, With Calf Skin $6.25
TRU0001 TRUMPET - In Case $30UKE0001 UKELELE, Blue Sunset $10UKE0002 UKELELE, Brown $10UKE0003 UKELELE, Pale Timber $7.50
INS0005 INSTRUMENT CASE, Violin - Black $12.50VIO0001 VIOLIN, Childsize $18.75INS0006 INSTRUMENT CASE, Violin - Black w Green Interior $12.50 (Violin Optional)VIO0002 VIOLIN, Standard $22.50
Assorted Tambourines

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.